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Gibson monsters were in full force this year for Halloween. Addie decided she wanted to be “something scary”. Mavis’ black hair and lipstick were enough to convince her that Hotel Transylvania was a good choice. Coen was going to be Johnny, but somehow we switched at the last minute to Dracula, so Beckett went as Johnny instead. Holden was the cutest little Dennis though out of context, he was mistaken for Carrot Top. Jimmy was Frankenstein and I was Eunice. We “decorated” a trunk this year for our church’s Trunk or Treat. I had to make a box a few weeks prior for candy donations, so just decided to snag it for our trunk once we separated out all the candy bins. Addie and Josie cut out all the bats and stuck them to my car. It was by far the least effort put in to any of the trunks, but it was really nice to have a “home base” for the kids for the event. And when the sun went down, they just hung out inside the car eating candy. Perfection! On Halloween night, we drove to the community across the street and met up with Coen’s baseball buddy. Two hours, four overflowing buckets of candy, four exhausted children, very minimal planning. All in all, a great way to spend another Halloween!


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Two posts in one weekend? Who am I? We have a big day tomorrow, so we need to get this last summer post out of the way! We spent our last days of summer in El Dorado Hills reading books, coloring, playing outside, and visiting with family.

We took a stroll down Main Street in Placerville visiting with Grandpa Larry. Addie and Coen had to get new mini dream catchers to chase away their nightmares. And bags full of gumballs. We visited Aunt Carol’s store where Addie got all glittered up and got to pretend to be a mermaid. It’s pretty much the coolest store ever. We ended our outing with ice cream, yum!


Addie enjoyed an afternoon of garden talks with Nana. She learned about “Naked Ladies” and photosynthesis. Don’t worry, Nana hasn’t gone cuckoo. That’s the nickname for a flower that I can’t seem to remember at 10 pm, but I’m sure tomorrow it will come to me. Though I clearly had no problem remembering “naked ladies”. Well played, Nana. Beckett and I swung on the swing during garden talks. He was pretty pleased to have some peaceful time outside while the other sibs were distracted.qqcyEfdERvufzEs+Z1f3HggpC5DQ0vS4OUJAc3LD1weA9hZv7LFiRs652B+PpUCPnAauSbgTAkTQy08A%I5KBxDgjxRh7UhwS0yns1A2fe3dJQGEqsDV5ATBS1wGQ43lUbkQcvHbncYmTXq++B%JyN3Z0g3bIPaOnTQMC11xaJMV7QgQDWYUQCilSu+LsNuNyhEEjQ

The kids had some quality cousin time with Haylee and Emily. Holden was fascinated by a baby. He’s always the baby, so really wasn’t sure what to make of her. The cousins ran around like crazy people outside (and inside), traced themselves in chalk again, wrestled, and tore up a bunch of tissue paper and threw it on each other’s heads over and over again. What a blast!


Today, we headed back home to get ready for the first day of school tomorrow! Addie and Beckett had an ice cream social at their new, huge, beautiful campus. I didn’t take a single picture but trust me when I say it’s seriously the most gorgeous place! And it’s only halfway done. I can only imagine how amazing it will be once phase 2 is complete. Addie and Beckett saw so many friends. I think both are so ready to get back to it! After seeing the school, I’m seriously so excited for them to start tomorrow. I think it’s going to be the best year yet for both of them!

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What a jam-packed summer it’s been! Capped off by two bonus weeks from Addie and Beckett’s school since construction isn’t quite complete. That’s OK, we’ll take two extra weeks of summer any time! Backing all the way up to July. Beckett was in full-blown therapy mode, attending Thrive five days a week, so once again, with 4th of July being in the middle of the week, I stayed home with two sleeping boys while Jimmy took Addie and Coen to see fireworks. After a hot day of water fun in the backyard, they headed up to Windy Hill to see fireworks from all over the valley. The next day, back to therapy, as usual!


That weekend, we decided to have an impromptu baptism. Something that’s been weighing on my mind for 6 years now. Auntie was in town for 5 days and Shawna and Perry somehow found the time to make it to Reno on crazy short notice to serve as Godparents to three awesome brothers! We had such a nice ceremony, after church services so I didn’t have to stress over my children being loud or acting crazy. Holden wanted to wipe the water off his own head and his face while blowing out the candle was hilarious! Coen was a little apprehensive, but ended up cooperating amazingly well. Beckett was great, as Beckett usually is. We had a nice little swim party and sandwiches to end the afternoon. Prefect, low key, and they’re finally baptized with three awesome Godparents, so a success in my book!



