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Can you believe this darling is almost 1?! In the past month, he’s become a speedy crawler, pulling up on everything, eating ridiculous amounts of food, has another new tooth, waking up just once a night but goes back to sleep pretty easily with a paci and music, and is making tons of new sounds, occasionally a mama or dada, though I’m still not convinced he really says them intentionally. He eats non-stop and likes almost everything. The only real protests are with salmon and peas. He’s learned that he can feed Jett the peas though, so that’s pretty fun! Just a few weeks until we have a 1-year-old!

48 weeks

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I just dumped 32 pictures onto my iPad that I haven’t had time to post about. So, here we go, catching up on all the things…

Beckett’s OT, Judy, who he’s been seeing three times a week for over three years, closed her practice at the end of February. Addie and Coen tagged along for one last day of fun. Judy’s office was seriously an amazing place for kids! Beckett spent his last days running into towers and playing the piano. Judy is doing some random Sunday appointments so OT students can observe, so she’s not completely out of our lives yet, but we sure do miss seeing her three dayś a week.

We took a quick trip to EDH for a visit to Shriners and a work event. Did I tell you I’m working? Very part time from home for a local food magazine. The kids had fun playing outside but Sunday, we got stuck driving home in a massive snow storm. It was terrifying! I’m sure it took at least ten years off my life. Thank God we made it home.

Beckett’s awesome school had a night at the museum. Coen had swim, so half our crew was a little late. He’s finally doing so well swimming! He loves it, rolls to his back, floats, and is learning to use him arms to move in the water. Ok, back to the museum. Beckett didn’t love it but the other three had a blast. We renewed our membership so expect more museum days in the near future.

We’ve had some amazing weather lately so lots of bike days and Daddy/Coen time at the park. 

Coen even got to have his very own play date with his friend Maya. Coen never gets alone time without sibs. This has been a big few weeks for him! They packed a ton into two short hours…admired the fish, played outside, painted snowmen, had a picnic. Maya’s mom is a teacher 🙂

Today, Addie got her first reading award, Emerging Reader. She loves reading and has picked it up so quickly since starting kindergarten. 

Oh, and did I tell you I went to Napa a few weeks ago with some amazing friends? Fun trip, stressful leaving the kids though. Hopefully next year will be better!

And finally, one more weekly of Holden. #47. He’ll be 11 months next week so I’ll talk more about him then!

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Holden 46 Weeks

This week’s silly face is brought to you by Girl Scout Lemonades. Just expanding our palette to include sweets. Gotta keep up with the siblings 😉

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10 Months

Just a week late…Holden is 10 months old! He’s pulling up to stand with ease now, testing his balance by holding on with just one hand. I went to Napa with friends over the weekend and now he’d much prefer a bottle to nursing, following right in Coen’s footsteps. We have a small stash of frozen milk and I’ll continue to pump as long as I can but my days of growing and feeding tiny humans is soon coming to an end. I’ve been pregnant or nursing for 7 years straight (with the exception of 3 months between stopping nursing with Coen and getting pregnant with Holden). It’s the end of an era! Let’s see, what else is new with this growing boy? I’m sure he said “mama” today. If he says it again, I’ll take it as his official first word. He’s eating more food, avocado, cheese, chicken, blueberries, scrambled eggs, pancakes, a tiny bit of peanut butter Girl Scout cookie. He’s pretty much just the best! 

45 week pic

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