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Our Christmas fun started on Christmas Eve Eve. Our church had our second annual Sip ‘n Sing where we eat chili and carol around the neighborhood inviting people to join us for Christmas Eve services. Since we were hanging out at church anyway, Addie got snagged to acolyte for the 11 am service. She lit the candles on the altar and helped with the offering. After service, we filled bags of cookies and set off to sing to our neighbors. We had a pretty big group of kids this year, which made for even more fun! By the end, all were cold and exhausted!


On Christmas Eve, Addie sung in the Modern Worship choir before participating in the live nativity drama. We both got to wave flags and stand in as angels. Good times, but we didn’t get to enjoy the service, so we went back to church after steak and lobster to the 9pm service. Addie and Coen said goodbye to our elf friend Jolly, then snuggled up in their beds in anticipation of a tree full of presents.


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Since Addie taught herself to ride a bike over the summer, Santa knew just what to get this year. Addie and Coen got new bikes, Holden got a scooter. His favorite present though was his Mickey Mouse helmet! He wore it all morning! We had a delicious breakfast, then Addie and Jimmy practiced casting spells with Addie’s new Harry Potter wand. How cute are they casting spells in their Harry Potter pjs? Am I the only one who thinks this is funny? My parents and Alyssa came back for a yummy dinner. We played Uno, which Coen got in his stocking, before drifting off with happy hearts and fun bellies (Addie fell asleep in her new unicorn hooded blanket!).



We spent the rest of the week exhausting ourselves outside riding bikes. What a perfect Christmas with these adorable little people! Now, off to close out the year in EDH!


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Decembers in this house have turned into “All About Addie” month. This was her second year for Sierra Nevada Ballet’s Peanutcracker. She had her second Christmas piano recital. And, of course, her birthday mixed in to all the fun.

We’ll start with Peanutcracker rehearsal. We’ve spent all our Saturdays since September leading up to this month’s performances. We rushed home from Thanksgiving to make it to dress rehearsal on the last Saturday in November. Addie was super nervous, to the point of tears. Can you tell by her face…


The next day, we spent way too much time at church. The kids helped inventory and move all the food from our month-long food drive in order to get the church ready for Advent. They were all a huge help and I think they had a good time doing it!


Friday, Nov. 30, Addie had her first Peanutcracker performance. This year, she was a soldier and party girl again. She had even more anxiety this year than last. The costume change had he freaking out for every single performance. But, as usual, she had a blast on stage and did amazing every time. This year, there were 7 kids from her school performing, two of them, some of her best friends from last year, which made it so much fun! Plus, their moms are awesome, so I enjoyed myself much more backstage this year.


That evening, we had the opening of our new Artist Showcase at church. Addie submitted two pieces for the Christmas gallery. How cool that she gets to show artwork in a public space alongside other brilliant artists?!


Now, on to December. On the 1st, she had two more Peanutcracker performances. We went out for dessert with our friends after as a quick birthday treat for me. No better way to spend my day than watching this girl on stage!


The next day, we got to celebrate the 8th birthday of our friend for life, Priya. She had her party at a gymnastics studio. Addie and Coen had a great time running, climbing, swinging, and jumping into the giant foam pit. Wow, busy weekend! And just two days into the month 🙂



On to the second week in December. Hold on to your hats, it’s even crazier than the first! Addie threw up at school first thing Monday morning, so got sent home. She ended up feeling fine as soon as she left, but stayed home Tuesday just in case. She went to girl scouts Tuesday night because she reeeaaaalllyyyy wanted to make a snow globe!


That Friday, she had her Christmas piano recital. This year, she played The First Noel as a duet with Brittany. It was amazing! She did so well!


Bright and early Saturday morning, we headed to Urban Air with the kids’ youth performance group at church. They worked super hard most Saturdays from October on to get ready for their Christmas program. More on that in a minute, but for now, they got use up some energy climbing rock walls, bouncing on trampolines, tackling the obstacle course, flying through the air on the sky coaster and navigating the ropes course (slightly terrifying with my fear of heights, but Addie made me do it with her!!!). It’s such a fun place. Coen’s set on having his birthday here.


Then, that night, Addie’s birthday sleep over! How is it possible that this girl is 8 already? She had 7 friends spend the night. The plan was pizza, gingerbread houses, and slime. How did I not remember how much I hate putting together gingerbread houses? We never did get two of them standing. But the candy decorations were delicious and my dining room was covered in frosting. Good times! After they tore through Addie’s presents, the entire front of the house was a disaster! I sent the girls into the living room for a quick clean up where they proceeded to talk about boys. Then they came back to the table to make slime, which ended up with the dining room covered in glitter. What a night! Addie and her friend Avry were the first ones asleep around 10:30. The rest fell asleep around midnight. I was up every hour making sure there were still 7 sleeping heads as this was the first sleep over for most of them. All survived and we had celebratory birthday donuts for breakfast before they all left. And just like that, this beautiful girl was 8!!!! We rushed off to another youth ensemble rehearsal then birthday dinner at Gram and Gramps’ house to end the day.


Monday morning, she was back on stage for her last two Peanutcracker performances. Her school had a voluntary field trip this time, so it was fun to see some friends after the show. I love that she chooses to do this. What an amazing experience and opportunity to have at just 8 years old.


The following weekend, she celebrated her friend Kelsey’s birthday at a pottery studio, then it was time for their youth ensemble performance at church. They led the Modern Worship service Sunday with choreographed dances to four different songs. Addie even had a solo for one of them. Coen hung in there and was the cutest thing ever. Surprisingly, he remembered most of the moves. They had a sweet little nativity in the middle of the service where Addie got to be Mary. Precious, right?!


Last week of school…all kids had pajama day. Coen got two days in a row of popcorn, pizza, and pjs since most of his friends are every-other day kids. On the last day, his school had their Christmas performance where Coen got to be Joseph in their nativity. Overall, a great wrap up to the first half of the school year!


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