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With 30 hours of THRIVE and 30 hours of work each week, no chance of catching up on this old blog. So, here’s the recap of the few things we managed to fit in this past month…

4th of July fun at the Aces game with Dad. I stayed home with two sleeping boys since it was so late and Beckett needed his sleep.

Crazy minions

Lots of swimming…mostly at night after two brothers are in bed

A birthday party at the museum

Sibling yoga

A quick trip to EDH for jimmy’s 20th reunion

A girls mani/play date 

Ice cream sammies as big as Coen’s head

And this looney toon climbing on everything but still not walking

Earlier this week, he started to say “hi” but still would rather just scream.

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A few weekends back, my amazingly talented friend Seema and I hosted a baby shower for our dear friend Jocelyn. This was such a fun shower to plan, thanks Pinterest. It was so pretty with yummy food and even yummier cocktails, and of course the best of friends! Jocelyn is the most gorgeous preggo mama! I can’t wait to meet the darling Ellenie in August. 

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Addie was so excited to get two awards at her assembly last Friday…one for reading 15 books in Spanish and the next AR reading award (10 points, maybe?). 

And, her class was on the news saying the pledge. http://www.kolotv.com/content/misc/Brookefield-Kindergarten-420622473.html

Adorable, right?!
Last weekend, we had some surprisingly amazing weather for Coen’s friend Maya’s birthday party. There was sliding, relaxing naps under an umbrella, parachute fun, swinging, bubbles, and of course cake! Such fun celebrating our sweet friend!

And finally, Holden had his one-year check up. Officially 20 pounds, 6 ounces (30th percentile), 30.75 inches (75th), and a huge head at 18.75 (90th). He got way too many shots and came home pretty cranky. So glad that’s over!

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Happy Easter

Easter is one of my favorite days of the year. Crafting, cooking, friends, family, church, and gifts all wrapped up in one fancy little day. This year we tried tie die eggs which actually worked quite well but Addie still wanted to dye the normal way, so we have a million hard boiled eggs now. Good thing she likes to eat them! We woke up way too early this morning, the kids tore through their baskets, then we headed to church. We enjoyed a lovely brunch at the Donahoe’s house, ate delicious food, had an egg hunt. Holden wasn’t at all interested in eggs, but was thrilled with the food portion of the morning! After naps for most and a few hours of cooking we headed to my parents house for dinner. Such a fun day with my favorite people and a great way to spend Holden’s first Easter!

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I feel like every year I’m at least a week late in posting Halloween pictures. This year was a crazy busy one. But first, Holden’s 28-week picture.

Ok, now Halloween overload. Addie’s fall festival was the Thursday before. Coen had swim lessons so our night was divide and conquer. Addie, Holden and I did fall fest while the rest did swim. Addie rode a bull, got her face painted, ran in a giant bubble, jumped on a bunch of inflatables. 

Friday, we loaded up the car and headed over the very rainy hill to EDH. We found a tiny bit of time to fit in Apple Hill. It was a pretty soggy mess but so worth it just for the apple donuts.

We spent some fun time with Miss Haylee decorating pumpkins and celebrating her 3rd birthday. 

And finally, Halloween. Beckett had an appointment at Shriners. We had a quick lunch then headed back to Reno to go to a Halloween party at Addie’s friend William’s house. Coen was in desperate need of a long nap but despite the meltdowns, we still had a great time!

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Balloons!! My favorite time of year! We all managed to get up and out of the house in time to make it to dawn patrol. Beckett wasn’t into it until the sun came up. Holden slept most of the day. Coen loved it then got tired so spent the rest of the morning grumpy in the stroller. Addie had the time of her life meeting the balloon pilots and collecting cards. Good times! And now, right on schedule, beautiful fall weather. I love this city!

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Two weekends ago, we made our last trip to EDH as a family of 5. The kids enjoyed a community egg hunt (more like a stampede lasting all of 1 minute) at Town Center with our darling cousin Haylee. Addie had a tough time warming up to the concept then literally at the last minute, decided she wanted eggs. We got 4. It was chaos! But then we got to play with Haylee for the rest of the day and had a dance party until 10 pm so it was all worth it!


Then this past weekend, we had even more Easter fun starting with dying eggs on Saturday. We strategically planned it for Coen’s nap time. Jimmy was helping my parents move. I wasn’t ambitious enough to let him join in on the mess this year. Next year we’ll make Auntie come home from Florida to supervise! 

Easter morning, the kids all woke up way too early to start a day full of fun. They dove into their baskets full of goodies before heading over to the Donahoes for a lovely brunch and egg hunt with some of our favorite friends. We finished the day with a delicious family dinner.

The weather was perfect Sunday but Monday we had nearly a foot of snow! Thank goodness it’s spring break on no kids had to be anywhere. Beckett’s been sick-ish all week so we’ve spent a lot of time hanging out at home. I’m looking forward to things being back to normal next week. I’ll have time for errands and baby prep. Three weeks to go!!

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