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Holden 5 Months!

This picture was taken at 4am Sunday before we hopped on a plane to Minnesota. In five months, Holden’s been to five states (soon to be 7 states on Saturday), been on six planes (10 by the time we get home) and visited about a million doctors with Beckett! He’s one loyal brother 🙂 Today, his second tooth popped through. He “talks” all the time, flirts like crazy with anyone paying attention, smiles nonstop and is just a sweet, happy baby. Still co-sleeping but I’ve vowed to break the habit when we get home next week. We sure love our Holden Lukey!

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Holden – 21 Weeks

21 weeks, still no sleep, but we found our toes and are contemplating becoming a thumb sucker.

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Balloons!! My favorite time of year! We all managed to get up and out of the house in time to make it to dawn patrol. Beckett wasn’t into it until the sun came up. Holden slept most of the day. Coen loved it then got tired so spent the rest of the morning grumpy in the stroller. Addie had the time of her life meeting the balloon pilots and collecting cards. Good times! And now, right on schedule, beautiful fall weather. I love this city!

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Wedding Weekend

Last weekend, we took our little family of 6 to Santa Rosa to see Jimmy’s aunt Linda get married. I adore Linda! She’s beautiful, smart, funny, and a super savvy business woman. She’s always been a huge supporter of Jimmy in his career and just life in general. The wedding was at her best friend’s vineyard in Healdsburg. Gorgeous setting for such a wonderful event. We took three of the four little minions, Beckett hung out at cousin Marte’s house. The kids were so well-behaved except for one little naughty boy attempting too run down the aisle mid-ceremony. A giant pool was in the middle of the reception with intriguing floating candles that Coen was just set on touching so anytime he left my sight, I was sure he’d be floating in the pool. But no, we survived the whole night without a swim. The kids danced the night away while Holden slept in my arms. It was perfect! Somehow I didn’t get a single picture of the beautiful bride and her handsome groom, but made up for that with a million kid pictures, as usual! 

We spent some good time with Marte and fit in a quick stop by Nana and Poppy’s before heading home to prepare for our crazy week. Another great Labor Day weekend!

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These kids are growing too quickly! Addie’s off to kinder, then wants to read her own bedtime stories, and to top it all off, she has her first wiggly tooth. Not to be upstaged, Holden decided to cut his first tooth on Tuesday. Can we just slow down? I’m getting a little sad with Holden being our last firsts. No more sweet, gummy smiles in this house. He’s our earliest teether. I wasn’t at all prepared for this. Now he’s making new sounds and squeals, just in time for a long flight to Mayo clinic in a week. Never a dull moment with these four babes!

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Today was a big day in our little world. Addie started kindergarten!

I’m glad we kept her at the same school. This was an easy transition all around. No tears were shed by Addie or Mom! She had a little anxiety last night after our bedtime stories then again right when we pulled up to school in the morning, but as soon as she saw her friends, there was no turning back. I couldn’t even get her attention long enough to get a picture with her friends. Too much first day of school excitement.

Her recap included playing outside, the school bell ringing, a math activity, playing outside again, having a snack, the school bell ringing, eating lunch, playing outside, another math activity and the school bell ringing. I never realized how exciting having a bell is 🙂 She has two homework sheets and reading each night, which I can’t say I love, but it wasn’t too bad. Addie read 20 pages of Cat in the Hat with hardly any help! So proud of this girl and excited to see where this new journey takes her!

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Holden – 19 Weeks

This kid…my goodness. After all our sleep troubles, I finally got him back in his crib, in a bouncy chair, for two nights, then he spiked a fever again. Seriously, what is going on here?? I swear he did it just to get out of his four-month shots on Wednesday. He’s 26.25 inches (exactly Coen at 4 months) and 13 pounds, 3 ounces. Slightly less than Coen was. Still a huge head measuring in the 90th percentile. Shots rescheduled for next week. He rolled for the first time when our doctor put him on his tummy. Then rolled back to tummy once for Jimmy. I’m not sure we really count it as his first roll until he gets the complete rotation, but he’s sure getting closer. The hernia is still going strong, as you can see below. Some days it deflates completely but others, still sticking out there, gross as can be. I really don’t like feeling his tummy gurgle through it. Oh well.

We had a fun weekend in Santa Rosa and EDH, but that deserves a separate post and I’m too tired. Signing off for now but big things coming as our girl starts kindergarten tomorrow!!

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