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Jett’s 14!

Last one, then we’re all caught up! Our very old dog turned 14 on the 21st! Truly, I’m amazed he’s lasted this long. 14 is super old for a pug. Though he’s slightly neglected in a house with 4 kids, we love our loyal buddy! Happy birthday, old man!


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I can’t decide if life has been extra crazy lately or if this is just the new normal for us. We’ve been non-stop busy. I still haven’t found time to write the boys’ birthday thank yous. One day soon, I promise! Since I’ve seriously neglected this blog this month, I’ll just lump everything into one rambling post. Here we go…

Addie and I spent a fun girls’ night out with her friend and her lovely mama at The Wizard of Oz at Bartley Ranch. This theater company always does such a good job! It’s rare that we get out without any brothers, so this was a nice treat for us both.

Addie, Coen and Jimmy spent the rest of the weekend at the pool (after Jimmy helped my parents move into their new house), and Holden spent the weekend recovering from the endless snot and congestion he’d been battling for the past week. Just when we thought we were in the clear, he came down with a fever. The day before I was set to take him to a CP conference in Dallas. My kids always have impeccable timing when it comes to illnesses. His fever subsided by mid-Wednesday and we were on a plane Thursday afternoon! He was pretty great on the plane, even with a two-hour delay and ultimately switching flights and we arrived in Dallas after 10 pm. Of course, he slept with me for 4 nights and now refuses to sleep in his crib. The conference was pretty amazing. Very eye-opening. If Texas weren’t so dang humid and their freeways weren’t so terrible to navigate, I’d be contemplating a move. Thank goodness my friend, Christine, is a good navigator. That traffic would have left me in tears! Aside from the conference, we ate some delicious food and Holden hung out on the grassy knoll. This kid is so cultured!

We came home Sunday and this cutie patootie turned 4 months!

After a sleepless night with Holden sideways in our bed, we were back to another long week of preschool, therapies, dance class and swim lessons. Addie is having a tough time with dance this year. She really wanted to do a leaps and turns class and intro tap. Leaps and turns is ages 5-9 making her the youngest, and most inexperienced, in the class. A position she’s not familiar with. It’s a lot of conditioning and stretching which will be great in the long run but all new for her. My plan was to drop her off, pick up Coen, then come back to get her, which means she has to switch classes on her own. She freaked out Tuesday! Complete meltdown. Coen was running around the studio unattended, the other two brothers were having fits of their own, and I’m trying to coax a near-hyperventilating Addie back in to tap class. Thank God for Gram! We were a hot mess. She made it through and came out with a smile, but needless to says, we need a new approach next week.

On to Wednesday. More therapy. Coen finally got a real haircut. He looks like such a big boy now.

Finally the end of the week was in sight! But, Thursday morning, Jimmy wakes up to a nearly-dead cat. Lola had been sick for a while, we determined she had diabetes, she gained weight back, then lost a bunch again. For the past week or so, she was losing energy and stopped eating. Ugh. She was a sweet little cat. In her younger years, she would play fetch and suck the end of her tail. She would always meow back to you if you said her name, as if she was engaging in conversation. So now we’re down to two. And Addie and I are seriously outnumbered with six males in the house.

Thursday also marked 18 weeks for Holden.

We ended the day with swim for Coen and a horse make-up lesson for Addie and Beckett.

Aaaaaand finally, FRIDAY! Addie got to meet her kindergarten teacher today. This should be a much better transition than last year. She knows practically her entire class. All of her favorite friends are in with her this year. The uniforms have been purchased, though she still won’t try them on, and all school supplies have been ordered. One more week of summer then we officially have a kindergartener! Or “pre-1st” as her school calls it.

So, there it is. Our crazy lives in a nutshell. I’m ready for a quiet weekend at home!

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Happy Birthday, Jett!

Old man Jett is 12 today! 

So, of course, we had cake.

Happy birthday to our oldest baby. We sure love you, even if you do act like a grumpy old man sometimes.

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Happy Birthday, Jett!

Our first son turns 11 today! He still has as much energy as he did as a puppy, though he’s s bit more grumpy in his old age 🙂




Happy birthday, crazy boy!! We sure love you, even though you dig in the grass and track dirt all over the house!

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Memories of Miss Marlie


When Jimmy and I first moved in together, we decided that we would get a pet. After much debate between a kitten and a pug, we ended up with the best little thing in the world…our Marlie! I still remember picking her up from the pet store (we were young and ignorant to the pet store atrocities at that time!!). We had called a few days before and they said they’d be getting an 8-week-old pug in. We rushed down as soon as the store opened and there was this tiny, adorable puppy. We scooped her up and after throwing down a credit card, we were on our way home with our first baby!

Sure, she would dig in your hair if you laid on the couch and got snot everywhere, she bit a few of Jimmy’s friends (though, in her defense, they were drinking and she was provoked!) and quite frankly, was a beast to potty train, but she was our world. The first living thing we had to care for and boy, did Jimmy and I both fall hard in love with this little puppy! We were in our early twenties, prime of our lives for staying out too late and being irresponsible. I can remember many evenings out with friends that we had to cut short because Marlie needed to be let out of her crate. She was so much more than just a pet to us; she really made us a family. She attended holiday dinners, accompanied us on many road trips, we even threw her a birthday party and invited all her doggy cousins to join in.

