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Alright, we’re up to May 22 (and jumping ahead a little to the boys’ party, but now, back to May). We spent Memorial Day in EDH hanging out with cousins and exploring the train museum. tCvs9bmNROKg4f7nD3DGTwIMG_4558MC57oZ6BRY+YJAQKMVohNAZ8umZvhoRxSBZpQ80CiB2gHSz+s0otRa6lQSYedp8pkQoNgPuiAaRYKVhLlmwxFSmQENW2leLyQ2+3xeiutKi60gNBt5JDuIQi6a81F+EtpdhQZE7ICBfhR9CfzOZqiSGJfw

Then we quickly shifted into end-of-year mode. Addie’s class had bake sale and donated the proceeds to a local charity. Addie and a couple friends came up with the idea as a project to spread kindness in the community. She made the poster the second we were done with Coen’s birthday poster. She was so excited about this and loved selling the treats to her school. They raised more than $450!


That evening, hip hop recital. The studio she goes to now is huge so they split up the babies from the littles from the bigger kids. Addie’s in two different levels of classes, into hip hop, then a more advanced ballet and modern, so her dances were split up between two recitals. It was fun to see the smaller kids perform, but I’m so glad she was in the big show, too. Those older kids are amazing! More on that soon, but for now, hip hop. Addie’s group was so cute. They did a hip hop salsa-style dance. Super cute and fun!


Then, the following morning, her next piano recital! It was a baseball theme, and tons of fun! We threw together Addie’s outfit the night before. 4th of July shirt from a couple years ago, red Valentine’s skirt from when she was 5, and Holden’s leg warmers! Pretty perfect for a baseball theme, don’t you think! Her teacher wanted signs like a real baseball game. So, we made Addie a fat head. She was a little embarrassed!


Right after this was the boys’ party. Whew, busy couple of days!

Then, we jumped right into last days of school. Addie’s class had a party on the last Friday. Beckett was supposed to have one after school at the park, but he decided to throw up all over himself that morning, so he spent the day with Gram and Holden while I attended Addie’s party. She got the “curious cat” award for always asking so many insightful questions. Couldn’t be more true!


The following Tuesday, Addie and Beckett had their last days of kinder and first grade! Addie’s teacher let them paint the tables with shaving cream. Clever way to get the kids to disinfect them for next year!


And, the following day, Coen had his last day. This year, he got the award for “Future Principal”. We didn’t go to the awards ceremony because it’s at night and costs a fortune (well, pretty much anything does for a party of 6!), so I can’t tell you the reason behind that one, but sounds good to me. He had water day for his last day, which explains his random outfit!


If you’re wondering how water day went, he fell asleep in the hallway on his way to bed. I’d say that’s quite a way to kick off summer!


We spent our first Friday of summer at the pool. Coen and Addie are awesome swimmers now. Holden just started lessons, so we’re hoping next year he’ll be able to enjoy the pool more, too. Though he really doesn’t mind playing on the giant step.


And then, Addie’s big recital. I love this studio! It’s much less structured in terms of communication, which doesn’t sit well with my insane type-A personality, but Addie loves it and the creativity and choreography are amazing! They opened the show with a tribute to The Greatest Showman and ended with a gazillion tappers doing a 42nd Street routine. So, so good! Addie did a modern routine with a level up from where she should probably be, but it pushed her in new ways which was amazing to see. Next year, she’s doing their competition team, so lots more dancing in her future!


She’s also performing in a Midsummer Nights Dream put on by the same studio that does Peanutcracker. Her friend Addison from school is doing it with her, which makes it extra fun! And, she gets to dance at Sand Harbor as part of the Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival, so yeah, we’re pretty stoked for that!


Beckett just finished his first week of Thrive intensive therapy. He goes for 6 hours, 5 days a week. We’re splitting up shifts this year, our friend, and his school stand-in aide, Kimberly is taking two days, Jimmy’s taking one, and I’m finishing out the week. The first week is always the hardest (for B and me!). He was asleep within minutes of walking at the end of yesterday.


And, here we are. Today! I got to play baker for a friend’s bridal shower. If anyone needs a cake, let me know! I could use some practice making flowers! We killed 10 minutes at the park while Holden slept in the car before Addie and Beckett had horse lessons. Coen had a birthday party for his classmate, Abigail. Addie had ballet rehearsal. Then two brothers napped while Addie and Coen went to the pool. It’s non-stop summer around here! And we’re loving (almost) every second!IMG_4845IMG_4847YaZ6X+lITVWTQbOs4bgGfwDNSspEdvT+OvpO%pkuuFjQIMG_4842IMG_4843IMG_4844




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Our mini-Jimmy turned 4! When I asked him what he wanted on his birthday poster, he said, “trucks just like Holdie’s”, so in case you thought you were having a moment of deja vu, yep, same trucks! Such an easy-going middle child! I snapped my last pic of our 3-year-old and then woke up a 4-year-old to balloons in bed. Jimmy went a little nuts and filled the entire room!


Since we just went to the pizza place for Holden’s birthday, and every time we drive past the park on the way to my parent’s house, Coen asks to go to the park, we decided to switch things up for this birthday celebration and bring the pizza to the park. Good times! Before I could even get everything (including Beckett!) unloaded from the car, Addie, Coen, and Holden had climbed up all three stories of the play structure. How Addie managed to get Holden up the ladder, I will never know, but I had to climb up and go down the three story slide with him! Not my favorite thing. Coen was in heaven! He could have played all night. We had to call it quits when the rain clouds started rolling in, but we ended the day with a double rainbow! Perfect, right??


