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Coen has been a crazy typical threenager lately. He hasn’t slept in his own room since Christmas and pretty much stopped potty training yelling “NO!” every time we even suggest sitting on the potty. Last week, a HUGE new exhibit came to our Discovery Museum, so, like any good parents, we used it to our advantage. Three pee pees in the potty earned the right to meet a T Rex named Sue. 

He did it!!! And we met Sue. And he refused to take any pictures with us. But I promise, he had a good time. Sue will be hanging out at our museum until January so brace yourselves for lots more Sue pictures.

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Balloons!! My favorite time of year! We all managed to get up and out of the house in time to make it to dawn patrol. Beckett wasn’t into it until the sun came up. Holden slept most of the day. Coen loved it then got tired so spent the rest of the morning grumpy in the stroller. Addie had the time of her life meeting the balloon pilots and collecting cards. Good times! And now, right on schedule, beautiful fall weather. I love this city!

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Two weekends ago, we made our last trip to EDH as a family of 5. The kids enjoyed a community egg hunt (more like a stampede lasting all of 1 minute) at Town Center with our darling cousin Haylee. Addie had a tough time warming up to the concept then literally at the last minute, decided she wanted eggs. We got 4. It was chaos! But then we got to play with Haylee for the rest of the day and had a dance party until 10 pm so it was all worth it!


Then this past weekend, we had even more Easter fun starting with dying eggs on Saturday. We strategically planned it for Coen’s nap time. Jimmy was helping my parents move. I wasn’t ambitious enough to let him join in on the mess this year. Next year we’ll make Auntie come home from Florida to supervise! 

Easter morning, the kids all woke up way too early to start a day full of fun. They dove into their baskets full of goodies before heading over to the Donahoes for a lovely brunch and egg hunt with some of our favorite friends. We finished the day with a delicious family dinner.

The weather was perfect Sunday but Monday we had nearly a foot of snow! Thank goodness it’s spring break on no kids had to be anywhere. Beckett’s been sick-ish all week so we’ve spent a lot of time hanging out at home. I’m looking forward to things being back to normal next week. I’ll have time for errands and baby prep. Three weeks to go!!

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Oh my goodness, so much catching up to do on this old blog.  I don’t quite have time, my taxi service for kid pick up starts in 20 minutes, but if nothing else I can start here with our early morning balloon outing. This year, it was a Mommy/Addie event. We let the boys stay home cozy in bed. We enjoyed the glow show and dawn patrol then met up with friends for mass ascension. Though the wind cut the morning short, we had a great time!


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Finally, a weekend at home! We started our Saturday with a trip to the pumpkin patch with our favorite friends. Too bad we nearly blew away!





There was dirt everywhere, a hayride, a bounce house, occasional tears, and a few little pumpkins (that I just now remembered are still in the back of my car)…not our best year but still worth it!


Our big pumpkins were home-grown in Gram and Gramps backyard. We spent Sunday carving.



Addie helped gut one this year then ran around the yard checking in every so often to see if we were done carving Olaf yet. She wanted a happy face with triangle eyes on the other – she’s very specific! We planned to carve three but she decided to color on the third one instead. By that point my fingers were freezing so I didn’t argue!

No pictures yet of the finished product. Maybe tomorrow we’ll take some before the kids go trick-or-treating.

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How is this cute little guy 16 weeks already?

Every week just keeps getting more and more fun. He still refuses a bottle so spends every afternoon with me! Laundry hasn’t been folded in weeks but otherwise I can’t complain.

Last weekend was one of our annual faves, the balloon races. It’s the one day when Coen’s 3:30 wake up works out perfectly! We headed to the park just in time for the glow show. Beckett was loving it, Addie was grumpy! Once the sun came up and bellies were fed, everyone had the best time. We met up with some of our favorite friends and played way too hard!









We always have such fun at this event. These two have been the highlight since 2011.

I could not love them any more! Darling girls and balloons make my heart happy!

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Our sweet Beckett boy is 12 weeks today. That also means my maternity leave is over. I’m glad that Beckett will get to play with new friends at daycare, but part of me wants to spend every second with him to make up for those first weeks. However, I think spending 8 hours at the office instead of at home with a fussy baby will be best for my sanity.

Knowing that our bonding sessions over daytime television would soon come to an end, we packed in as much fun as we could in the weeks leading up to today.

Since the last update, Beckett’s had a few more doctor’s appointments, a neurologist follow-up, developmental pediatrician, 2-month check up and shots with our favorite ped. Nothing new to report, so far he’s developing just as he should, though he could stand to pack on a few more pounds.

Aside from all that, we’ve managed to cram in as much fun as possible while I was off work. We spent a weekend in El Dorado Hills, took Addie to the Sacramento Zoo, woke up way to early for the Balloon Races, celebrated Papa’s 90th birthday, visited with cousins for a weekend, celebrated Alyssa’s 20th birthday, enjoyed an afternoon at the Discovery Museum, and picked pumpkins and apples at Apple Hill. Such a fun start to our fall season!

Addie at the zoo – 9/2

Beckett’s first smiles – 9/6

Balloon Races – 9/8

Fun with Ewan – 9/15

2-months old! – 9/24

Check out those lashes! – 10/11

Addie at the Discovery Museum – 10/12

Apple Hill – 10/14

Beckett’s first day at Linda’s – 10/15



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