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Last Tuesday, my car got a little smooshed. It was really no big deal, a guy kind of slow-rolled through a red light and I hit the side of his car going about 5 mph. Very minor, but wow, I never realized how much I love my car. I realized a few other things through this, too.

1) My insurance agent rocks the party…he answered my phone call immediately as I was standing in the middle of the intersection wondering what the heck I was supposed to do and walked me through everything, then got on the guy’s insurance site and filed the claim for me within a half hour.

2) Insurance companies are amazingly efficient. Not two hours later, the guy’s insurance company called me to set up a repair and a rental car. I dropped my car off Thursday, the rental car place met me at the repair shop with a car ready to go and I had my car back by Monday. Easy peasy and I have a whole new love for my car after driving a Mazda for 5 days.

3) Back up cameras and satellite radios are legit! The Mazda was brand new with all the sweet features of a car from this decade, unlike my 2006! So, while I felt like I was all squished and low-riding, it wasn’t completely awful.

4) Holden can sleep through anything. He was napping when it happened. Didn’t even stir until I got back to my office. Coen thought it was fascinating and had a million questions. He asks me to tell him the story at least once a day.

So, we’re back in action with our old beast of a car and couldn’t be happier.


Now, on to milestones. First, Addie made a beanie. Someone got her a knitting loom last year for Christmas (I think??). She started making a hat, got frustrated, and never picked it back up. For some reason, about a week she discovered it again and YouTube’d how to finish it up. Pretty awesome!


She wanted to make more beanies for her friends at school, so we planned to spend our day off last Friday buying more yarn. Our friend Brooklyn spent the night (her dad was busy moving them into a new apartment closer to our house, yay!!) so we bought her a loom and yarn and spent a rainy Friday making hats.


It looked like so much fun that I decided to buy myself a loom and make a hat, too. I found a super cute Mickey inspired hat online for Holden. Coen wanted a batman hat. I planned to learn to crochet so I could make batman ears, but he decided he liked it just as it was. I always wanted to be more like my super crafty grandmas, so there you go, 39 years later and I can make a beanie. I feel so accomplished!vmhoqpxuqli9hz3ti3t+fakxrgneitqmi0ziv+u0grpa

Oh, and Coen in this picture says “do I look smart now?”

Milestone #2, our household is now paci-free. Holden is 2 years 9 months old. He’s hung on to the bottle and paci far longer than Addie and Coen. He completely refused to drink milk from anything but his specific style of bottle for his entire 2.75 years. He has chewed through at least a dozen nipples. In Santa Rosa, he chewed through the only nipple we had there, so I took him to Target and let him pick out a new sippy cup for milk. It took him a few days but he finally caved and started drinking milk from his new orange cup. Well, he chewed through the spout of that in record time, so as of two days ago, is now drinking milk from whatever cup he selects from our cabinet. Major milestone!

I was worried the paci would be an even bigger struggle that I was not ready to face. Yesterday, at my office, a super cranky and tired Holden realized he had bitten a hole in his paci and completely lost his mind. When he settled enough for some sort of rational conversation, we decided “paci broken” and that we should throw it in the garbage. He had a brief ceremonial farewell to his good old frog friend and we went on with our day (and took a long car nap!). That night, he got in his crib with a perfectly good paci and told me “paci broken, throw garbage.” So, I took it and hid it in my nightstand drawer (just in case!). Tonight, not even a mention of it. Did he seriously just wean himself from the paci? Now if only potty training could be as easy.

And last but not least, milestone #3, Addie is taking ski lessons! Today was her first lesson. She had to check in early so I sent her up to Mt. Rose with a friend and Holden and I met them after I dropped all the other kids off. She’s doing 5 weeks through her school, so gets to spend Wednesday mornings skiing with friends. How fun, right? She loved it and says she wants to ski every day! The only problem, I don’t ski. Haven’t tried it since I was 12 and spent the entire day on my butt. Jimmy hasn’t skied since college. There’s a cool adaptive skiing program at Alpine Meadows. We may be adopting a new family hobby!

She’s super mad at me for taking her picture, can you tell? It’s literally the only picture of her I took!


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We spent 4 days in EDH ringing in the new year and I did not take one single picture. This is all I have and was sent to me by Larry 🙂 We spent time with cousins, played with the boy across the street, visited with family, then woke up New Year’s Day and headed to Santa Rosa to stay with Nana’s cousin Marte.


