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This is our friend Caleb. Caleb says when he and Addie are older, they’re going to get married. I asked him why he thought that and he said, ” because I do everything she says.” Smart boy!

Backing waaaay up to January, this picture is from a birthday lunch for our friend Brittany. She didn’t want her birthday treat, so Caleb and Addie decided to take care of that. Ignore the paint all over her arm. We were fixing up the kids’ bathroom finally. Two months later and it’s still not done, but the cabinets are now turquoise.

In February, Addie had her first dance competition. She’s performing in two group numbers. It’s pretty awesome! At the first competition, Encore, her routines scored in the top level and the second highest level. They won highest score overall for their category. They just had their second competition, Spotlight, last weekend. They scored in the second highest level for both dances. One more competition to go in June. She’s loving it and her jacket is all fancy now with pins and bling!!


We spent an evening with our church group making Valentines for refugees at the Northern Nevada International Center. We made more than 30 Valentines and our friend Lauren took them to the families who have been resettled here.


My sweet little Valentines had tons of fun at their school parties. Amazingly, they just wanted to use the same Valentines as last year, so Addie gave out ring pops, and Coen and Beckett just swapped themes. Coen gave out dinosaurs and Beckett gave out super hero masks. And with all their loot, our candy bowls that were down to the last few Halloween goodies have been refilled. We should be square until Easter! Coen stayed up late with me one night and picked out everyone’s Valentine shirts from Zulily. His shirt says “I chews you”. So weird!!!


February also launched Girl Scout cookies season! This is Addie’s first year selling cookies. Thanks to all who purchased from her. She set her goal super high at 25 boxes. Between her online store and hustling all the church people, she sold 65 in presales alone! She’s now at 190 of her own sales, and still has the totals from a cookie booth to add into that. She should be past 200 boxes. She’s super stoked to get a pocket knife as her prize 🙂

She also participated in the Girl Scouts World Thinking Day. A bunch of troops from the area get together and each troop chooses a different country to represent. They present a dance or game, dress up, and serve food from their respective countries. It was a pretty cool event and fun to get together with girls from other troops in our area.



The winter that wouldn’t end brought an icicle the size of Addie hanging from our roof…the kids performed in another super cute youth ensemble performance at church with the theme of “love”…the winter sickies finally hit our house giving us a week of randomly puking brothers and a stuffy Addie for about 5 days…Beckett lost his other front tooth…and we finally had some lazy days at home with nothing to do, yay!


After a terrible ski lesson amidst a blizzard, Addie rounded out her ski season with a gorgeous bluebird day. She loved it and improved so much in just 5 weeks. Her coach said she needs to work on keeping her weight forward on her skis and connecting her turns. He was so proud of her progress!


Addie’s piano teacher (the very talented Brittany!) had a master class last week where all the students get together and play games to build relationships and share their knowledge. Addie has never wanted to participate in these before. I don’t know why because all the kids are her friends. Anyway, she was willing to give it a try and had a great time. The next recital (May 17) is going to be songs from movies. I’m so excited for what Addie’s going to play!


This past Friday, the kids went to a circus party at church for youth ensemble. Coen was the strongest man in the world and Addie dressed up as a trapeze artist. Coen wanted nothing to do with his costume but entertained me for just one picture. Isn’t he the cutest though! They ate hot dogs, popcorn, and snow cones and played games. They were super bummed when it was over.


And now we have a giant barbell sitting on our mantle. So fun! I’ll try to update again soon to avoid long, rambling posts! This is really not my style 🙂 Baseball is starting back up for Coen, spring break is coming up in a couple weeks, then Holden’s 3rd birthday and Easter! This year is flying already!

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