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I feel like every year I’m at least a week late in posting Halloween pictures. This year was a crazy busy one. But first, Holden’s 28-week picture.

Ok, now Halloween overload. Addie’s fall festival was the Thursday before. Coen had swim lessons so our night was divide and conquer. Addie, Holden and I did fall fest while the rest did swim. Addie rode a bull, got her face painted, ran in a giant bubble, jumped on a bunch of inflatables. 

Friday, we loaded up the car and headed over the very rainy hill to EDH. We found a tiny bit of time to fit in Apple Hill. It was a pretty soggy mess but so worth it just for the apple donuts.

We spent some fun time with Miss Haylee decorating pumpkins and celebrating her 3rd birthday. 

And finally, Halloween. Beckett had an appointment at Shriners. We had a quick lunch then headed back to Reno to go to a Halloween party at Addie’s friend William’s house. Coen was in desperate need of a long nap but despite the meltdowns, we still had a great time!

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Pittsburgh Round 3

After a crazy, busy, stressful week at Mayo, we headed to Pittsburgh to see our favorite vision doctor. Dr. Roman’s optimism and patience is so refreshing and her husband, a neonatologist, sits in for most of the appointment adding a medical point of view to Beckett’s history and current status. They are such a great team! This time, she had Beckett looking at illuminated objects, interacting with iPad apps, playing with a shape sorter with music, and selecting objects. She showed him a picture of a cup and a ball and when asked where each was, he’d look at that picture. So proud of this little boy of ours! He’s moved up to a 5 on the CVI scale. Now to get his school on board so we can continue this upward trend!

We had a full day in Pittsburgh before Beckett’s appointment so decided to spend the morning at Phipps Conservatory. Everything was so amazing! My favorites were the orchid room and butterfly room. Such a beautiful place!

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Wedding Weekend

Last weekend, we took our little family of 6 to Santa Rosa to see Jimmy’s aunt Linda get married. I adore Linda! She’s beautiful, smart, funny, and a super savvy business woman. She’s always been a huge supporter of Jimmy in his career and just life in general. The wedding was at her best friend’s vineyard in Healdsburg. Gorgeous setting for such a wonderful event. We took three of the four little minions, Beckett hung out at cousin Marte’s house. The kids were so well-behaved except for one little naughty boy attempting too run down the aisle mid-ceremony. A giant pool was in the middle of the reception with intriguing floating candles that Coen was just set on touching so anytime he left my sight, I was sure he’d be floating in the pool. But no, we survived the whole night without a swim. The kids danced the night away while Holden slept in my arms. It was perfect! Somehow I didn’t get a single picture of the beautiful bride and her handsome groom, but made up for that with a million kid pictures, as usual! 

We spent some good time with Marte and fit in a quick stop by Nana and Poppy’s before heading home to prepare for our crazy week. Another great Labor Day weekend!

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I seriously love holidays! When I was little, my family would get together on the 4th of July and light fireworks in the street in front of our house. Remember those little black worm things that would leave a ring on the sidewalk? What were those anyway? So 80s. One year my stepdad thought it would be fun to launch those spinning colored ones in the air. One landed in a neighbor’s tree. Good times! 

Anyhoo, at some point in life, the 4th of July street fireworks gave way to Tahoe beach days, then once our college days passed, we started locking ourselves inside trying to keep the pugs calm. Since having children, we’re back to finding the hottest firework display to celebrate America’s birthday, which for the past 4 years has been Town Center in EDH. This year we had a full weekend of fun including swimming, cousin play time, fireworks, more swimming and finally good old fashioned street fireworks at Richard and Sharon’s house. Ah, the memories! 

This was Coen’s first year for fireworks. Well, actually his first fireworks were at 6 weeks old in the bjorn. Nothing he’d remember. This year, he loved the big fireworks! Addie always loves them, but this time, she had many questions. “What are fireworks made of? How do they shoot up so high in the air? How do they make different colors? What’s a drone?” Ending the night with, “this is not the finale I expected.” That was almost the title of this post, but then Coen came through last night with this little gem, “I wah you, fireworks.” That was followed by, “I wah you, mommy. I wah you, daddy…” And on down the list of family members he loves. Oh my goodness, these sweet kiddos are too much! 

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I guess when you spend five weeks of your summer at therapy camp, you have to pack as much in as possible at the last minute. Man, we’ve sure kept ourselves busy these past two weeks. I’ve told you about the amazing swim instructor we found for Addie. Well, we started all three in a lesson now. It’s complete chaos. Beckett’s still warming up to it, Coen licks the water and giggles uncontrollably every time he back floats and Addie’s just as crazy as ever swimming all over. It’s a full family affair as each boy needs constant supervision. Crazy, but hopefully by next summer, we’ll have at least two swimmers making pool days much easier. 
Dance class started back up in August as well. Addie insisted on staying with tap and ballet so we switched to Saturdays. Beckett has therapy at the same time. I don’t love giving up Saturday mornings but it’s less stressful than a week night and she sure loves dancing!   
We finally fit in a trip to Tahoe this summer. One of the families in the CP Network lives in Incline and invited us to one of the private beaches. It’s the most amazing place! Beach front, playground, grass, swimming pool, clubhouse. We’re moving to Incline just so we can have access to this magical place. I’d spend every day there! It’s perfection!! And yes, this is the only picture I took 🙂

Next on the summer bucket list… Aces game. I don’t think I’ve been to a game since Addie was a baby. We went with people from Jimmy’s work and Addie’s favorite picture taking buddy Emma. Beckett sat with Dad all night. Coen was strapped to me. Addie and Emma ran around like maniacs. Good times. Fun fact – the mascot is Auntie’s roommate.

