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What a jam-packed summer it’s been! Capped off by two bonus weeks from Addie and Beckett’s school since construction isn’t quite complete. That’s OK, we’ll take two extra weeks of summer any time! Backing all the way up to July. Beckett was in full-blown therapy mode, attending Thrive five days a week, so once again, with 4th of July being in the middle of the week, I stayed home with two sleeping boys while Jimmy took Addie and Coen to see fireworks. After a hot day of water fun in the backyard, they headed up to Windy Hill to see fireworks from all over the valley. The next day, back to therapy, as usual!


That weekend, we decided to have an impromptu baptism. Something that’s been weighing on my mind for 6 years now. Auntie was in town for 5 days and Shawna and Perry somehow found the time to make it to Reno on crazy short notice to serve as Godparents to three awesome brothers! We had such a nice ceremony, after church services so I didn’t have to stress over my children being loud or acting crazy. Holden wanted to wipe the water off his own head and his face while blowing out the candle was hilarious! Coen was a little apprehensive, but ended up cooperating amazingly well. Beckett was great, as Beckett usually is. We had a nice little swim party and sandwiches to end the afternoon. Prefect, low key, and they’re finally baptized with three awesome Godparents, so a success in my book!



Addie had the huge honor of dancing on the amazing Sand Harbor stage for the Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival. She’s been rehearsing all summer and her final performance is tonight in Carson City. This show is with a lot of older dancers, so has been a more mature production than what she’s done in the past. It’s been such a good experience and she’s been able to share it with one of her favorite friends, Addison. Her school had a special preview of the Reno show last week and her principal came backstage and played with the girls for a few minutes before they went on stage. We are so blessed by this amazing school and supportive “family” we’ve found! It’s been truly wonderful! All these kiddos below go to Addie’s school and are so sweet!


Next up, Beckett’s 6th birthday!! Miraculously, it did not fall on a Thrive day this year, so we got to have a relaxing day at home followed by pizza at the Pub and Dragon Lights. It was way past Beckett’s bedtime, but he loved every minute of Dragon Lights. It was pretty incredible! We spent an entire two hours there and no kids complained!


In what we had anticipated to be the culmination of our summer fun, off we headed to Lake Tahoe for our church campout. Just to set the tone of my camp life…Jimmy and I have been together for 17 years this November. We have camped once. 17 years ago. The whole precess of buying/borrowing gear, food shopping, packing, was overwhelming! The immediate dirt factor of my children was overwhelming. The bears sniffing our tent in the middle of the night…overwhelming! But, we were in great company and actually enjoyed ourselves. And dare I say, we fully plan on doing it again next year. In an RV. I need more than a flimsy tent separating my children and bears.


Aside from all that fun, we’ve just been hanging out, doing puzzles, building towers, playing in Gram & Gramps’ garden, going to plays with friends, reading books, watching way too much TV, and just playing (sometimes fighting) way too late into the night. Coen starts a new preschool Monday. Yikes! I’m not ready. More on that later as it’s a big, unexpected change in our lives. And with our bonus weeks of summer for Addie & Beckett, we plan to have a lot more fun before we’re all back into the groove.


Oh, one funny thing, I make birthday posters for each kid’s birthday, but after a couple years of making them for Addie and Beckett, and adding two more kids to the mix, I got really sick of designing these posters! So, I implemented the posters until 5 rule. Addie doesn’t like that the younger brothers still get posters and she doesn’t, so she made her own. For her 8th birthday. 5 months from now! She kills me 🙂


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