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Week 31/Thanksgiving

This little turkey was 31 week on Thanksgiving! I may have shed a tear thinking this will be the last time this onesie is worn in our house. 

I was super excited that we didn’t have any sick kids this year, then as I was cooking dessert Wednesday night, the dreaded kidney stone pain came creeping in. I tried to drown my insides with water but it lasted all through Thanksgiving day. On my favorite food day of the year, I had no appetite. It passed by Friday and I’ve been eating desserts ever since, so the weekend wasn’t a complete bust. 

We stayed inside most of the weekend. Addie and I played a million rounds of Sofia memory game. She won almost every time! Coen and Addie even had a little snow time in our yard before Coen decided his fingers and face were freezing. They retreated to under Addie’s bed and played with Calico Critters for the rest of the day. 

Though we were completely unproductive, it was the best weekend we’ve had in a long time. Lots of movies, lots of snuggles, lots of closet cleaning. Even a little progress with Holden’s sleep issues. He slept in his crib for a little bit each night (maybe a half hour) but I have faith we’ll soon build up to actual sleep. Last night, he was soundly sleeping in his crib at 9:26. I asked Jimmy how long he thought it would last. He replied, “14 minutes.” Holden woke up 16 minutes later! 

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This turned out to be a big weekend for Addie. Saturday, as she was eating a piece of bacon, her second tooth fell out. Then Sunday, we had a fun day at the theater watching the Little Mermaid with her friend Giuliana. It was an amazing show! I can’t wait to see their production of Beauty and the Beast next fall!

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Holden’s 7 Months!

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Holden Week 30

30 weeks! Still working on rolling. I sound like a broken record. He’s so close but still no desire to put himself on his tummy. He had some quality tummy time sessions with Beckett and Coen. Such sweet brothers! New this week, riding in the shopping cart. Errands just got way more fun! 

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Holden Week 29

What a week. Between daylight savings, thinking it’s well past bedtime when it’s really just 6:00, and election anxiety, this was one of the longest weeks ever! Finally today, I feel like we’re back to reality. I could probably write a book on my disappointment and fears for the future, but instead, I’ll just periodically weep to myself as I think of what could have been. Sigh. Instead of word vomiting my feelings here, let’s just talk about this cute little monkey. We’ve been working hard on rolling. He’s pretty consistent now getting up on his arms and pushing off his tummy. He has no desire to roll himself on to his tummy but he’s going to his sides more frequently, so he’s almost there! He’s sitting with much more success now and loving food when we have time to practice with him. He’s also teething hard. He’s been super snotty and cranky off and on all week. Our pediatrician says his top teeth are going to pop through any day now. Fun times! 

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I feel like every year I’m at least a week late in posting Halloween pictures. This year was a crazy busy one. But first, Holden’s 28-week picture.

Ok, now Halloween overload. Addie’s fall festival was the Thursday before. Coen had swim lessons so our night was divide and conquer. Addie, Holden and I did fall fest while the rest did swim. Addie rode a bull, got her face painted, ran in a giant bubble, jumped on a bunch of inflatables. 

Friday, we loaded up the car and headed over the very rainy hill to EDH. We found a tiny bit of time to fit in Apple Hill. It was a pretty soggy mess but so worth it just for the apple donuts.

We spent some fun time with Miss Haylee decorating pumpkins and celebrating her 3rd birthday. 

And finally, Halloween. Beckett had an appointment at Shriners. We had a quick lunch then headed back to Reno to go to a Halloween party at Addie’s friend William’s house. Coen was in desperate need of a long nap but despite the meltdowns, we still had a great time!

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