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Jett’s 14!

Last one, then we’re all caught up! Our very old dog turned 14 on the 21st! Truly, I’m amazed he’s lasted this long. 14 is super old for a pug. Though he’s slightly neglected in a house with 4 kids, we love our loyal buddy! Happy birthday, old man!


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Our First Fillings

I’m not sure if it’s her brushing habits, a diet that revolves around carbs and sweets, or just bad teeth, but somehow Addie has 6 cavities. Yesterday, she finally got one side of her mouth fixed. She was super nervous, but in true Addie fashion, she did amazing. A 3.5 hour appointment ended up taking just over 1 hour. She drank “happy juice”, played for a while, and went back with the dentist and got rid of those sugar bugs. No problems! She didn’t like how her mouth felt after and it took about 5 hours for the droopy smile to wear off. I’m so proud of this brave girl!!


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Preschool Days for Coen

OK, this milestone needs an appropriate post. The last week of August, this big boy started Preschool! He’s officially a Brown Bear! He goes three days a week because mom guilt thinks this middle child needs some <almost> one-on-one time in his life. On his days off, he usually ends up coming to my office with Holden and me. I think actually, school would be much more fun, but for now, it is what it is. He absolutely loves school! His favorite friends after the first month are Tory (Addie’s friend G’s sister), Jazlyn, Abigail, Ben, and Andrew. Aside from Tory, I don’t know who any of these kids are at this point in life 🙂 My how things have changed from Addie until now!

The best part of every day is “sliding down the slide”. The worst part is a baby punching him in the tummy. I have no clue on that one, but every day, it’s the same answer. I highly doubt he’s getting punched in the tummy every day, but something, at some point, stuck with him.

Anyway, all is wonderful, he’s finally going potty at school (after two days of holding it allll day long). He’s napping with the rest of the class. He’s learning to write numbers…so far, just a one, which is really just a straight line, but progress, right?! He’s crazy happy and loving every minute!


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A whole month since my last post…I guess this crazy life has gotten away from me for a while. This will be more of a photo dump, but here’s the condensed version from the last month.

Fun day at the zoo with Miss Haylee Rose and her awesome mama

Solar eclipse

Sound of Music with Addie’s friend Giuliana

Pool days

Fun times with Holden while all the others are at school

Monster Hair, Don’t Care…note on this one, we missed one of our fave’s birthdays this summer and his mom made these amazing hats as party favors. We just got ours recently and Coen’s obsessed!






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