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This smiley little dude is heading off to kindergarten! He had such an amazing preschool teacher so it’s bittersweet, but he’s ready for a new challenge. Not sure I am, but he’s going, like it or not. His class had a cute little ceremony to honor the graduates. Beckett thought it was the best! Praying for good things and even more amazing teachers in the future.

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Coen has been a crazy typical threenager lately. He hasn’t slept in his own room since Christmas and pretty much stopped potty training yelling “NO!” every time we even suggest sitting on the potty. Last week, a HUGE new exhibit came to our Discovery Museum, so, like any good parents, we used it to our advantage. Three pee pees in the potty earned the right to meet a T Rex named Sue. 

He did it!!! And we met Sue. And he refused to take any pictures with us. But I promise, he had a good time. Sue will be hanging out at our museum until January so brace yourselves for lots more Sue pictures.

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Addie was so excited to get two awards at her assembly last Friday…one for reading 15 books in Spanish and the next AR reading award (10 points, maybe?). 

And, her class was on the news saying the pledge. http://www.kolotv.com/content/misc/Brookefield-Kindergarten-420622473.html

Adorable, right?!
Last weekend, we had some surprisingly amazing weather for Coen’s friend Maya’s birthday party. There was sliding, relaxing naps under an umbrella, parachute fun, swinging, bubbles, and of course cake! Such fun celebrating our sweet friend!

And finally, Holden had his one-year check up. Officially 20 pounds, 6 ounces (30th percentile), 30.75 inches (75th), and a huge head at 18.75 (90th). He got way too many shots and came home pretty cranky. So glad that’s over!

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We’ve finally had some sunny weekends which obviously means we must play outside as much as possible! Last weekend, Addie and Coen pushed Beckett around in his stander. This weekend, Addie took Holden for a stroll around the neighborhood. Now she’s busy drawing a mural on the driveway and planning a pretend picnic. We also thought warm weather was ideal for potty training with big boy underwear. Look at that devilish little face. Our efforts didn’t end well.

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I just dumped 32 pictures onto my iPad that I haven’t had time to post about. So, here we go, catching up on all the things…

Beckett’s OT, Judy, who he’s been seeing three times a week for over three years, closed her practice at the end of February. Addie and Coen tagged along for one last day of fun. Judy’s office was seriously an amazing place for kids! Beckett spent his last days running into towers and playing the piano. Judy is doing some random Sunday appointments so OT students can observe, so she’s not completely out of our lives yet, but we sure do miss seeing her three dayś a week.

We took a quick trip to EDH for a visit to Shriners and a work event. Did I tell you I’m working? Very part time from home for a local food magazine. The kids had fun playing outside but Sunday, we got stuck driving home in a massive snow storm. It was terrifying! I’m sure it took at least ten years off my life. Thank God we made it home.

Beckett’s awesome school had a night at the museum. Coen had swim, so half our crew was a little late. He’s finally doing so well swimming! He loves it, rolls to his back, floats, and is learning to use him arms to move in the water. Ok, back to the museum. Beckett didn’t love it but the other three had a blast. We renewed our membership so expect more museum days in the near future.

We’ve had some amazing weather lately so lots of bike days and Daddy/Coen time at the park. 

Coen even got to have his very own play date with his friend Maya. Coen never gets alone time without sibs. This has been a big few weeks for him! They packed a ton into two short hours…admired the fish, played outside, painted snowmen, had a picnic. Maya’s mom is a teacher 🙂

Today, Addie got her first reading award, Emerging Reader. She loves reading and has picked it up so quickly since starting kindergarten. 

Oh, and did I tell you I went to Napa a few weeks ago with some amazing friends? Fun trip, stressful leaving the kids though. Hopefully next year will be better!

And finally, one more weekly of Holden. #47. He’ll be 11 months next week so I’ll talk more about him then!

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Last Valentine’s Day, we went big! Heart-shaped everything. This year, it was on a Tuesday. A Jimmy-traveling-to-vegas Tuesday. We did a whole lot of nothing special. But, I did get to spend my day snuggling little cuties and reading piles of Valentine cards from Addie and Beckett’s classes. And Holden got to wear Beckett’s first Valentine’s Day shirt ❤️ So cute!

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Beckett has a follow up at Shriners on Monday so we loaded up the crew and headed to EDH. We planned to go Friday but you know, road closures and detours and all, so we settled for Saturday and had a surprisingly nice drive.

Shriners was good, just checking the Botox and hips, so no new news but he’s had a great week of therapy. Just look at that sitting! And that head!

The weather was beautiful in Cali. The kids had fun jumping in puddles and playing outside.

Coen and Addie were obsessed with the lava lamp and were good little helpers in the kitchen with Nana. And, just because he’s cute (and for future embarrassment), Coen has been doing so well on the potty. But we are prompting him to go, he’s not telling us, so we’re not quite to Thomas the Train underwear yet. But he can spend an hour on the potty and loves the alphabet apps. Somehow he’s gotten a lot smarter since potty training!

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