We (I) decided to combo the boys up for a party this year. Coen really wanted to do the Discovery Museum, so a couple weeks later, we headed over for a dino-themed birthday bash. I saw this super cute cake on pinterest and thought it looked like a fun challenge. I ordered a 5-pound tub of fondant, got some pointers from my amazingly talented cake-baking friend, and spent an entire Friday evening sculpting some little critters. It was oddly fun, and now I have a new-found obsession with cake decorating. I want to learn all the things! If only I could lay fondant better, I might actually enjoy the entire cake-making process! But, back to the party! It was such a great time! Coen and Holden loved every second. Beckett wasn’t thrilled being in his chair, but he hung out with his friends Brielle and Courtney and then found comfort on Gramps’ lap. All-in-all, a success, and I’m glad the party-planning is over until December!



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So much to catch up on for the last two months. Jog-a-thon, birthday parties, Coen’s 4th, last days of school, dance recital, mother’s day, father’s day, horse lessons, cousin fun, piano recital, pool nights, and more! I’ll just start from right after Holden’s birthday. Brace yourself for a million pictures…

Holden turning 2 meant the end of rear-facing car seats! Wahoo! This also meant some rearranging in my car since Beckett’s seat and Holden’s seat wouldn’t fit in the second row together anymore. Addie got a promotion up to the middle row and the little brothers get to ride in the back now. Car rides are much easier now having a reliable helper within reach again!


Turning 2 also meant Holden got his own wheels. Just kidding, of course like everything in the life of a 4th child, they’re hand-me-downs, but the pictures are cute!


I’m hoping this isn’t a glimpse of what college will be like for these two.

Next up, first-aid day for Addie’s girl scout troop. Her school formed a troop toward the end of the year and Addie is in love! They alternated days each week and she was always super bummed on the days she had dance class. She actually said she’d quit dance to not miss girl scouts next year! She’s since changed her tune on that one, but she’s pretty fired up about this scouting business. The brothers hang out at school during her meetings because I don’t want to drive back an hour later to pick her up, so Coen got to enjoy first-aid day, too! The fire truck was super awesome. The kids got to walk through it and spray the hose. Coen was in tears saying he wanted to be a firefighter. I couldn’t understand why he was so emotional, but I think he expected to be able to become one right that minute. Not like, “in the future I want to be…”, but like right. this. second. Added bonus, it was mismatch day, so we get to enjoy Addie’s insane outfit any time we take this trip down memory lane.



That same week, Coen had Earth Day planting at this school. This is one of my favorite days at Brookfield. Maybe it’s the metro-hippy in me, or the fact that I wrote a paper on the history of Earth Day in grad school, but I love that they plant every year and make it a thing. Plus, the little ones love playing in the dirt.


That weekend, Coen’s favorite friend Maya had her birthday party. Holden napped the whole time in Maya’s brother’s crib, Beckett watched Moana, and Addie and Coen bounced around acting crazy.




On to Jog-a-thon. First of all, thank you to everyone who donated. I didn’t get formal thank yous sent out because I’m awful, but believe me when I say it was so much appreciated. With your help, their tiny little school of 160 kids raised more than $25,000 (!!!!!!) for their PTO. Addie ran 5 laps (I think 3 during her time on the track and 2 extra laps after they finished – that’s 1.25 miles, in case you’re wondering!). I can’t even tell you how many Beckett did. His OT pushed him a lap or two, the school cleaning lady pushed him around, some students from his grade and then the older kids took turns pushing him, the Addie and her friends took him on a bonus lap. After field games and popsicles, I had three exhausted munchkins.


Addie got a 1/2 off mini-golf coupon from Jog-a-thon, so we dropped two brothers off at home, pick Coen up from school and headed over for what I think was the first mini-golf outing for these kids. They loved it, for the most part. We had a few arguments over who’s turn it was, and we were quite disappointed that we couldn’t use our shave ice coupon. FYI, it’s only open on the weekends.MaqOHvTaRPiU9toKYvNEUAJLfVvqcpSiGnX5qt0Zgqdg

So, the next day after our first horse lesson, we had to go back for our free treat.




Mother’s Day week was full of friends, crafting, muffins, church, and a low-key dinner. Our Oikos group hosted coffee hour at our church, so we made some beautiful flowers for a photo backdrop. These things are my favorite!! The kids took their friends Josie & Caleb to explore our creek. Coen’s school had a super cute muffins with Mom morning, where this darling middle child got some rare one-on-one time. Then church and dinner on Sunday. So fun celebrating my time with the most amazing tiny humans. And hats off to the extra special teachers for coming up with these lovely crafts every year!

E4KtJHM9Rc6Tp0PW2RxmfgIMG_4311IMG_4314%RpWxPTqS7yBLrBt9cpIjQMuffins With MomMuffins With MomHNmS2vsjQbSqMipEcKnYxw

The following weekend, we had an organized day of service for our church. We went to a park and cut down a ton of willow to clear out a canal and eventually plant shade trees. I say “we” very loosely! Addie had an audition for a community ballet performance so the kids and I only stayed for the first hour. And since Holden refused to cooperate (did I tell you we’ve officially entered the “terrific” 2s?), my contribution to the day was moving one arm full of branches. I’m certain Addie and Coen did more work than me. But Jimmy rocked it and worked right up until the job was done.


And, just in case you were thinking my kids are starting to look a little homeless, we had family hair cuts right after our sweaty day of service.


OK, one month down. My fingers need a typing break. Next up, Coen’s birthday! Brb. (hopefully not 2 months from now)


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