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Oh my goodness, what an eventful month already. December really is the best month of the year…after all, the first day is my birthday, but this December is slated to be the most exciting yet! I know, big change from last year where my birthday sent me into a week-long depression. I’m not sure if it’s being past that 30-year hump or all the exciting things to celebrate this year, but either way, it’s been so much better than last year and we’re only 4 days in!

To tell you the truth, my birthday was pretty uneventful. I didn’t even anticipate it much this year. I honestly forgot it was even so close. My wonderful grad class brought cheesecake (my all-time favorite) to celebrate, and it just happened to be the last day of our last class of the program! I spent the evening at a lovely dinner with Jimmy and two of my favorite people, Seema and Lesley. Very nice, low-key, amazing burger…it was just perfect.

Then, yesterday, the 3rd, this little beauty came into the world.

Priya Regina Rose Donahoe was born, and is just perfect! Seven pounds, 5 1/2 ounces of pure joy. She’s the most precious little thing ever! Seema and Tim are going to be such amazing parents to this little one. What a lucky girl! Baby G really wants to meet her too. The whole time I held her, she was kicking like crazy. It makes me so anxious for her to be here! We’re trying to tell her to vacate the womb for her own good. The sooner she comes, the farther away from Christmas her birthday will be. We shall see if she listens…just waiting now! 

Then today, 18 months in the making. I’m a Master!! Well, a very happy girl with a Master’s degree anyway. Today was graduation and while I still have one thing to turn in, I’m done. No more class, no more driving to the university, unfortunately no more seeing my 7 fabulous classmates and awesome professors twice a week. We had a very nice reception yesterday with all the grads and undergrads from the journalism program.

This morning, bright and early, was the ceremony. I’m so proud of my classmates, we worked our butts off and came a long way from last Fall. And thankfully, all made it through the program! They truly are a remarkable bunch. I’m so glad to have gone through this crazy program with such great people.

I’m also very thankful for my amazing family, friends and of course, husband for supporting me through the program and to my parents for coming up this weekend so I wasn’t the only one without family at graduation!

So, 27 days left in the month and the most exciting thing is yet to come. We’ve been telling baby g that after the 5th she’s more than welcome. Now we just wait and see when she’ll be ready! She’s getting pretty snug in there, hopefully it won’t be too much longer. We’re so anxious to meet her – and give her a name too!! 

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Almost done!!

Only two more weeks of grad school! Last week, I had my oral presentation for my final project, finished my revisions to my paper and submitted it Friday. Now I just need the final sign off and I can turn in my Notice of Completion to the graduate school. I’m so excited to be done but I can’t believe the last 18 months went so quickly! So, now that we’re past papers and homework, I have no excuse to slack on blog posts…well, this whole baby situation might take up a little time, but we’ll see 🙂

We’re officially at 36 weeks now. Only one more week until she’s full-term, although we hope she stays put for at least one more week after that! But we’ve been talking to her, she’s welcome to come anytime after the 5th! We spent this freezing weekend picking up some last minute things at Babies R Us, organizing her room and doing load after load of laundry to get ready for her arrival. We’re getting so excited to see her pretty little face. We had another ultrasound Friday and she’s 5 pounds, 11 ounces now. I think she’s getting quite big and running out of room in there, hence the karate kicks periodically throughout the day!

Last weekend, we had the pleasure of hanging out with Krista, Nick and Ewan. My Uncle Dave was in town too, and treated us to a fabulous dinner at Bertha Miranda’s followed by a day of fun at Virginia Lake and the UNR basketball game. Ewan was a bit overwhelmed by the ducks but I think he had a good time.

He also spent some quality time loving on Jett. Hopefully all this time spent with kids will help Jett not be such a jealous monster when the baby comes.

And the last exciting news since I last posted, Pi Phi initiation was last Sunday. Alyssa is officially an active member. This has been such a fun semester for her and I hope she has as much fun with it as I did in college. It’s a great opportunity to meet new people and be involved in something outside of classes. I know she’ll love it and be an awesome active member!

That’s all for now. Hopefully we can make it to El Dorado Hills for a delicious Thanksgiving dinner. I hope everyone has a great weekend with friends and family!

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A Fatherhood Celebration!

Another week closer to meeting this little girl and another great visit to El Dorado Hills. Mama G, Larry and Grandma Lori put together a lovely shower to celebrate the upcoming arrival. We always have a blast with the Gibsons, James Gang and Smiths, but this weekend takes the cake! Mama G brushed off her teaching skills and put together a full lesson plan to keep the evening on track. The theme was Celebrating Fatherhood with a complete guy-filled evening of fun. The only girly elements were the delicious cake, specially selected by Larry, and a beautiful bundle of pink balloons from Lisa and Carol. 

The rest of the party was all about great fathers and fathers-to-be. The guys had their own pass-the-baby game in which Perry came out victorious. Jimmy says it’s like the garter at a wedding and he’s next in line for a baby. I think Shawna might disagree! Then each person shared a special memory they had of their own fathers. It was so fun to hear from all the different generations and the little things that stick with people through the years.

