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Halloween! It’s become one of my favorite holidays…getting to dress up with these tiny humans is a highlight of my year! This year’s family costume was a tricky compromise. Addie was dead-set on Alice In Wonderland (which I swayed her away from last year. I thought Holden’s first Halloween costume would be cuter as a scarecrow and not the Cheshire Cat.). Coen was convinced he was going to be pizza. Then, a Minion. The Trolls movie is in constant rotation on Netflix, so we had a talk and all agreed, Trolls it was.


All the Trolls costumes I could find online weren’t very cute, looked pretty cheap, and I just wasn’t feeling it. Plus, good luck finding 6 different Trolls! So, after a solid month of crafting, lots of long nights, and quite a bit of stress learning to use a sewing machine and make a Poppy dress from scratch (PS. the one-hour dress pattern took me a solid 3 days), we all made it in full Troll costume to Trunk-or-Treat…two days before Halloween!

Coen had a costume parade at school the Thursday before, and Fall Festival, so his costume was first priority. He was the cutest in the parade and had such good time being Branch!


Addie had a costume birthday party for a friend, but refused to wear her Poppy costume. Full-on tears and decided to be Sleeping Beauty instead. In the same dress she worn for Halloween when she was 3. Then, on Halloween, when the whole school could wear costumes, Beckett rocked his King Peppy, but Addie refused again and went as Rapunzel. Which prompted Coen to dress up in full Ariel costume. Luckily he didn’t want to leave the house like this!


But, finally, once it was time for Trick-or-Treating, Addie was excited to go full Poppy and the kids had a blast! We trick-or-treated at our friend’s house, and somehow Coen and Holden made it into the car with no shoes, which no one noticed until we got there…a solid half hour from our house. Yeah, it was that kind of night. But thankfully, our friends had a spare pair for Co and I stole his socks for Holden, who wanted to be carried the whole time anyway. We all survived and made it home with buckets full of candy. Covered in glitter, thanks to our little Guy Diamond, but home and happy, just the same.


Oh, and pumpkins. We can’t forget about our last-minute, night before Halloween, pumpkins that barely even got lit for 2.5 seconds. Addie and Coen easily agreed on Minions, and while it was a pretty poor carving effort on my part, the kids enjoyed it and I roasted some yummy seeds. Success!


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School Days

So, I know I told you that Addie and Beckett are at the same school this year. While I still have days where I wish Addie was still at Brookfield, I really love the new school and how it allows Beckett to be fully included in a regular kindergarten classroom. We had some growing pains in the first two months that resulted in Beckett switching teachers two weeks ago, but now, I feel like his team is in a good place and he’s actually in a position where he’s ready and able to learn…yay!

Addie is doing great in her class. Her teacher is amazing! Most of the kids in her class seem pretty amazing as well. She’s excelling academically and seems pretty good socially. We’re experiencing some weird anxiety issues in all areas of life though. She’s performing in the Peanutcracker play this year, and while she loves it, she has crazy anxiety to the point of tears before almost every rehearsal. The older girls in the play have been truly wonderful in calming her down and helping her feel included. Then, piano. She’s taking lessons from our Pastor’s wife, and is having a great time, but the second she’s asked to do something outside her comfort zone (like a master class with other students) she completely breaks down. And in school, she’s been super competitive with this other brilliant little boy, always keeping tabs on how far along he is in their book or if he’s ahead of her in assignments. It’s driving me insane! Partially because I can completely relate to her people-pleasing, perfectionist tendencies and her need to always know what to expect going in to something, but also because I have no idea how to redirect these behaviors! Agh, parenting is so hard sometimes.

So there’s the update. And, while I have no pics to go with my rambling, Addie’s class had a special guest snake. Yikes!