Addie had the huge honor of dancing on the amazing Sand Harbor stage for the Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival. She’s been rehearsing all summer and her final performance is tonight in Carson City. This show is with a lot of older dancers, so has been a more mature production than what she’s done in the past. It’s been such a good experience and she’s been able to share it with one of her favorite friends, Addison. Her school had a special preview of the Reno show last week and her principal came backstage and played with the girls for a few minutes before they went on stage. We are so blessed by this amazing school and supportive “family” we’ve found! It’s been truly wonderful! All these kiddos below go to Addie’s school and are so sweet!


Next up, Beckett’s 6th birthday!! Miraculously, it did not fall on a Thrive day this year, so we got to have a relaxing day at home followed by pizza at the Pub and Dragon Lights. It was way past Beckett’s bedtime, but he loved every minute of Dragon Lights. It was pretty incredible! We spent an entire two hours there and no kids complained!


In what we had anticipated to be the culmination of our summer fun, off we headed to Lake Tahoe for our church campout. Just to set the tone of my camp life…Jimmy and I have been together for 17 years this November. We have camped once. 17 years ago. The whole precess of buying/borrowing gear, food shopping, packing, was overwhelming! The immediate dirt factor of my children was overwhelming. The bears sniffing our tent in the middle of the night…overwhelming! But, we were in great company and actually enjoyed ourselves. And dare I say, we fully plan on doing it again next year. In an RV. I need more than a flimsy tent separating my children and bears.


Aside from all that fun, we’ve just been hanging out, doing puzzles, building towers, playing in Gram & Gramps’ garden, going to plays with friends, reading books, watching way too much TV, and just playing (sometimes fighting) way too late into the night. Coen starts a new preschool Monday. Yikes! I’m not ready. More on that later as it’s a big, unexpected change in our lives. And with our bonus weeks of summer for Addie & Beckett, we plan to have a lot more fun before we’re all back into the groove.


Oh, one funny thing, I make birthday posters for each kid’s birthday, but after a couple years of making them for Addie and Beckett, and adding two more kids to the mix, I got really sick of designing these posters! So, I implemented the posters until 5 rule. Addie doesn’t like that the younger brothers still get posters and she doesn’t, so she made her own. For her 8th birthday. 5 months from now! She kills me 🙂


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Alright, we’re up to May 22 (and jumping ahead a little to the boys’ party, but now, back to May). We spent Memorial Day in EDH hanging out with cousins and exploring the train museum. tCvs9bmNROKg4f7nD3DGTwIMG_4558MC57oZ6BRY+YJAQKMVohNAZ8umZvhoRxSBZpQ80CiB2gHSz+s0otRa6lQSYedp8pkQoNgPuiAaRYKVhLlmwxFSmQENW2leLyQ2+3xeiutKi60gNBt5JDuIQi6a81F+EtpdhQZE7ICBfhR9CfzOZqiSGJfw

Then we quickly shifted into end-of-year mode. Addie’s class had bake sale and donated the proceeds to a local charity. Addie and a couple friends came up with the idea as a project to spread kindness in the community. She made the poster the second we were done with Coen’s birthday poster. She was so excited about this and loved selling the treats to her school. They raised more than $450!


That evening, hip hop recital. The studio she goes to now is huge so they split up the babies from the littles from the bigger kids. Addie’s in two different levels of classes, into hip hop, then a more advanced ballet and modern, so her dances were split up between two recitals. It was fun to see the smaller kids perform, but I’m so glad she was in the big show, too. Those older kids are amazing! More on that soon, but for now, hip hop. Addie’s group was so cute. They did a hip hop salsa-style dance. Super cute and fun!


Then, the following morning, her next piano recital! It was a baseball theme, and tons of fun! We threw together Addie’s outfit the night before. 4th of July shirt from a couple years ago, red Valentine’s skirt from when she was 5, and Holden’s leg warmers! Pretty perfect for a baseball theme, don’t you think! Her teacher wanted signs like a real baseball game. So, we made Addie a fat head. She was a little embarrassed!


Right after this was the boys’ party. Whew, busy couple of days!

