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Two posts in one weekend? Who am I? We have a big day tomorrow, so we need to get this last summer post out of the way! We spent our last days of summer in El Dorado Hills reading books, coloring, playing outside, and visiting with family.

We took a stroll down Main Street in Placerville visiting with Grandpa Larry. Addie and Coen had to get new mini dream catchers to chase away their nightmares. And bags full of gumballs. We visited Aunt Carol’s store where Addie got all glittered up and got to pretend to be a mermaid. It’s pretty much the coolest store ever. We ended our outing with ice cream, yum!


Addie enjoyed an afternoon of garden talks with Nana. She learned about “Naked Ladies” and photosynthesis. Don’t worry, Nana hasn’t gone cuckoo. That’s the nickname for a flower that I can’t seem to remember at 10 pm, but I’m sure tomorrow it will come to me. Though I clearly had no problem remembering “naked ladies”. Well played, Nana. Beckett and I swung on the swing during garden talks. He was pretty pleased to have some peaceful time outside while the other sibs were distracted.qqcyEfdERvufzEs+Z1f3HggpC5DQ0vS4OUJAc3LD1weA9hZv7LFiRs652B+PpUCPnAauSbgTAkTQy08A%I5KBxDgjxRh7UhwS0yns1A2fe3dJQGEqsDV5ATBS1wGQ43lUbkQcvHbncYmTXq++B%JyN3Z0g3bIPaOnTQMC11xaJMV7QgQDWYUQCilSu+LsNuNyhEEjQ

The kids had some quality cousin time with Haylee and Emily. Holden was fascinated by a baby. He’s always the baby, so really wasn’t sure what to make of her. The cousins ran around like crazy people outside (and inside), traced themselves in chalk again, wrestled, and tore up a bunch of tissue paper and threw it on each other’s heads over and over again. What a blast!


Today, we headed back home to get ready for the first day of school tomorrow! Addie and Beckett had an ice cream social at their new, huge, beautiful campus. I didn’t take a single picture but trust me when I say it’s seriously the most gorgeous place! And it’s only halfway done. I can only imagine how amazing it will be once phase 2 is complete. Addie and Beckett saw so many friends. I think both are so ready to get back to it! After seeing the school, I’m seriously so excited for them to start tomorrow. I think it’s going to be the best year yet for both of them!

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In a last-minute decision, Coen started a new school this year for pre-kindergarten. While we’ sure love our Brookfield Bears, we just couldn’t justify paying more for 3 days a week than most of our friends pay for full-time, extended days. So, we made a few calls and found a school where we’d had friends going last year that had an opening. And, we dove right in! I’m not sure if Coen’s loving it. Every day, I ask “how was your day” and he says, “I don’t want to tell you about it”. Four-year-old thing or does he hate it? Not sure, but there are at least 4 friends in his class with siblings at Addie and Beckett’s school, so at least here he has a chance to continue on to kindergarten with friends. y2c+BU7JR+a51OXkjX7rig

Addie’s rounding out summer with a bang! She did a yoga camp with a bunch of old Brookfield friends for a couple days, went boating in Lake Tahoe for her friend’s birthday, went to farm camp with school friends for a couple days (and got to play with chickens and baby pigs!!! I was a little jealous!). And, got to have a park play date with a bunch of second graders from her school, new and old friends! So fun!



While Addie and Beckett still aren’t back to school, fall activities are in full force! Addie’s dancing three evenings a week, this year doing hip hop, ballet, modern, and competition team. She’s having a blast! And, in make my boy-mom heart swoon news, Coen started little league! Truly, the day I’ve been waiting for since hearing “it’s a boy!” He’s the cutest little thing ever! We spent a day at the mall buying all the things (and tons of new earrings for Addie since we’ve hit a new milestone…dangly earrings!). Though the gear and earrings were pretty great, I think the mall toys were a bigger hit. Even without any coins to make them move.


And now, the cutest little baseball player ever! He had one practice before the first game. They do coach pitch for about 5 tries then switch to the T (is that even how you write that? I’m not quite up on my t-ball writing!). Anyway, first at bat and he got a hit. Not even joking! It was pretty awesome even if it only went as far as a bunt. And, of course, a picture of his first time on base. It is rookie little league after all, so of course they all scored. Not going to lie, it’s a little tough to watch. Coen randomly sits on the ground between every hitter. He runs toward first base for no reason any time the other team hits the ball. He has to be reminded to run to the next base (especially when he’s on second) when his team gets a hit. I’m kind of the worst baseball mom ever, yelling “Run, Coen, run!”. He’s going to hate me when he’s older. Oh well, it’s so much fun!


Holden’s not missing out on the fall activities. He finally is swimming without one of us in the pool. Yay! It’s so much easier to get two kids dried and dressed when you don’t have to worry about yourself!


And, I’ll leave you with just some random funny pictures. Addie and Holden spent a day at Grams practicing their pickle ball skills. Addie & Coen put a million bows in their hair, just because. I love when she dresses him up all girly and he just goes along with it! He’s going to love these photos when he’s older 🙂 And Addie discovered she can pull her eyes and look super creepy, so of course they all had to try it. Holden just pokes himself in the eyes. It’s pretty hilarious!


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