We were diligent about raising this dog properly, we taught her to sit, spent well over 6 months potty training (carrots were the trick!), using a crate any time we were away, even trying to keep her sleeping in her crate at night. I remember the first night we let her in our bed. It was just a couple months after we got her. I had a health scare (which thankfully turned out to be nothing), but all that could comfort me was this sweet puppy. She slept in our bed nearly every night for the next 11 1/2 years!

About a year after getting Marlie, we were living in our first home and thought she needed a companion. We bought Jett to fill this void we were sure Marlie had, but she was quick to let us know that she ran the house and while she would tolerate this new being, she wasn’t about to give up the charmed life she’d molded us into. Jett and Marlie played and fought like siblings, and kept Jimmy and I on our toes and stressed just like real children do. We never made a decision without taking their well-being into account. Someone always had to work near home so we could let them out at lunch each day – I can’t tell you how many lunch dates we’ve both turned down because of this! Vacation plans had to be juggled around having someone available to watch the dogs. We actually brought them to an out of town wedding once because we didn’t want to leave them over the July 4th weekend. We took our job of puppy parenting very seriously and were heavily rewarded with pug kisses and snot in return.

The last few years have been tough on Miss Marlie. She’s had joint problems, diabetes, decreased vision, a collapsed trachea and was generally just becoming an old dog. She’s been up and down for the past couple of months but always seems to bounce back after the bad days. The past few days though, she’s been steadily getting worse. Jimmy took her to the emergency vet last night and found our she had lymphoma and many tumors in her brain and lungs.

Marlie was with Jimmy and I from the beginning of our relationship. She’s been through everything with us…the ups and downs, all the fun, all the stress…all 10 moves. She was the best dog in the world and we miss her more than words.

I’m not even ready to write this, but I feel like I have to give this amazing creature the proper send off she deserves before we start a new chapter of our lives tomorrow with a new baby. So, until we meet again, enjoy laying in the grass and basking in the sun of doggy heaven. We will always love you and all the joy you brought us for the past 11 1/2 years. Rest in peace, darling girl.

Marlie Tiedriving - me & marlieedh - marlie gardenmarliemarliemarlie


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Marile’s 11!

Two posts in one day?? I know…who am I? But I just have to put it out there that our first little princess Miss Marlie is 11 years old today! You probably forgot all about our dogs since all I post about are Addie and Beckett, but yes, our fur-babies are still alive and well. Marlie was quite pleased with her diabetic-approved treats and new stuffed toys. Now if only Beckett would go to sleep so we can snuggle up with our birthday dog!




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A Furry Intruder

Without question, I am a huge animal lover, the kind of person who stops in the middle of the street for a stray dog, who wants to ride the elephants and pet the zebras at the zoo. However, I draw the line at critters in my house. Domestic animals, no problem. Little furry creatures that scurry way to fast across my dining room floor…that’s a different story.

Last night, just before bed, Jimmy let the dogs outside as usual. Somehow, while he was in the laundry room, the back door opened and the dogs wound up inside. I was searching for Cooper in a panic because anyone who’s had the pleasure of house sitting for us knows he’ll jump at any chance to get outside. Much to my surprise, he’s under the dining room table with Lola.

Then I heard it. A faint little squeaking noise. I was sure a bird had flown in – judging by the spatters on our deck, we have quite a few nesting in our trees. And since there wasn’t anything chaotically flying around my house, my first instinct was that the cats had gotten the best of it and we would soon have a bird carcass on our hands.

That thought was disturbing in itself, but I think I would have preferred that to what came next.

I bravely called Jimmy up from the laundry room and hid while he scoped out the scene. When he called out, “it’s a mouse”, I went into full panic mode! I don’t like mice. It’s in my genes. I remember stories of my mom standing on a picnic table with a shovel trying to crush them at our first house. A friend of mine growing up had pet mice. I didn’t like them then, and especially don’t like them invading my house!

I hustled the dogs into our bedroom, the last thing we needed was Jett chasing a mouse. Jimmy spent a good 45 minutes trying to corral it into a box or scoot it out the door, but Cooper had other ideas. It was the best toy he’s ever had and he wasn’t about to let it get away.

After a few laps around the table, the mouse flew into a tiny hole in this built-in entertainment unit. My initial fear was that it’d end up in our bed at some point during the night or we’d end up losing it forever putting me on constant mouse alert. After Jimmy reassured me that our attack cats wouldn’t let it out of their sight, my next fear was that it’d never come out and end up dying in there. We’d soon be smelling dead mouse throughout the house.

After a lot of whining, a few tears and a stiff drink (just kidding – about the drink, not the tears!!) I finally gave up and went to bed. Cooper and Lola posted up all night. Every time I got up to check on Addie, there were both cats, patiently waiting for their new friend to come out and play. After a long night of nightmares of mice crawling on my bed or in Addie’s crib – I woke up to find both cats crouched in the corner. The mouse was in motion!

Jimmy bolted out of bed (while I hid in Addie’s room!!) on a mission to get this little critter out of our house. He finally caught it and set him free, giving Cooper a taste of the outdoors at the same time. And after catching Cooper, our mouse saga was finally over!

Thank goodness we have such fierce cats (who did nothing but bat the poor little guy around a bit while they had the chance) and a sunken dining room that served as a giant pen. And thank goodness it was a cute little field mouse and not some nasty looking rodent or I would have insisted on going to a hotel – don’t think I didn’t float the idea anyway!

I think it goes without saying that Jimmy had a call in to an exterminator this morning. I don’t want to kill any cute little mice, but seriously, a mouse in the house is just not for me! I love living in such a woodsy setting, but please, please little creatures, stay outside!!

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