Then, we jumped right into last days of school. Addie’s class had a party on the last Friday. Beckett was supposed to have one after school at the park, but he decided to throw up all over himself that morning, so he spent the day with Gram and Holden while I attended Addie’s party. She got the “curious cat” award for always asking so many insightful questions. Couldn’t be more true!


The following Tuesday, Addie and Beckett had their last days of kinder and first grade! Addie’s teacher let them paint the tables with shaving cream. Clever way to get the kids to disinfect them for next year!


And, the following day, Coen had his last day. This year, he got the award for “Future Principal”. We didn’t go to the awards ceremony because it’s at night and costs a fortune (well, pretty much anything does for a party of 6!), so I can’t tell you the reason behind that one, but sounds good to me. He had water day for his last day, which explains his random outfit!


If you’re wondering how water day went, he fell asleep in the hallway on his way to bed. I’d say that’s quite a way to kick off summer!


We spent our first Friday of summer at the pool. Coen and Addie are awesome swimmers now. Holden just started lessons, so we’re hoping next year he’ll be able to enjoy the pool more, too. Though he really doesn’t mind playing on the giant step.


And then, Addie’s big recital. I love this studio! It’s much less structured in terms of communication, which doesn’t sit well with my insane type-A personality, but Addie loves it and the creativity and choreography are amazing! They opened the show with a tribute to The Greatest Showman and ended with a gazillion tappers doing a 42nd Street routine. So, so good! Addie did a modern routine with a level up from where she should probably be, but it pushed her in new ways which was amazing to see. Next year, she’s doing their competition team, so lots more dancing in her future!


She’s also performing in a Midsummer Nights Dream put on by the same studio that does Peanutcracker. Her friend Addison from school is doing it with her, which makes it extra fun! And, she gets to dance at Sand Harbor as part of the Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival, so yeah, we’re pretty stoked for that!


Beckett just finished his first week of Thrive intensive therapy. He goes for 6 hours, 5 days a week. We’re splitting up shifts this year, our friend, and his school stand-in aide, Kimberly is taking two days, Jimmy’s taking one, and I’m finishing out the week. The first week is always the hardest (for B and me!). He was asleep within minutes of walking at the end of yesterday.


And, here we are. Today! I got to play baker for a friend’s bridal shower. If anyone needs a cake, let me know! I could use some practice making flowers! We killed 10 minutes at the park while Holden slept in the car before Addie and Beckett had horse lessons. Coen had a birthday party for his classmate, Abigail. Addie had ballet rehearsal. Then two brothers napped while Addie and Coen went to the pool. It’s non-stop summer around here! And we’re loving (almost) every second!IMG_4845IMG_4847YaZ6X+lITVWTQbOs4bgGfwDNSspEdvT+OvpO%pkuuFjQIMG_4842IMG_4843IMG_4844




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So much to catch up on for the last two months. Jog-a-thon, birthday parties, Coen’s 4th, last days of school, dance recital, mother’s day, father’s day, horse lessons, cousin fun, piano recital, pool nights, and more! I’ll just start from right after Holden’s birthday. Brace yourself for a million pictures…

Holden turning 2 meant the end of rear-facing car seats! Wahoo! This also meant some rearranging in my car since Beckett’s seat and Holden’s seat wouldn’t fit in the second row together anymore. Addie got a promotion up to the middle row and the little brothers get to ride in the back now. Car rides are much easier now having a reliable helper within reach again!


Turning 2 also meant Holden got his own wheels. Just kidding, of course like everything in the life of a 4th child, they’re hand-me-downs, but the pictures are cute!


I’m hoping this isn’t a glimpse of what college will be like for these two.

Next up, first-aid day for Addie’s girl scout troop. Her school formed a troop toward the end of the year and Addie is in love! They alternated days each week and she was always super bummed on the days she had dance class. She actually said she’d quit dance to not miss girl scouts next year! She’s since changed her tune on that one, but she’s pretty fired up about this scouting business. The brothers hang out at school during her meetings because I don’t want to drive back an hour later to pick her up, so Coen got to enjoy first-aid day, too! The fire truck was super awesome. The kids got to walk through it and spray the hose. Coen was in tears saying he wanted to be a firefighter. I couldn’t understand why he was so emotional, but I think he expected to be able to become one right that minute. Not like, “in the future I want to be…”, but like right. this. second. Added bonus, it was mismatch day, so we get to enjoy Addie’s insane outfit any time we take this trip down memory lane.



