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Coen, Coen, Coen

Any guesses what’s in the toilet. Poop? Yes. And a Doc McStuffins toy? Yep. That, too. Never in 6 glorious years with a girl did I fish anything out of the toilet. I guess, technically, I can still say that because immediately upon learning of the unfortunate Doc swimming experience, I called Jimmy to do the literal dirty work. I did supply him with a shovel. See, I’m helpful! But seriously, what’s with boys? I will say he was a little traumatized to see poor Doc swimming in poop and insisted he wasn’t going to throw Lambie in. Fingers crossed this was a first and last…at least for Coen.

On a more positive note, Coen finally slept in his own bed for the first time since Christmas! Every night, he insists on sleeping in my “cozy bed” and he wants to “snuggle” me. I saw this Minion blanket at Target and told him there was a surprise in his room. He squealed with excitement! And I let him jump on the bed. I think that sealed the deal. Four jumps, then bedtime. Worked like a charm two nights in a row. Though last night he woke up at 3:30 needing to go potty then never fell back asleep. Man, 3 is tough. At least he’s cute!

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It started out ok. The chair was pretty fun. He was listening to this awful little happy meal radio on repeat. I’m sure the other patients in the office loved it.

And then Dr. Trujillo came to check things out. It was all downhill from there.

The other three had exams and cleanings, too. No cavities, except for Addie. We’ve been putting off her fillings for a year now. The cost will blow through our max allowable cost for the year, plus we have to pay a ton out of pocket, so that sucks. But, no new cavities and the current ones haven’t gotten any worse in a year, so that’s good news. 

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Back to school time meant hair cuts for the whole fam! Thank goodness our hair stylist is a saint and has four children herself, so our entire crew invading her space was totally normal. Holden was not thrilled…this is becoming a common occurrence with this one. But Stacy managed to groom his baby mullet and now everyone looks presentable and school-ready!

Don’t mind all the slobber. He got two new teeth last week.

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I can’t believe summer is already over. Two little monkeys are already back to school with the third heading off in a week. We spent our last two weeks being lazy bums. We had a couple famïly swim days at the pool. We finally got Holden in for a proper swimming experience. It wasn’t love but at least he warmed up to it a little. Addie and Coen probably had their last night swims of the season. Coen is so confident now jumping off the step and floating on his back. He started lessons back up this week, so I’m sure he’ll be a fish by next summer.

Addie, Coen and I spent a night watching Shakespeare under the stars at Bartley Ranch. Coen was more into a frog than the play but it was still a fun night.

And finally, our last day was spent riding the ferris wheel, watching fish, and learning about taxidermy at Scheels. Coen had no short of five complete melt downs and screamed all the way home. Yep, summer’s over buddy.

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With 30 hours of THRIVE and 30 hours of work each week, no chance of catching up on this old blog. So, here’s the recap of the few things we managed to fit in this past month…

4th of July fun at the Aces game with Dad. I stayed home with two sleeping boys since it was so late and Beckett needed his sleep.

Crazy minions

Lots of swimming…mostly at night after two brothers are in bed

A birthday party at the museum

Sibling yoga

A quick trip to EDH for jimmy’s 20th reunion

A girls mani/play date 

Ice cream sammies as big as Coen’s head

And this looney toon climbing on everything but still not walking

Earlier this week, he started to say “hi” but still would rather just scream.

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More Coen

My camera roll is filled with goofy pictures of Coen! I spend way too much time with this boy! Last week, at the end of swim, he and Maya floated around the pool with their noodles. Aren’t they so stinking cute?!

Coen wants to go everywhere with me…school drop offs and pick ups, the grocery, Beckett’s therapies. Last week, while strolling through Target, we decided he needed some sunglasses. He picked ninja turtles. The sides are covered in pizza slices! Pretty stylish!

We had his official three-year check up. He’s 31 pounds, 37.75 inches. They do a vision test with shapes at 3. When she was asking him if he knew all the shapes, she pointed at a mug and he said it was coffee. Clearly, he’s spending too much time with me. And he gnawed on a fig bar through the whole appointment. Just your typical toddler!

Oh, and this one. I just can’t get enough of these boys. They play so nicely with each other (most of the time). Just two brothers and their fire truck. Love, love, love!!

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Coen has been a crazy typical threenager lately. He hasn’t slept in his own room since Christmas and pretty much stopped potty training yelling “NO!” every time we even suggest sitting on the potty. Last week, a HUGE new exhibit came to our Discovery Museum, so, like any good parents, we used it to our advantage. Three pee pees in the potty earned the right to meet a T Rex named Sue. 

He did it!!! And we met Sue. And he refused to take any pictures with us. But I promise, he had a good time. Sue will be hanging out at our museum until January so brace yourselves for lots more Sue pictures.

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