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Farewell, Jett


Tonight is a strange night in our house. Though we had four children huddled in the living room playing, somehow it felt empty. This afternoon, we said goodbye to our sweet Jett. In his 14 years, he brought us so much joy. He was playful, fiercely loyal (to Jimmy!), and such a good snuggler. For the past month or two, his hips have been slowly giving out, until recently he could barely find the strength to stand. It was time. We planned for the vet come to our house. The kids had a chance to say goodbye. It was quick and peaceful. And still, so very sad. I know he’s pain-free and I’m sure Marlie was waiting for him when he crossed that rainbow bridge. You’ll forever be in our hearts, until we meet again.


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Somehow, we managed to way over-schedule Addie this fall. Back in August, our church started rehearsing for the children’s Christmas play. Practice was once a week, one hour, easy-peasy. At the last minute, someone didn’t end up participating, which left Addie with a pretty big speaking part. She was an over-dramatic news reported, with HUGE hair! It was awesome!

At the same time, I decided to sign Addie up for piano lessons with a brilliantly talented friend of ours. Again, just once a week for less than an hour. Plus, she loved violin at school last year, and with the change of schools, she wasn’t getting that musical exposure, so it just made sense.

About a month later, her school sends out an email that they’ve been invited to audition for the Peanutcracker, a condensed version of the Nutcracker designed for children in our local community. So, of course, she wanted to audition, and she ended up getting cast as a party girl and a soldier. Wow, we suddenly became very busy!

All of these awesome things culminated in December with performance after performance. December 1 (the best day of the year, as you know!) was her first round of Peanutcracker performances, plus her first ever piano recital that evening. She and I spent the morning in Carson City, then rushed home to gather the boys for her recital that evening, where she played Over the River and Through the Woods. Both experiences were completely amazing!


So, that was the first weekend in December. Weekend #2, church play, 7th birthday, a party, then the last round of Peanutcracker. Friday, the day before her birthday, was holiday free dress day, plus cupcakes for her birthday. We started her actual birthday with a donut in bed, followed by a balloon fight and presents. Then, she had a three hour dress rehearsal for the church play. Followed promptly by one final peanutcracker rehearsal, then our church group, where we had cake, yum! Busy day, to say the least! Sunday morning, she performed twice, then rushed off to her party, and more cake. She wanted to have this big, elaborate, crafting party at our house. I did not want to clean (or prep for crafting), plus, our clubhouse was booked, so plan B, she wanted to go to this pottery place and paint. Perfect! Except, I kind of planned it at the same time as this huge budget meeting at church, which I didn’t realize until the week before the party. Oh well, my parents helped get things started and Addie had a great time! I’d say turning 7 was a success!


And, while we’re talking about this awesome girl, right after all this December fun, she decided she wanted to donate her long, beautiful curls to make wigs for children, so off we went to our amazing hair stylist for family haircuts (the boys were all pretty shaggy!). So, 8 inches later and she’s practically a whole new child!


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And finally, my favorite part of the entire year. Christmas day! We opened presents, ate yummy breakfast, relaxed, cooked, ate more, then fell fast asleep with full bellies and grateful hearts. Amazing.


We wrapped up the year with a brilliant friends brunch followed by a trip to EDH to spend time with more family! Cheers to 2018!


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Christmas! My favorite time of year! While the beginning of the month was insane this year, once we got in a Christmas grove, it was as magical as always.


We went caroling with church, my first caroling experience EVER! It was so much fun, even though two of our monkey were acting like monsters. Coen had a birthday party for a friend from school, so was off with Jimmy having fun of his own!


The kids all had fun last week of school. Coen had Disney dress-up day. Addie and Beckett had first-responders day where a fire truck, helicopter, snow plow, and sheriff truck all came to their school. Then both had holiday pajama parties in their classrooms. Addie had another project with a presentation in front of a panel of judges. This time, it was an invention based on a plant or animal. She made a plant root sucker upper. For those times when you’re super thirsty. It’s a bunch of straws that model the roots of a plant, that help you drink more water quickly.¬†IMG_2924IMG_2923IMG_2922IMG_2903IMG_2905fullsizeoutput_2e1afullsizeoutput_2e18fullsizeoutput_2e17fullsizeoutput_2e19


After all the school fun, it was AUNTIE TIME!! She came in Saturday and we did our annual Christmas light tour that evening. Sunday, we woke up and had the most amazing Christmas church service ever, followed by a cookies and cocoa party at church. And our dear elf Jolly brought the kids Polar Express tickets, so that evening, we set off to Carson to board the Polar Express! Coen was skeptical until he saw the North Pole, then perked right up. Beckett even seemed to enjoy it. And Holden was acting like he ate way too much sugar all day. Follow that with steak and lobster, and it was in the running for best. day. ever. Addie said a tearful goodbye to Jolly, then we were off to bed so Santa could come.