That same week, Coen had Earth Day planting at this school. This is one of my favorite days at Brookfield. Maybe it’s the metro-hippy in me, or the fact that I wrote a paper on the history of Earth Day in grad school, but I love that they plant every year and make it a thing. Plus, the little ones love playing in the dirt.


That weekend, Coen’s favorite friend Maya had her birthday party. Holden napped the whole time in Maya’s brother’s crib, Beckett watched Moana, and Addie and Coen bounced around acting crazy.




On to Jog-a-thon. First of all, thank you to everyone who donated. I didn’t get formal thank yous sent out because I’m awful, but believe me when I say it was so much appreciated. With your help, their tiny little school of 160 kids raised more than $25,000 (!!!!!!) for their PTO. Addie ran 5 laps (I think 3 during her time on the track and 2 extra laps after they finished – that’s 1.25 miles, in case you’re wondering!). I can’t even tell you how many Beckett did. His OT pushed him a lap or two, the school cleaning lady pushed him around, some students from his grade and then the older kids took turns pushing him, the Addie and her friends took him on a bonus lap. After field games and popsicles, I had three exhausted munchkins.


Addie got a 1/2 off mini-golf coupon from Jog-a-thon, so we dropped two brothers off at home, pick Coen up from school and headed over for what I think was the first mini-golf outing for these kids. They loved it, for the most part. We had a few arguments over who’s turn it was, and we were quite disappointed that we couldn’t use our shave ice coupon. FYI, it’s only open on the weekends.MaqOHvTaRPiU9toKYvNEUAJLfVvqcpSiGnX5qt0Zgqdg

So, the next day after our first horse lesson, we had to go back for our free treat.




Mother’s Day week was full of friends, crafting, muffins, church, and a low-key dinner. Our Oikos group hosted coffee hour at our church, so we made some beautiful flowers for a photo backdrop. These things are my favorite!! The kids took their friends Josie & Caleb to explore our creek. Coen’s school had a super cute muffins with Mom morning, where this darling middle child got some rare one-on-one time. Then church and dinner on Sunday. So fun celebrating my time with the most amazing tiny humans. And hats off to the extra special teachers for coming up with these lovely crafts every year!

E4KtJHM9Rc6Tp0PW2RxmfgIMG_4311IMG_4314%RpWxPTqS7yBLrBt9cpIjQMuffins With MomMuffins With MomHNmS2vsjQbSqMipEcKnYxw

The following weekend, we had an organized day of service for our church. We went to a park and cut down a ton of willow to clear out a canal and eventually plant shade trees. I say “we” very loosely! Addie had an audition for a community ballet performance so the kids and I only stayed for the first hour. And since Holden refused to cooperate (did I tell you we’ve officially entered the “terrific” 2s?), my contribution to the day was moving one arm full of branches. I’m certain Addie and Coen did more work than me. But Jimmy rocked it and worked right up until the job was done.


And, just in case you were thinking my kids are starting to look a little homeless, we had family hair cuts right after our sweaty day of service.


OK, one month down. My fingers need a typing break. Next up, Coen’s birthday! Brb. (hopefully not 2 months from now)


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Longest. Title. Ever. for the longest post ever. Are you ready?

Reno decided to skip winter this year, but just when we’re ready for spring, bring on the snow. We spent some fun weekends throwing snow balls, building snowmen, and backyard sledding. I tell you, little ones all bundled up are the cutest! And, side note, those blue snow pants Holden is wearing were Addie’s when she was 18 months old! You totally get your money’s worth when 4 kids can wear something!


The kids’ schools had Dr. Seuss day. Addie was Daisy Head Maizie. Beckett was The Lorax. And, since Coen’s “dress like your favorite character” day was the week after Addie and Beckett’s, The Lorax made a second appearance! Mom win, if I ever saw one 🙂 Coen also had crazy sock day. He picked dinosaur leg warmers. His fashion sense is amazing!


Next up, Mother Son night at Coen’s school. They rented out the Discovery Museum for the evening and the kids could just run free like crazy people for two straight hours. Coen loved the clouds, went fishing, built marble runs, raced cars, slid down the tree slide, basically bounced from room to room like a pinball the whole time. We had to take pizza and cookies to go because he wouldn’t slow down for two seconds to eat dinner. He was a sweaty little mess when we left but so very happy!