Beckett attended Boost, an intensive therapy conductive education clinic for 5 days while I searched out all of Santa Rosa and the surrounding cities for things to do to entertain three little monkeys for 4 hours each morning. Not that I’m complaining. We had a great time and Santa Rosa is a pretty awesome place ti kill 5 days. Our first morning, we headed to the Children’s Museum. And for what I lacked in photos in EDH, I more than made up for here. This place is seriously the coolest! I took Addie and a barely 1-year-old Coen here with Beckett did his first Boost in 2015. I lost Coen for most of the day. He was so busy running from one activity to the next and I was busy chasing Holden around. Addie was my amazing helper as usual balancing her own enjoyment with keeping tabs on the brothers.


Day 2, we went to the outlet mall in Petaluma to this play place filled with candy land-looking climbing structures, bounce houses, and slides. I want this entire place in my next house. It was amazing and again, the kids ran around basically unattended for nearly 3 hours. I didn’t even have to worry about Holden getting lost of trampled. It was perfect. I wish I had brought a book or something because facebooking for 3 hours was pretty unproductive!


Day 3, back to the outlet mall, this time to check out a gymnastics place. I think it was called Adventure Recreation Center or something, but basically it was a huge warehouse space with gymnastics equipment. Trampolines, bars, a ninja course, tightrope. There was a tots area, but Holden quickly lost interest and followed his sibs around the big floor for 3 hours. This day, I brought my computer and got  little work done.


Day 4 was a little more of a struggle. Beckett’s camp started at 9 every day but most places didn’t open until 10. I could usually kill that hour at Starbucks or Target (I somehow needed to go 3 times in the 5 days we were there??) but by day 4, I was out of reasons. We ended up strolling through Petsmart before popping in to a giant toy store with a small play area where we spent about 45 minutes before heading over to a party place holding an open play session that started at 11. It was pretty small but the kids played for a solid 2 hours before it was time to pick Beckett & Jimmy up. They had a giant inflatable slide, a bounce house, an inflatable obstacle course, and a climbing structure. All were a little too much for Holden, but he was happy in the under 3 area with a tiny slide and ball pit. I think the best part about all our excursions was that Addie found friends at every single place who she bounced around and played with the entire time we were there. She’s such an awesome kid!


Beckett (and Jimmy!) worked super hard at Boost. Beckett did lots of stretching, ladder walking, and playing games. He was beat every day! We would get back to Marte’s around 3, I binge read Michelle Obama’s book while the kids taught Marte to play Uno and destroyed her house with forts, and Beckett napped. It was pretty wonderful! Marte made us delicious food every night and we slept in comfy beds. Not a bad way to spend the first few days of the year!


On the last day of Boost, we picked Beckett and Jimmy up right at the same time CHP closed I-80 due to the storm. So, back to EDH for another night. Luckily, the snow reached Reno and the first day back to school was cancelled. We took our time getting back to Reno Monday and were able to get a little prepped for the week ahead before the boys started back to swim lessons. Coen’s a little fish but Holden refuses to get in the water anymore. We switched teachers and now have to go super late on Mondays, but at least he got in the pool. Wouldn’t leave the step yet, but still, progress. Addie and Beckett started back to school Tuesday while the other two came with me to work. Our usual routine is just far to much for Holden to handle as he’s been falling asleep in random places, then last night, went down for a nap at 5 pm and didn’t wake up until 6:30 in the morning! Plus, he ate a piece of pizza and 3 pb&j’s last week!!! That’s huge for the boy who lives off of cereal bars and pouches. Oh, just one more funny from my office. That last picture is Coen & Caleb snuggled together watching Caleb’s tablet in the tiniest corner of my office under a desk. So random but so adorable!


Tuesday night, Addie had her girl scout cookie kick off meeting. She set a goal to sell 25 boxes. As of today, she’s at almost 50! Yay! If you’d like to buy, here’s her link https://digitalcookie.girlscouts.org/scout/adelyn743568, or you can let me know that you’d like to order and I’ll have her contact you. She’s pretty fired up about it, but doesn’t have that competitive spirit to set huge goals and sell like crazy. I like that about her 🙂


Thursday, Jimmy turned 40. Yep, you read that right. 40! The birthday fairy decorated our house in the middle of the night. We had a random dinner of Mexican food and opened presents before devouring Nothing Bundt Cake. Yum! Friday night, we took Addie and Coen to PF Changs for a proper birthday celebration followed by a movie. We clearly don’t take these kids out enough. They were trying to light a fire with their chopsticks. We saw Mary Poppins Returns


Addie had a friend’s birthday party Saturday and we had a small church event this morning, but aside from that, finally a fairly quiet weekend to relax and play at home. We’ve been talking up the potty to Holden but so far, he’s not interested. He even got Mickey Mouse big boy underwear for Christmas but he’s still not into it. Finally Saturday, he agreed to try them on and even sat on the toilet. No luck and his underwear were a little wet, so over all, wildly unsuccessful, but we’re trying!  Looking forward to an exciting new year with big changes to come!


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