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We’re one week in with four babes. Aside from a little sleep deprivation, I’d say we’re doing pretty well. 

As you know, the plan was for G4 to make his debut this past Monday morning. I had a nervous feeling from the beginning of last week that he wouldn’t hold out until then. At the very least, I was hoping to make it to my last prenatal appointment Thursday afternoon. Wednesday went as usual, Coen spent the day at Linda’s, Addie went to school, Beckett and I went to therapy then did our afternoon pick ups. I caught up with a friend over dinner and came home by 8:30 to read Addie a story and get her in bed. Nothing unusual, no real contractions, asleep by 10. 

I woke up at 12:30 and as I was trying to fall back asleep, I felt like I was having small contractions. I waited for about a half hour before waking Jimmy up and calling my mom to come stay with the kids. By the time we got to the hospital, contractions were steady, about 5 minutes apart. We were seen by the on call doctor who was pretty amazing! She admitted us and monitored my progress until my doctor started her shift just before 8am. The nurse we requested happened to be on, too, so we had her from about 6:30 on. So while we didn’t make it to induction day, the stars actually did align and things went pretty perfectly. Holden Luke came screaming into the world April 21st at 9:06 am weighing 8 pounds, 1 ounce and 20 1/2 inches. We stayed an extra night in the hospital so he could get a little more practice feeding, and also to enjoy one extra night in a quiet, deluxe suite! Seriously, the room we were in was huge with gorgeous views! 

Addie came to meet him in the hospital but Coen and Beckett waited until we got home Saturday to meet their new little brother. I was worried Coen would be jealous, but he’s actually very sweet to him. 

We are seriously so blessed to be parents of these four incredible children. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for each of them.

Backing up to the last picture of the bump…38 weeks

Holden’s debut

His first visitor (aside from gramps)

Meeting Addie 

Hospital snuggles

Heading home

Crazy sibling time

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G4 Countdown

Less than 2 weeks to G4! We’ve spent the last couple weekends at home being very productive! Baby clothes are washed and folded. He got a new outfit to wear home from the hospital but beyond that, I don’t anticipate buying this brother new clothes. Ever. Not exaggerating, he has 50 short-sleeved onesies size 0-3 months. It’s quite ridiculous! The pack and play is set up on our room. Crib has been converted from Beckett’s toddler bed, though I doubt he’ll sleep there for months. Bouncy chairs are all put together and activity mats have been pulled out of the closet and washed. Thanks to Nana and Poppy, we can safely bring him home in a new infant car seat. We’re ready with one pack of newborn diapers (holding off on buying more until we know how big this boy will be). So, though we’re still hoping he hangs out until April 25, we’re feeling pretty prepared now. The name list was whittled down but then last night, I completely changed it. Still a work-in-progress, but we’re a little closer than before. 

35 weeks

36 weeks

37 weeks


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1 Month To Go

There’s a chance, possibly, maybe that one month from today we’ll meet our new little man. At my last appointment, my doctor said she’s on call April 25, which puts me at 39 weeks, 1 day…exactly when I was induced with Coen. Now I know the stars would have to align and everything would have to go perfectly for the next 4.5 weeks, but that’s what we’re aiming for. Keep us in your prayers. No surprises. No early eviction. Just a smooth, planned induction with our awesome doctor and favorite nurse delivering a healthy boy. So far, he’s looking good. Estimating him to be about 5.5 pounds. I’m 6 pound away from my max weight with Addie and Beckett, I think I ended up about 3 less with Coen. We’ll most likely have another 8 pounder (hopefully no bigger!!). 