When we switched insurance providers at the beginning of this year, we had to find a new dentist. I was very bummed as our prior dentist was incredible, but they referred us to an equally awesome place with even better prizes and video games in the lobby. All kids did awesome, even Holden. Addie still has two cavities to fill, but otherwise, looking good! Yay!


St. Patrick’s Day fell on a Saturday this year (with a snow day on Friday) so the kids missed out on green fun. Although the naughty little leprechaun made a huge mess at Coen’s school and the teachers waited for the kids to see it Monday before cleaning it all up. We did our best to celebrate but really, beyond wearing our silly hats, it was pretty much a bust.IMG_3568

We spent the last couple weeks of March gearing up for a fun Easter. We filled more than 2000 eggs with our church group for the most awesome color run meets egg hunt. Addie loved getting cover with color powder. Holden wanted nothing to do with it. Coen gave it a small try but wasn’t really into it. He spent most of the time in my office with Beckett watching the iPad. Regardless, it was a fun day and the kids came home with Halloween amounts of candy. We quickly died eggs at home the day before Easter. Holden really liked it this year. We spent Easter tearing through baskets, then attending a lovely church service, then one of our favorite traditions, brunch at the Donahoes with some of our amazing friends. The Easter bunny brought the kids the cutest, most ridiculous Easter outfits this year, which made me happy 🙂 We finished the day with dinner with Gram and Gramps.


Addie and Beckett have been doing great things at their school. Each month, their classes have a STEAM project. Addie always does Beckett’s because well, she rocks! One month, he had to build a house or shelter using anything in your home; Addie had to build a model of something we might see in the future. Her city scape had buildings with a pool on top and a giant slide to get to the ground. People get around using hang gliders. The greatest one was a team project in Addie’s class. They had to come up with a recommendation that they want to see incorporated into their new school building next year and present to the board of directors at their school. Addie and her group decided their new school needs to have elevators so children in wheel chairs and moms with strollers can access the second floor. They pulled Beckett out of class to help present their idea. How thoughtful are these little ones? I cried! Are you surprised?  AHi6yuSDT0CtA+hkJGIZGwRNJRSPuRTOykNh6SNKZohgpIJODfk0RDmi7jyhvIAZFg

They also had a school play where the kindergartners through second grade came together to present Hansel and Gretel Eat Right. Addie was selected to play Gretel. Because there were so many kids, she shared the role, but she had a lots of lines throughout and did amazing! Beckett was a part of the compost pile. They were all so cute!


Soon after, Addie lost her very wiggly front tooth. I was glad it held on until after the play, but now, we’re full steam ahead into the awkward phase. The second top tooth is loose, but probably has a few more weeks to go. She looks like a jack-o-lantern already!


Next on our list, meeting our beautiful new cousin Emily in California. She’s such a precious little bug, but man, am I glad to not do the infant phase even again. They’re a lot of work! Sweet and snuggly, but so much work. But, don’t get me wrong, I’ll gladly snuggle on anyone’s baby any day.

The cousins had a blast meeting sweet baby E, playing with Haylee, going to the zoo, making chalk people at Nana and Poppy’s, and exploring the creek. We took a quick trip to the park where Holden discovered a new-found love of slides before heading back to Reno.


The next weekend, Addie performed in another play, this time for her dance academy. She played an A-list party pal and a member of the green team in Pinkalicious. It was such a cute show! If you want to watch it, here’s the link.


Yesterday, Addie and Beckett started horse lessons again. The other brothers and I tried to entertain ourselves while they practiced. Coen slayed bad guys with rhythmic gymnastic wants. Holden had way too much fun with a pop up toy then stuck foam letters to his face. Good times!




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Before you think our year has just been pet death, I thought I should catch up on posting some of the fun we’ve been having, too! First, birthdays, birthdays, and more birthdays. Way back around New Years, I took Addie and Coen to Addie’s friend Guiliana’s party at the roller rink. Wow, what an experience! Addie started with the walker (roller??) and by the end, was free skating on her own. Coen, on the other hand, was clutching his walker for dear life but loved being pushed around and around and around the rink. He much preferred the video games, though, so we spent the last hour or so playing. By far, pinball was his favorite!


Next came Jimmy’s birthday. Which, once again, he spent in Las Vegas for work. He came home and we had take out of some sort, probably Super Burrito, then ding dongs. Target doesn’t have a bakery and with two boys in tow, that was my only stop of the day 🙂 Next year, we’ll actually do something special. After all, it will be the big 4-0!


