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Another recital in the books! Addie danced hard this year and pushed herself way outside of her comfort zone. She did a leaps and turns class which had mostly competition team students. Addie was the youngest and easily the least experienced in the class. She spent a month in tears every week, and just when I was about to let her quit, something flipped and she loved the challenge. She also didn’t want to do another combo class, and instead chose to do tap. Her teacher is the owner of the studio and an amazingly talented tapper. Addie had a great time and really improved this year. Their routine was very challenging. They did great and had so much fun performing. But Addie said her favorite part of the recital was dancing on stage during the finale with her friend Elle.

It’s been so fun to see her progression from age 3 to now. Isn’t she the cutest?


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Waaaay behind on this old blog…sorry! A couple weeks ago, this darling had her final day of kindergarten. What a journey she’s had in just one short school year. She entered kinder reading basic words and is now at a 3rd grade level. And while we knew her reading was amazing, her teacher was blown away with her growth in math, too. What?! She scored 99th percentile on the end of year MAPS testing in both areas. Who is this brilliant little soul? We couldn’t be more proud of her growth this year in academics and socially.

Her last week of school was filled with awards ceremonies, field day, and class play. Lots of fun memories. She chose to be a story teller in the play, which meant she had to memorize lines throughout the entire thing. She was pretty stressed about it but practiced multiple times every night and, of course, nailed every line when the day came.

At awards night, she received the general class excellence award, which her teacher described as the valedictorian of the class. The Friday before, she also got an award for reading 30 books in Spanish. The best part, she’s such an eager little learner.

The day before the final day of school, they had all-school field day at the park. Her class took a group hike (she and her buddy William lead the pack), had face painting, ate lunch, and played water games until mom ruined the party and made us go home before getting too much sun. Then the last day of school was pretty much just a freebie. Addie was in tears. She had such a good year and was so sad to leave her friends and amazing teacher.

This girl! My goodness, we couldn’t have been more blessed when God gave us this amazing daughter! We so love this beauty!

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Coen has been a crazy typical threenager lately. He hasn’t slept in his own room since Christmas and pretty much stopped potty training yelling “NO!” every time we even suggest sitting on the potty. Last week, a HUGE new exhibit came to our Discovery Museum, so, like any good parents, we used it to our advantage. Three pee pees in the potty earned the right to meet a T Rex named Sue. 

He did it!!! And we met Sue. And he refused to take any pictures with us. But I promise, he had a good time. Sue will be hanging out at our museum until January so brace yourselves for lots more Sue pictures.

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Addie was so excited to get two awards at her assembly last Friday…one for reading 15 books in Spanish and the next AR reading award (10 points, maybe?). 

And, her class was on the news saying the pledge. http://www.kolotv.com/content/misc/Brookefield-Kindergarten-420622473.html

Adorable, right?!
Last weekend, we had some surprisingly amazing weather for Coen’s friend Maya’s birthday party. There was sliding, relaxing naps under an umbrella, parachute fun, swinging, bubbles, and of course cake! Such fun celebrating our sweet friend!

And finally, Holden had his one-year check up. Officially 20 pounds, 6 ounces (30th percentile), 30.75 inches (75th), and a huge head at 18.75 (90th). He got way too many shots and came home pretty cranky. So glad that’s over!

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In the midst of birthday celebrating and planning, and cake baking and cookie decorating, Addie’s school had their Art and Science night. Addie’s class did a project together…does the size of a bean determine the height of the plant? Each student made their hypothesis and kept a growth journal. It’s pretty awesome! And the answer is “no,” in case you were curious. The Lima bean was the largest and didn’t even sprout, whereas the pinto bean stalk grew over 30 inches. 

Then each class had a specific art project on display. I’m not entirely sure what the project was for Addie’s class, but aren’t these kiddos the cutest?

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Perhaps the most annoying part of having two kids at different schools is that spring breaks don’t align. While Beckett was working hard at school, these other three loonies were having adventures. 

The creek that runs behind our house has become a new favorite place to explore. Both kids came back up with scrapes but oddly, no complaining. Now Addie and Coen are obsessed with collecting rocks, catching frogs, and feeding fish. 

We promised Addie a museum day before break ended so we packed up lunches and headed over on the last day. Holden roamed free in the 5 and under room for a long time. Coen and Addie drew on the glass wall, went fishing, played music, and got all science-y.

And then it was over. It’s amazing how quickly a week went by. Such fun days spent with 3 of the 4!

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In case you need a refresher on the whole caterpillar/butterfly thing, here’s Addie’s class schooling you on larvae, pupa, chrysalis, and metamorphosis. 

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