Since Addie had 6 weeks to kill, we spent many days at the museum. They have a new exhibit about the body that she loves. There’s a torso with a removable heart, spleen, stomach, lungs, intestines and liver that she likes to piece together. This has prompted many car conversations about body parts and functions. Four-year-olds are too curious!

Then finally, this past weekend, we took the long drive to Vegas for my lovely friend Kimm’s wedding. Coen loved the hotel bed! The first night he and Addie rolled around and jumped into the pillows, then he enjoyed relaxing with his monkey. 

We spent a hot morning playing at the parks by our old house. I realize that our old neighborhood is actually pretty amazing for kids. This is the first time visiting that I actually felt like I missed it a little. Then when noon hit and it was pushing 95, the feeling passed.

Ok, on to the main event! The ceremony was beautiful and reception was so fun. Addie and Priya rocked the photo booth then danced into the night. Kimm was absolutely stunning and so happy. It was a wonderful evening celebrating with good friends.

Sunday, we took the kids to the dolphin habitat at the Mirage. All the cats were sleeping, it was so dang hot, but the dolphins were amazing. Addie and Coen could have watched them all day. The under water part was the best by far.    

We ended our trip with a pool party and bbq with good friends then headed back to Reno. It was the perfect way to close out the summer. 

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I think this was the shortest summer in history. Beckett’s already started school and Addie goes back in two weeks. Spending July in Santa Rosa sure made what I hoped would be a carefree summer fly by. Though it seems like we had five weeks of tough work, we also managed to have so much fun! Santa Rosa is actually a pretty great place for kids. Addie and Coen spent a week with me while Jimmy attended camp with Beckett. We had so many adventures! There’s a huge park right by the school called Howarth Park. It has two huge lakes, tons of trails, an expansive jungle gym, a train, horses, a petting zoo, and a carousel. Truly, all Addie’s favorite things in one place.   
Santa Rosa also has an amazing children’s museum. It’s indoor and outdoor but it was raining the day we went, so Addie and Coen explored every single thing inside. Addie’s favorite was the dentist’s office. There was a giant croc for a patient. She took X-rays of his whole body and scrubbed all the sugar bugs out of his teeth. My favorite thing was the lite brite wall. Beckett needs one of those!  
On our way back to Nana and Poppy’s, we stopped in Sonoma at train town. Another train, another carousel. We even took Coen on the scrambler. He hated it!! Note to self, one-year-olds aren’t big on carnival rides.   
The whole crew came up one more time before camp ended. We spent an afternoon at this gorgeous winery with a lavender field. I think I’d spend many lazy afternoons there if we lived in Santa Rosa.

We also spent an afternoon at the beach in bodega bay. The weather was gorgeous! Addie is definitely a beach babe. She loved the sand and water. Coen was afraid to venture off the blanket, which actually made our lives easier. Beckett loved the wind and waves. 




Addie stayed with Beckett and me for his last few days of camp so we went to the Sonoma county fair. It was so hot and of course Addie wanted to go on everything but I had to stay with Beckett, so it was an interesting experience. Our camp buddies were with us so she was able to go on the rides that they were tall enough to go on, so it worked out fine, but I think in the future fairs need to be two-parent outings. 



And, since Beckett had such trouble sleeping, these two snuggled in my bed the last night. Such sweet siblings! 

We have a couple weeks left which will be filled with discovery museum, Tahoe, swimming, a Vegas wedding road trip and whatever else Addie talks us into. I’m sure it will be a great ending to an already amazing summer!

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Can you believe Jimmy and I have been married for 10 years? How has it been that long? We must be old! I had big plans for our 10th anny. I think our table postcards from our wedding said we’d be in Italy. If only we didn’t have three babes 4 and under! Maybe we’ll plan an overseas adventure for our 20th. But for now, we thought close to home and delicious food would have to do. 

We spent 3.5 days eating our way through this beautiful green city. We spent most days venturing outside the city, touring the tulip farm, wine tasting, sightseeing on the coast, and hiking the gorgeous waterfalls. 

In the midst of all this adventure, we ate. A lot. I think I gained 5 pounds in 3 days. No joke. We had three of the best breakfasts including sinful donuts at Blue Star, amazing sushi, delicious tapas, and the best ice cream I’ve ever had in my life. Salt & Straw’s pear and blue cheese is my new obsession. If I lived in Portland, I’d easily double my weight from eating ice cream.

Though it was a quick trip, it was a perfect way to celebrate 10 crazy and wonderful years! 


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