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Last Valentine’s Day, we went big! Heart-shaped everything. This year, it was on a Tuesday. A Jimmy-traveling-to-vegas Tuesday. We did a whole lot of nothing special. But, I did get to spend my day snuggling little cuties and reading piles of Valentine cards from Addie and Beckett’s classes. And Holden got to wear Beckett’s first Valentine’s Day shirt ❤️ So cute!

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Beckett has a follow up at Shriners on Monday so we loaded up the crew and headed to EDH. We planned to go Friday but you know, road closures and detours and all, so we settled for Saturday and had a surprisingly nice drive.

Shriners was good, just checking the Botox and hips, so no new news but he’s had a great week of therapy. Just look at that sitting! And that head!

The weather was beautiful in Cali. The kids had fun jumping in puddles and playing outside.

Coen and Addie were obsessed with the lava lamp and were good little helpers in the kitchen with Nana. And, just because he’s cute (and for future embarrassment), Coen has been doing so well on the potty. But we are prompting him to go, he’s not telling us, so we’re not quite to Thomas the Train underwear yet. But he can spend an hour on the potty and loves the alphabet apps. Somehow he’s gotten a lot smarter since potty training!

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Holden 43

This boy! He’s too much! He’s a speedy little crawler now and trying his hardest to pull up to stand. He got a new tooth over the weekend on the bottom right. He’s eating baby crackers and blueberries. He’s charming everyone he meets. And still (mostly) sleeping in his crib. Look at that messy little face! Who could resist?

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What a week for this littlest love. Monday, he finally put it together and started crawling. It was the tiniest little caterpillar crawl and by today, he’s all over the place! He had another PT session where he finally rolled from back to tummy, but now that he can push up to sit, he has no need to learn to roll from tummy to back. He’s so close! And yes, he’s slept in his crib in his own room all week!!! Huge wins for this boy! We’re so proud!

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Holden 41 

People, you are not going to believe this. Holden has slept in his crib for 5 nights now!!! Yesterday, he even took a nap in it. For the first time ever! This is amazing! Oh, and last night, he didn’t even wake up to eat, just slept right through from 7:30 until nearly 8 this morning. I don’t know what changed or how he’s suddenly ok not snuggling in my side all night long, but I’ll take it. If only the two-year-old would get back to sleeping in his bed again, maybe I could catch up on 9 months of sleep!

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