IMG_2960Christmas 2017 (69 of 80)Christmas 2017 (70 of 80)Christmas 2017 (80 of 80)IMG_2961IMG_2962IMG_2963IMG_2969IMG_2970IMG_2977IMG_2981IMG_2984IMG_2987

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Peanutcracker by day, hospital stay by night. Immediately after Addie’s last Peanutcracker performance, Coen had enough of sis getting all the attention and decided to create some drama of his own! Sunday night, he crashed hard after a long day of Addie’s birthday and playing with Haylee. He woke up in the middle of the night breathing funny and a slight fever. He had a random rash for a few days prior, but the dr. said it looked like eczema and wasn’t anything contagious. After Addie’s final show, I dropped her off at my mom’s and picked Coen up to head to the dr. to figure out this terrible day he’d been having. He was a mess, quick, short breaths, and just not well. The dr. gave him a breathing treatment which seemed to help, but then after a second treatment, he sounded much worse. Bring in the oxygen! She decided she wanted him to stay in the hospital overnight for observation. Oh, and by the way, he had to go by ambulance since he was on oxygen. Oh, and did I mention Beckett had botox scheduled at Shriners in Sacramento the following day, so we were planning to head out of town right at that time? I’m a planner by nature, so strategizing what to do with 2 kids and a dog, while trying to dictate to Jimmy what to pack for me to stay at the hospital in Reno with Coen while trying to get him to Sac with Beckett, all while sitting, stuck in the dr.’s office, while waiting for the ambulance to arrive was all a bit too dramatic for my liking. There was no way I could be at the hospital without a car while Jimmy’s in another state, so instead of riding in the ambulance with Coen, I drove behind an looked at his calm little face through the window. Insanity, right?! Everyone was situated, Coen and I hung out at Renown, and by 8pm, he sounded and felt 100 times better. He was negative for flu and RSV, so still no idea what was going on, just some virus of some sort that caused his bronchial passageways to swell. I was sending Jimmy pictures of Coen in his hospital bed while Jimmy was sending me pics of Beckett prepping for botox. That was fun. Let’s not do that again, OK?!


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So, it’s been a solid two months since I’ve posted anything here. This is going take a while. Backing allllll the way up to the beginning of November, I know we already talked about Miss Haylee Rose’s birthday party, but as a gift, we bought her a ticket to Disney on Ice. We gathered two of our little mouseketeers and headed to downtown Sacramento for a magical evening of entertainment. Coen was a little scared of the fire-breathing dragon (personally, I thought it was the best part!), but overall, the kids were amazed.


Please excuse my lack of transitions, or coherent thoughts, but there’s just so much to post! Did I tell you about Addie’s crazy anxiety this school year? She’s nervous about everything to the point of tears. Her school has these projects they have to do a couple of times a year. Her first project was to invent something that solves a problem. After a couple not-so-doable ideas, we decided she should make a blanket to help her calm down when she felt anxious. Thus, the good-smelling blanket was born! I took my sewing machine out of the box for the first time to make our Halloween costumes (I’ve had it since before Addie was born, I think!). Since I was learning to sew, why couldn’t Addie, too? I had a box of sewing and quilting supplies from my Grom, which had these pre-sewn quilt squares (come to find out, they were extras from a quilt Grom made for Alyssa years ago…so awesome, right?!). We pinned together and Addie sewed all the sections together! Then she concocted a potion of essential oils and water to spray on her quilt.

And, while we’re on the topic, Beckett had his first project, too. Make something useful out of candy. We brainstormed with Addie who decided on a coaster made of twizzlers and pez. While he didn’t exactly make it on his own, he did taste the candy. I’m not sure he was a fan! Each student in his class presented their project and after answering questions, they’d each bring their project to Beckett’s tray so he could get a closer look. One student was on her way to show Beckett, then realized she forgot to answer questions, so turned back to the center of the room, and Beckett let out a yell as if to say, “no, come show me!”.


Their school also had their first community performance. Each grade prepared some songs to drum along with and sing with their music teacher, Mr. C. They were so darling and Addie even got to present her class with her friend Jaxon.


We had a super fun afternoon at the theater watching my all-time favorite, Beauty and the Beast, with friends. Meeting the characters after the show is always the most fun for the girls! Then Addie spent a day playing with some old Brookfield friends at Mila’s birthday party. She had a little anxiety, not knowing who would be there, but she ended up having the greatest time!


Addie had a crazy hair day, in which we had to research style options for days before settling on a flower. Then, we spent way too long perfecting it as the first attempt wasn’t up-to-par for this girl’s standards! I must say, it actually turned out great and stayed in place all day. And, she was happy, so that’s all that really counts, right? Beckett just had is naturally crazy ‘do. Boys aren’t nearly as fun for crazy hair day.


And, that brings us to Thanksgiving. A last minute change of plans gave us two days of over-eating, one spent with my family in Reno and one with the Gibson gang in EHD. Auntie came to town and we had a delicious dinner Sunday at our house. My super chefs helped prep! Then we spent a couple days in EDH. I promise, no one was killed on the basketball court. Just chalk art taken to a new level! Cousin Bina came prepared with an awesome turkey hat craft for the kids, which we still wear around the house on occasion. And, poor RJ. His days of post-holiday meal floor napping are over. Do not lay on the ground unless you’re prepared to pretend to be a horse. These cousins always have such fun being wild together. IMG_2649IMG_2660IMG_2666IMG_2675IMG_2676IMG_2678

One month down! I know I said I planned to cover it all in one, but there’s so much in December! Stay tuned…

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