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I can’t decide if life has been extra crazy lately or if this is just the new normal for us. We’ve been non-stop busy. I still haven’t found time to write the boys’ birthday thank yous. One day soon, I promise! Since I’ve seriously neglected this blog this month, I’ll just lump everything into one rambling post. Here we go…

Addie and I spent a fun girls’ night out with her friend and her lovely mama at The Wizard of Oz at Bartley Ranch. This theater company always does such a good job! It’s rare that we get out without any brothers, so this was a nice treat for us both.

Addie, Coen and Jimmy spent the rest of the weekend at the pool (after Jimmy helped my parents move into their new house), and Holden spent the weekend recovering from the endless snot and congestion he’d been battling for the past week. Just when we thought we were in the clear, he came down with a fever. The day before I was set to take him to a CP conference in Dallas. My kids always have impeccable timing when it comes to illnesses. His fever subsided by mid-Wednesday and we were on a plane Thursday afternoon! He was pretty great on the plane, even with a two-hour delay and ultimately switching flights and we arrived in Dallas after 10 pm. Of course, he slept with me for 4 nights and now refuses to sleep in his crib. The conference was pretty amazing. Very eye-opening. If Texas weren’t so dang humid and their freeways weren’t so terrible to navigate, I’d be contemplating a move. Thank goodness my friend, Christine, is a good navigator. That traffic would have left me in tears! Aside from the conference, we ate some delicious food and Holden hung out on the grassy knoll. This kid is so cultured!

We came home Sunday and this cutie patootie turned 4 months!

After a sleepless night with Holden sideways in our bed, we were back to another long week of preschool, therapies, dance class and swim lessons. Addie is having a tough time with dance this year. She really wanted to do a leaps and turns class and intro tap. Leaps and turns is ages 5-9 making her the youngest, and most inexperienced, in the class. A position she’s not familiar with. It’s a lot of conditioning and stretching which will be great in the long run but all new for her. My plan was to drop her off, pick up Coen, then come back to get her, which means she has to switch classes on her own. She freaked out Tuesday! Complete meltdown. Coen was running around the studio unattended, the other two brothers were having fits of their own, and I’m trying to coax a near-hyperventilating Addie back in to tap class. Thank God for Gram! We were a hot mess. She made it through and came out with a smile, but needless to says, we need a new approach next week.

On to Wednesday. More therapy. Coen finally got a real haircut. He looks like such a big boy now.

Finally the end of the week was in sight! But, Thursday morning, Jimmy wakes up to a nearly-dead cat. Lola had been sick for a while, we determined she had diabetes, she gained weight back, then lost a bunch again. For the past week or so, she was losing energy and stopped eating. Ugh. She was a sweet little cat. In her younger years, she would play fetch and suck the end of her tail. She would always meow back to you if you said her name, as if she was engaging in conversation. So now we’re down to two. And Addie and I are seriously outnumbered with six males in the house.

Thursday also marked 18 weeks for Holden.

We ended the day with swim for Coen and a horse make-up lesson for Addie and Beckett.

Aaaaaand finally, FRIDAY! Addie got to meet her kindergarten teacher today. This should be a much better transition than last year. She knows practically her entire class. All of her favorite friends are in with her this year. The uniforms have been purchased, though she still won’t try them on, and all school supplies have been ordered. One more week of summer then we officially have a kindergartener! Or “pre-1st” as her school calls it.

So, there it is. Our crazy lives in a nutshell. I’m ready for a quiet weekend at home!

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What a crazy week. In some ways, the worst since having Holden. But still lots of fun things, too. Coen came home with a fever last Thursday. I’m pretty sure he’s getting his 2-year molars but he won’t let me look in his mouth to see if I’m right. He’s always a tough teether. Fever, diaper rash, snot and drool. He was pretty miserable most of the weekend. Sleeping was not happening. He ended up in our bed for two nights. Along with Addie who had a nightmare, Holden, who is also congested and struggling to sleep, Jett and a cat. We need a bigger bed! I suspect Holden may be teething as well. He’s been extra snotty and drooly. So, not much sleep happening around here this past week.

In more exciting news, Beckett started school on Monday. He was thrilled to see friends again. He had a great first day, fell asleep for the last half hour on day two, then seemed to be better adjusted on day three. Assuming we don’t red-shirt him, this will be his last year of preschool before starting kindergarten next fall! That seems really strange! 

Addie and I have been glued to the olympics all week. She says she wants to set a world record one day like Katie Ledecky. Big life goals around here. Jimmy and I enjoyed our first kid-free night out since having Holden. Dinner to Centro and West Elm grand opening. Clearly, I planned this one, but Jimmy happily obliged. We came home to two overly-made-up faces 🙂 Then, Holden, Addie and I spent a little time at the museum while Beckett went to school yesterday.

As tough as it seemed with sick kids and no sleep, it was actually a pretty great week, too. Life is pretty funny like that!

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Holden – 15 Weeks

I was just kidding last week when I said Holden was sleeping better. This week was a tough one. He only naps if held. Wakes as soon as you put him down. We moved his crib into our room thinking that maybe the pack & play isn’t all that comfy, but he woke up three times last night and ended up in our bed again. He’s always chewing on his hands, super happy and cooing tons. Aside from lack of sleep, we really can’t complain, but seriously, I hope this sleep regression is short-lived!

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