The next weekend, Jimmy took the two crazies to another party, this time at a rock climbing gym. I didn’t have high hopes for this one, but both had a great time and actually climbed! I guess Coen had a freak out moment and someone had to climb up and retrieve him from pretty high up on the wall. I think coming down and trusting that someone isn’t going to drop me would make me nervous, too!


We had two birthdays the next weekend, one just for Addie for a friend from school at an arcade. It was so fun! Addie loved the air hockey table and this virtual reality shaky thing. I’m shocked no one lost their cupcakes! The next party was for our buddy, Caleb. He had a train-themed party at this house, but on the way there, Coen spiked a fever and felt pretty miserable. This was the start to weeks of sickies in our house. All but Addie, for some strange reason. Holden had an ear infection and we were sure Beckett had the flu, but surprisingly, he tested negative. Just overall miserable for a few weeks, but we survived!


Jimmy had a trade show at the Peppermill where this arcade is. Jimmy and Coen had a hair cut before the trade show, so Coen got to tag along with him, and as a treat, Jimmy took Coen to this same arcade (as if collecting all the swag at the trade show wasn’t fun enough for a 3-year-old). Coen thought it was the best place on earth, too, so I imagine we’ll be spending some time at the arcade again very soon!


At the last minute, we decided to go to a super bowl party at one of Addie’s friends’ house. We experienced some pre-teen girl drama leaving Addie in tears. Totally minor, the older girls were being mean to Addie’s friend, but her feelings were hurt, none the less. Coen fell in love with the play structure and discovered a nerf shooter. Holden climbed up and slid backwards down a toddler slide over and over again, then ran around playing ball with the big boys. Both ended up getting trampled and crying before it was time to go. Regardless, it was a fun half of football!


Holden had his first unofficial swim session. Usually, swim nights are a trade-off and he doesn’t get to attend. I pick the kids up from school, drop Addie off for dance, take Coen to swim where Jimmy meets us, then I head home with the other two boys and when Jimmy and Coen get home, I pick Addie up from dance. This prevents me from having to bring all 3 boys into swim lessons. This week, however, Jimmy got called in to help move a ton of office furniture at church, so Beckett hung out in my office while Jimmy moved, leaving me to take Coen and Holden to swim. I brought his suit, just in case he wanted to play on the step. He was surprisingly good. Just sat on the edge with his feet in splashing and playing with Maya and Coen. At the very end, Miss Susan took him into the pool with Kaiden. He was pretty OK. Not sure I’m ready to sign him up for lessons yet. I’m using Kaiden as a guide since they’re close to the same age. Once Kaiden starts enjoying it and actually learning something, we’ll put Holden in!


On to Valentine’s Day! I was never a huge Valentine fan, kind of indifferent to the whole holiday. But oddly, with kids, I think it’s awesome! The loot these three littles came home with, I swear, rivals Halloween! Plus, pinterest makes it way too easy to make cute Valentines for all their friends! I somehow managed to send Coen and Beckett off without snapping their pics, but here are two of my Valentine cuties. Jimmy was in Vegas again 😦


OK, all caught up to last weekend! Addie has been asking for months now about ear piercing. We told her we’d take her when she was ready. She kept asking if it would hurt and I could tell she was too nervous to want to do it. A couple weeks ago, she seemed committed to the idea. After dance rehearsal last weekend, I picked her up without any brothers, and decided we’d stop by Claire’s in the mall and check it out. I wasn’t convinced she’d actually go through with it, but we’d see what happened when we got there. She was determined. We picked out birth stone earrings. She was practically jumping up and down with excitement. There were a couple people before her. I thought she’d be super nervous, but nope, just pure excitement! Finally, her turn. She hopped up in the chair, clutching their stuffed bear and beaming! The girl called a second person over to do both at once. Right as they were lining the “guns” up, her faced turned to fear, but no tears. She was so brave! And once it was done, so excited to show them off to everyone. Such a big moment for this little girl! They had a buy three get one free sale, so she stocked up on new earrings to wear once she can take these out (the girl says three weeks, but I told Addie 2 months). She picked ice cream cones, cupcakes, narwhals, butterflies, roses, and crosses. I so appreciate her girly-ness in this house full of boys!


Finally, I’ll leave you with just some sillies, which is pretty much our every day around here. Holden is finding his words and starting to get such funny personality. Never a dull moment in the Gibson house!IMG_3307IMG_3305IMG_3254


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