We aren’t anywhere close to prepared. This boy will not have a completed room, the box of newborn clothes is still buried somewhere in the garage, his temporary bed in our room is not put together, we aren’t stocked on newborn diapers and our infant car seat is expired so we need to buy a new one. Addie and Beckett are off of school for spring break next week, so the chances of anything productive getting done soon are slim. Oh, and he’s still nameless! No wonder I can’t sleep at night 🙂 

32 weeks

33 weeks

34 weeks


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The Boy Bump

We sure haven’t done anything very exciting lately. More birthday parties, dance class, Jimmy has been traveling…just life as usual. But I realize I haven’t posted the last few pics of the growing yet-to-be-named G4. He’s steadily getting bigger, kicking like a crazy child and keeping me up at night. No signs that he’s coming early but at my last ultrasound, he’s measuring 9 days bigger. I think at one point Coen was measuring 2 weeks bigger and he held out until 39 weeks, so hopefully this one will too. The to-do list is way too long for him to make his debut any time soon. The room is a disaster, clothes haven’t been washed, we need a new infant car seat, oh and a name would be nice. Kind of important things to take care of still! Though I’m really looking forward to seeing his cute little face, we’re praying he stays put for 7 more weeks! 

28 weeks

29 weeks

30 weeks

31 weeks


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My goodness, it’s been a while! We haven’t been doing anything too exciting, just life really. First and foremost, the mullet is gone. Over Christmas, more than one person commented on Coen’s out-of-control hair. Addie’s grew in the same way but being a girl, we could do pigtails and she was darling. Coen was just out of luck. A couple weeks ago, I decided it was just too much so I chopped it off! 

It’s still a bit wild, but no mullet!

Beckett has had a few amazing weeks of therapy. He outgrew the loaner gait trainer a few months ago, so we haven’t used one with him for a while. His PT had one donated that happened to fit him perfectly. The first day in it, he took reciprocal steps over and over again at least four times across the room. He still needs help propelling but these were some of the best steps he’s ever taken. At OT, we rigged up a chair on a scooter board and practiced pushing backward using his feet. He pushed himself 56 feet one day! Amazing!! Hopefully he’ll get the feeling of being able to move independently and this will lead to new things in the near future. We’re in the process of ordering a gait trainer to use at home so we can consistently practice standing and walking.

What else? Hmmm…more birthday parties, of course. I took Addie and Coen to celebrate with our friend Cameron. Coen screeched the whole time, climbed into giant jumpy houses, then finally settled down and played with busy blocks for the last half hour. He’s now obsessed with slides. He’s going to be a wild one!

And, the new boy. He’s feeling like a wild one as well. Addie loves feeling him kick, which he does nearly all day long. I’m feeling like there’s not much more room to grow. I can’t decide if I’m too old for this or if it’s just harder this time around now that I have three kids to wrangle. Not to mention the 30 pound, 13 ounce toddler I’m hoisting up and down stairs, in and out of the car all day long. Whew, I’m beat by the end of the day! 

25 weeks

26 weeks

27 weeks


I realize I’m always in black for these pictures. I swear I’m not depressed! I usually take these before bed on Sunday and my black tanks are the most comfy. Third trimester next week! Can you believe it? Goes by quickly when no one knows about it until you’re already halfway done 🙂 

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Oh Boy!

Oh hey, did you know we’re having another baby? I don’t think anyone is really surprised by now, 4th time around in 5 years. It’s just expected, right? So yeah, another boy will be joining our family in April. Officially due May 1 but our plan is to do things as close to the same as last time, so hopefully we can schedule an induction around 39 weeks. End of April. Perfect, right? April, May, July boys and December girl. I like it!

I didn’t start belly pics until already halfway through. It was a hectic fall 🙂 And, for anyone assuming G4 will have a “D” name, it’s not looking good. No D’s on the very short list so far. I actually don’t have a single good name in the running as of yet. He may just be G4 forever. I’m open to ideas, send them my way. But don’t be offended when I don’t like them. I’m very picky (and indecisive) when it comes to naming children! 

21 weeks

22 weeks

I had the worst cold of my entire life for the past week, so no 23 but I did snap a quick pic at 24 weeks yesterday.


It’s very difficult to take a selfie of your own mid-section, by the way. I have a feeling this is going to get even more awkward as this boy grows!

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