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8 Months of Holden

Taking this picture today, our sweet little baby suddenly seems huge! He’s growing so quickly and developing such a charming personality. He’s mastered the backwards scoot, then cries to be picked up because, as you know, rolling isn’t his thing. He loves his siblings, splashing in the tub, clapping his hands, snuggling, and chewing on anything he can find. And if nothing is nearby, his feet will do just fine. He has a serious case of FOMO and must be involved in everything happening around him. He’s still easing into food, much prefers puffs and yogi bites to most purées. No sleeping in his crib, but he enjoys sitting in it and playing. At least it’s finally getting some use! 

I promise Coen isn’t in pain. That’s just his “cheeeese” face!

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Not for me, though I wish it was. I could sure use some to erase these worry lines that are making a permanent home between my brows. But no, this time we headed to Shriners for Botox for this smiley little trooper.

We spent the night in EDH and woke up before the sun to check in for surgery. With the little ones, they put them under so there’s no pain. We were the first procedure scheduled so I was sure we’d be in and out in no time. I fed Holden and left him with Nana, not realizing we wouldn’t return until 6 hours later! Poor Holden. Poor Nana! Beckett got injections in his hamstrings, biceps and wrists with the hopes that paralyzingly the spastic muscles will give the rest of his muscles the chance to strengthen and learn new functions. It will take 2-4 weeks to see the full effect. Perfect timing for back to school and regular therapies. It will most likely wear off in 3 months. I’m so excited for this new adventure for Beckett. Praying for increased function very soon!

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Dress-Up Days

What a fun week at Addie’s school. Dress-up days, a little violin performance, and this morning, their assembly was a Christmas carol sing-along. It’s been a crazy busy week at our house, traveling to Shriners again, plus an extra long dance rehearsal for tomorrow’s recital. I’ll be so relieved when Sunday is here and we have no agenda for two weeks! Anyhoo, back to Addie’s cute outfits…

Festive holiday colors day…

Holiday hat day (my mom sent me two pics, Coen was darling in the other but Addie wasn’t smiling. Never will I ever get a good picture with 4!)…

Wear white and hope for snow…

Grinch Whoville day (channeling Cindy Lou)…

Fuzzy hats and scarf day…

Spirit weeks are the best!

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Holden Week 34

Another week, another tooth! Holden’s other front tooth popped through Sunday. None of the others had a single tooth at this age. He’s clearly ahead of the game. Too bad it only applies to teeth. He’s still not rolling. Beckett’s PT gave us some fancy shorts to keep his frog legs together, so we have some work to do over winter break. Aside from that (and not sleeping in his crib!) he’s perfect! 

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Check out this amazingness! These kids have such great schools. Addie’s class had their first violin showcase this week. Her grade sang a song as they just started playing real violins a few days ago. And Beckett’s little friends made him a pretend cake and sang him happy birthday. Because, why not?? Doesn’t he look so happy and engaged? Today he came home with hands full of paint. They do the best things! And, Addie’s class performed Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer at their assembly today. So cute! Can they just stay this little forever?

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Addie’s 6!

How is this beauty having another birthday already? And seriously, six? Unbelievable! We’ve procrastinated a bit on party plans this year. We’re possibly doing a joint party with a school friend in a few weeks, so we tried our best to make today extra magical! We started with balloons and a donut. Then tons of birthday fun at school, getting a special birthday song at assembly and a sweet crown for the day. She insisted on helping decorate her unicorn cake after school, then Addie/Mommy/Daddy date at the movies. We saw Trolls. So good! The day ended with presents and cake at Gram and Gramps house. She said “best birthday ever”. Goodness, I love this girl!

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Holden Weeks 32/33

It’s that time of year where I go weeks without updating the blog. We’ve been crazy busy and this little one is getting huge. His feet are hanging so far out of his car seat already. And no chance of upgrading to the toddler seat because the logistics of getting him and Beckett anywhere decreases significantly. Let’s see, new in the past couple weeks. A front tooth. The other is so close but not quite through yet. Otherwise, pretty much the same. I’m just obsessed with his cute little face!

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