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We Made It! 39 Weeks!

G3 is at 39 weeks today! I’m so relieved and nervous all at the same time. We’re checking in to be induced at 5am tomorrow, assuming there are no surprises from this little one today. Despite gaining 15 pounds over December and January, I feel like this ended up right on track with Adelyn & Beckett. And I still haven’t reached that maximum weight capacity as of last Friday, so really, I think this whole pregnancy wasn’t all that bad! Here’s the Beckett bump pic at 39 weeks, just for comparison.

Crazy to think that this is the last bump picture for G3…


photo (7)


Also crazy that we actually managed to take one every week from 14 on. Sure, some may have been a couple days late, but close enough. Here’s where we started off the second trimester…


14 weeks


and to think, even at 14 weeks I felt like I was huge already!

And, can’t post the last bump pic without including Addie’s last pose with the bump. I’m sure she’ll insist on joining the new babe on any future photo shoots.

photo (8)


Well, keep us in your prayers for a smooth delivery! Tomorrow, we’ll be a family of 5…and officially out-numbered!

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G3’s at 38 weeks now! I was sure he or she would come early but like all my babes, this one’s not being predictable either! Our last appointment is tomorrow, so we’ll find out how likely it is that we’ll actually make it to May 22 when I’m scheduled to be induced. I’m praying this baby holds out until then! No real signs that he or she is ready to come sooner, though I feel like there’s been a lot of growth in the last week.

photo (1)

Here’s the bump pic from 37.5 weeks with Beckett, just to compare. Last week, I was only 2 pounds away from what I’ve determined to be my max capacity for baby weight. We’ll see how tomorrow’s appointment turns out 🙂

If we’re lucky, expect one last bump pic next week! Then we’ll finally find out if we’re adding another brother or a sister to our little family! The anticipation is killing me!!

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This little blog sure has turned into baby watch lately! I swear our lives consist of much more, but my phone can’t take any more pictures, so I’ve been relying on Jimmy to document our lives for the past couple months. Anyway, we’re at 37 weeks! Yikes!! Yesterday, Jimmy said “14 days to go.” We’ll, when you put it that way…holy moly, that’s so soon!!!



Aside from the countdown to G3, our lives are pretty full of play dates, Addie’s activities and Beckett’s therapy sessions. I feel like we’re always on the go and constantly behind on our to-do list. I suppose we should get used to it! Things certainly aren’t going to slow down with G3!

Our happy little boy has been awful about sleeping in his own bed this week. He tends to wake up the second we put him down, so winds up snuggling in bed with us. But when you wake up to these sweet smiles, it’s hard to be upset.


New to his therapy this week, we picked up his super awesome ankle braces.


He doesn’t seem to mind wearing them for his amazing OT but he gave his PT a really hard time when she tried them out. We’re hoping better alignment and a bit more stability helps his form for standing.

Well, I think that’s all for this week. We have some pretty fun things coming up, G3-related and so much more! I’ll be glad to post about something other than my rapidly expanding bump!!

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36 weeks

Holy cow, it’s May already! Almost officially full term! Just a few days away from that 37 week mark now. We’ve decided to schedule to be induced on May 22 – one week before my “official” due date. G3 may very well take matters into his or her own hands and decide to vacate the womb sooner, but we’re hoping he or she stays comfortably in my belly until then. I’d appreciate a more controlled process than we experienced with Beckett! Four hours from start to finish was just too fast! But regardless, I’m sure we’ll be fine however and when ever it happens. I can still change my mind and opt for the c-section sometime between now and then, so don’t hold me to anything just yet 🙂


Only three more weeks of bump pics to go! Did I mention that I weighed exactly the same when I delivered Addie and Beckett? I’m 5 pounds away as of Wednesday, so even though I feel like I’m a whale this time around, really I’m exactly where I was with the other two. I don’t know how that is possible! I feel like I was so much smaller with Addie (see her 36 week pic here). I guess I just carried the weight differently. And I’m sure preeclampsia didn’t help much.