Jimmy and I had the best time visiting with both sides of the family and are so glad to have so many people who are so excited to meet this little one! We’re so blessed to have such great families and I know this baby girl will have the best life ever getting to grow up in such amazing company! Thanks again to the Smiths, James and Gibsons for celebrating this exciting time with us!!

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What a perfect rainy day for a lovely shower with Reno friends! Krista planned a fantastic shower today at the Chocolate Bar with super fun games, incredibly cute decor and of course, delicious chocolate. I’m so grateful for the amazing people in my life who are making this whole experience so fun and exciting. I’m anxiously anticipating the day she gets here to meet all the wonderful people who have already showered her with so much love!

We had an exciting week leading up to this great weekend as well. Jimmy spent 4 days in Vegas training for his new job and we got to see Baby G Friday at our perinatal appointment. Unfortunately, she decided to cover her face with her arms the whole time, so no new 3D pics to share, but we did get confirmation that her feet are planted firmly in my ribs! So far, happy and healthy at 32 weeks.

We’re heading to LA on Wednesday for my friend Gina’s wedding then have a big November lined up…quality time with the Gibsons and Smiths, meeting with a photographer to line up sessions to capture this little one’s first milestones, meeting our pediatrician, hopefully defending my final project, one more ultrasound and then Thanksgiving. We’re hoping she doesn’t decide to come early so we can take advantage of black Friday sales for any last minute things we need.

I can’t believe we’re only 8 weeks away! November is going to fly by and then it will finally be time to see her pretty face! We can’t wait to share her with all of you. Our guest room is super cozy, so feel free to start planning your trip to Reno now!! Love you all!

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Nursery in the Making

A couple weeks ago, we received a giant package from UPS. My Aunt Trisha and Uncle Ed bought baby g a changing table!! So, it goes without saying that I’ve been bugging Jimmy every day for two weeks to take it out of the box! He had a valid argument against it…we had yet to move the guest room out of the nursery. So while I was in Vegas, he and our amazing friend Justin moved all the furniture around so this baby could have a proper nursery. Just in time too, my mom and Vic bought us a crib that was delivered last week!

Yesterday, Jimmy finally gave in and decided we could start putting it all together! The fact that he got a fabulous job offer just before probably helped a bit too!! So here they are, a beautiful new crib and changing table ready to go.

We still have a ton to do, lots of stuff to buy and loads of laundry to take care of before she arrives in just two months but we’re feeling a little more prepared already for her arrival! Now, what color to paint her room? We have a trip to Lowes planned for Sunday. So excited for this little one now that it’s all coming together! Thanks for all the gifts and love!!

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Weekend of Showers

What a fun weekend! I spent some quality time with my favorite people in Las Vegas for a couple celebrations for this little growing baby! It was also the UNR v. UNLV game in Vegas so it was super busy but such a good time with friends and family.

We started Saturday where my sister, Krista, and friend, Wendy, planned a wonderful shower at Marche Bacchus. Every Saturday, they have free wine tasting, so we started there (I had a few non-wine-drinking friends to keep me company) and then had a delicious lunch accompanied by hilarious games and lots of entertaining conversation. It was the perfect location, right on a lake, and perfectly quaint to be able to visit with each and every person.


After the friend shower, I watched UNR crush the Rebels at the newly opened Scooter’s Pub with more friends. I wasn’t about to go to the game and deal with drunk UNLV fans and fights. Alyssa braved it though and rushed the field when we won! Such a fired-up freshman!!

Sunday, Krista and my mom threw a beautiful family shower brunch with super cute decorations, fabulous food and the most amazing Nothing Bundt Cake for dessert.

I have the best family and friends ever who showered this baby with wonderful gifts and lots of love! Thanks to all who joined in the fun. I’m so excited for Baby G to meet everyone in just a couple months!

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4 Weeks of Updates

I really thought I’d be more on top of things this semester, but considering the fact that it’s been 4 weeks since my last post, it seems I’m severely delusional! The last 4 weeks have been crazy busy, packed with lots of fun stuff and lots of trips to EDH! Let’s go back to Labor Day weekend…

We were blessed with a visit from Ewan while Krista traveled to Paris for work. We spent Labor Day weekend in El Dorado Hills playing at the park, getting dirty in Nana and Poppy’s backyard, eating everything imaginable ten times a day.

Monday, Grandma came to Reno to spend the week with Ewan. More park dates, lots of games with Aunt Alyssa and a trip to Scheels to ride the ferris wheel.

Saturday, we went to the balloon races, which Ewan loved, then got really bored with since it was 5am and all.

Then it was back to EDH so Krista and Ewan could be reunited and Jimmy and I could spend some time with family, some I had the pleasure of meeting for the first time!

The next weekend, his parents came over the hill for a quick trip to see watch UNR smoke Cal!

And then Jett’s birthday (which sadly we forgot until the following day) and one more trip to EDH for manual labor for Jimmy (and a fancy birthday song and carrots for Jett…he loves his Nana!!!) which brings us here…28 weeks!

And, the good news, while Jimmy did yard work, I wrote most of my final paper so hopefully I can get it approved and set up my oral defense sometime this month. Which means more time for blogging and decorating a nursery for this rapidly growing little girl.

Thanks for sticking with me. We have a full October, Homecoming, showers, a wedding, so stay tuned for more updates and fun new pics!

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