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Our First Fillings

I’m not sure if it’s her brushing habits, a diet that revolves around carbs and sweets, or just bad teeth, but somehow Addie has 6 cavities. Yesterday, she finally got one side of her mouth fixed. She was super nervous, but in true Addie fashion, she did amazing. A 3.5 hour appointment ended up taking just over 1 hour. She drank “happy juice”, played for a while, and went back with the dentist and got rid of those sugar bugs. No problems! She didn’t like how her mouth felt after and it took about 5 hours for the droopy smile to wear off. I’m so proud of this brave girl!!


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A whole month since my last post…I guess this crazy life has gotten away from me for a while. This will be more of a photo dump, but here’s the condensed version from the last month.

Fun day at the zoo with Miss Haylee Rose and her awesome mama

Solar eclipse

Sound of Music with Addie’s friend Giuliana

Pool days

Fun times with Holden while all the others are at school

Monster Hair, Don’t Care…note on this one, we missed one of our fave’s birthdays this summer and his mom made these amazing hats as party favors. We just got ours recently and Coen’s obsessed!






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It started out ok. The chair was pretty fun. He was listening to this awful little happy meal radio on repeat. I’m sure the other patients in the office loved it.

And then Dr. Trujillo came to check things out. It was all downhill from there.

The other three had exams and cleanings, too. No cavities, except for Addie. We’ve been putting off her fillings for a year now. The cost will blow through our max allowable cost for the year, plus we have to pay a ton out of pocket, so that sucks. But, no new cavities and the current ones haven’t gotten any worse in a year, so that’s good news. 

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Ack…first day of school. Am I the only parent who finds it hard to sleep the night before? I remember just how I felt on the first day. So many nerves. This year was especially hard for me to stomach. A last minute decision to move Addie had me in tears for two straight weeks. On top of that, we took Beckett out of the school district and moved him to a brand new charter school with no track record for services in the school. We’re literally building the entire process as we go. It’s terrifying and so insanely exciting at the same time. For Beckett, I’m feeling nothing but positive for how everything is going so far. The principal is amazing and so hands on with building the resources Beckett needs in the classroom. His teacher rocks…and has five kids of her own, one named Addie. It’s fate! He has a full time aide who has a nephew with CP. He’ll get OT, PT, speech, vision, and assistive technology all in school. One of the board members is on some state board for special needs or is the director of some state program (I was a little distracted when we met) and went out of his way to come meet Beckett and introduce himself to us. Too good to be true, right?! Oh, and numerous parents made it a point to introduce their children to Beckett. I’m not sure why I’m so impressed with this but it really meant a lot that he was treated like any other student. My fingers are crossed that this all works out and he can just stay put through 8th grade.

Now for Addie. She’s having a blast. Thrilled to be back in school. Already has her favorite new friends. Every day has been a great day. It’s me with the anxiety. She’s brilliant. I know this is a thing parents say, but really, she’s such an intelligent, driven, eager to learn little person. I’m so worried she’s not going to be challenged at the current level in which she’s used to learning. She voluntarily went to her old school to take reading tests over the summer. Learning just comes so easy to her and I feel like if she’s breezing through at an advanced level, shouldn’t we keep her in an environment where that level is the norm? I know she’ll do great regardless of the school but if the bar is set higher at Brookfield than it is now, aren’t we doing her a disservice by only expecting her to reach that lower standard. And now here’s the tough part. I LOVE this new school. She and Beckett are together. It’s STEM-based curriculum with arts intergration. All good things but a completely new school so I have no idea where the bar is set. 

Ugh. Sometimes I hate adulting. Can’t someone see in the future and reassure me they’re both going to be fine?

On a side note, it sure is hard being the little brother left behind when the sibs go back to school.

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Back to school time meant hair cuts for the whole fam! Thank goodness our hair stylist is a saint and has four children herself, so our entire crew invading her space was totally normal. Holden was not thrilled…this is becoming a common occurrence with this one. But Stacy managed to groom his baby mullet and now everyone looks presentable and school-ready!

Don’t mind all the slobber. He got two new teeth last week.

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