So there you have it…one more week down, 5 more pounds, and three more weeks to go until we get to find out if Addie will get the sister she’s been talking about for months!! I sure hope she’s not too disappointed if it turns out to be another brother! And I hope she doesn’t insist on calling her Stella or Dana, and if it’s a boy, “probably Charlie”. I don’t know where she comes up with these things, but none of her picks made the list!


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A couple of weeks ago, Addie had her very first trip to the dentist. I’m not sure why we waited so long, most pediatricians recommend going around a year. Beckett went too, but he’s already been. The enamel on his front teeth is wearing away due to his terrible reflux in those early months, so he went just after he turned a year. Addie, on the other hand, hasn’t ever had any problems, so I guess procrastination in this case wasn’t that big of a deal!

I think waiting until 3 was a benefit for her (and the dentist!). She was great! The cleaning went fine thanks to the super-cool sunglasses she got to wear and the giant TV above the chair. She did a couple x-rays with no problem, but had some trouble with the side ones. It hurts my mouth to bite down on those things, so I can’t blame her. Then she got to pick out a toy for herself and one for Beckett – bubbles and a rubber ducky.


20140416_083704 20140416_083904 (2)

Overall, a good visit! Though Beckett has two big spots on his front teeth, the dentist said “they’re hanging in there” so no need to do anything at the moment. We’re brushing after every bottle and any fruits, so quite a few times each day. He’s finally stopped gagging every time we brush, so that’s helpful!

As for G3, the room is finally in order, no more dog crates. There isn’t much else we can do before we find out if it’s a boy or girl, just pull out a few clothes and do a little laundry. Here’s the 35 week pic…


We’re just a few days away from 36 weeks. I’m hoping he or she stays put for a couple more at least. I’ve had a feeling for a few months that there’s no way I’ll make it to May 29th. I’m certain we’ll have this baby sooner, but no reason for me to think that really. I’m just being paranoid! I think once we get our insurance worked out and a hospital confirmed (yes, we still haven’t figured out where we’re delivering!), and decide if we’re going elective c-section or not, I’ll feel much more prepared.

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Happy Easter!

We sure had a fun weekend! First, let’s get the bump out of the way. 34 weeks and growing…


We had a pretty standard Saturday. Addie went to gymnastics, Beckett to therapy. His OT set him up to play in a tub of water and he was in heaven! I seriously haven’t seen him enjoy therapy so much ever.

photo (78)

Sunday morning, the kids woke up to see what the Easter bunny left in their baskets. Beckett got a few bath things, a CD that is supposed to help him sleep, and a cookie monster, and Addie’s basket was packed full of Frozen things – the DVD, soundtrack, a book, and a CD player so we can listen to all the CDs we’ve been neglecting for so long! She was quite thrilled and we’ve already watched the movie twice!



After snacking on too many jelly beans, we joined some of our favorites for an Easter brunch. The girls hunted for eggs and had a picnic. The boys pretty much just hung out and were entertained by the girls. Typical day in the life! We had some delicious food and good company, then headed home to get dessert ready for dinner with the fam.



Auntie’s friend joined us too, and Addie decided she was her new best friend. She had her running all over the yard looking at the fish, singing Frozen songs, she even insisted on photo-bombing their picture.



She’s such a little ham!

I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before, but we truly have the most amazing sitter ever. Look at these cute little Easter crafts she made with the kids. Addie’s picture is a little dark here, but both are so ridiculously adorable!

photo (74)

I’m so glad she does these cute little things for all the holidays. I certainly don’t have the time to do it with working full time and coordinating a minimum of 5 appointments for Beckett each week. I’d love to be the crafty parent, but up to this point, that hasn’t been my destiny! I swear I’m going to cry when Addie starts preschool in the fall! Though I’m sure her school will have fun holiday things like this too. I hope!!

Hope everyone had an amazing Easter as well!

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Catching Up on the Bump


31 weeks…


32 weeks…


33 weeks…


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