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Beckett’s 5!

Monday, our Beckett boy had his 5th birthday! Seems like a lifetime ago when we were anxiously awaiting his arrival. THRIVE consumed our lives this month, so the celebration was pretty low-key but he still managed to have cake 4 times and get 3 happy birthday songs. My parents joined us for pizza Sunday night, then we had cupcakes at THRIVE Monday and more cupcakes with the sibs Monday night. We had to wait until Tuesday for presents because poor guy was too exhausted Monday night! 

The last picture of our 4 year old…

And just like that, he’s 5!
Man, this boy, he’s changed our lives and hearts in so many ways. He’s the sweetest, bravest, hardest working kid ever. We’re sure blessed that he’s ours! 

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With 30 hours of THRIVE and 30 hours of work each week, no chance of catching up on this old blog. So, here’s the recap of the few things we managed to fit in this past month…

4th of July fun at the Aces game with Dad. I stayed home with two sleeping boys since it was so late and Beckett needed his sleep.

Crazy minions

Lots of swimming…mostly at night after two brothers are in bed

A birthday party at the museum

Sibling yoga

A quick trip to EDH for jimmy’s 20th reunion

A girls mani/play date 

Ice cream sammies as big as Coen’s head

And this looney toon climbing on everything but still not walking

Earlier this week, he started to say “hi” but still would rather just scream.

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For the past 5 weeks, Beckett has been working for 6 hours a day, 5 days a week doing conductive education therapy. 

This is the same type of therapy he did two years ago in Santa Rosa but this year, we worked with UCP to bring a program to Reno. It was so nice being able to stay home and still give him the therapy he’s so been missing! Since we stopped seeing his OT beck in February, I feel like he’s regressed. This program was exactly what he needed to kick him back into gear and perfect timing for school to start in a few weeks. 

A typical day consisted of morning circle and singing, floor stretching, potty training, speech activities, table stretching, snack where Beckett held his spoon and practiced feeding himself,  individual activities where Beckett worked on rolling and head control, sitting and standing activities, walking, potty, lunch, fine motor crafts, then more walking to end the day. 

There were 6 students in THRIVE this year. All super sweet boys with great parents which made the days go by much faster. Jimmy was able to cover a couple mornings each week so I could juggle work hours, which is also great so jimmy can help carry some of the therapy program into Beckett’s daily routine. 

His principal, kinder teacher, special education teacher, school OT (who is his old private OT!), new private OT, and new private speech therapist all came to observe the program. I’m feeling good about the team we have in place and think Beckett’s going to see a lot of progress this year. 

Fingers crossed UCP can get funding to continue THRIVE in the future!

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