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Holden 14 weeks

14 weeks – Holden thinks Addie is hilarious and giggles when she gives him knuckles. Though just like Coen at this age, giggling gives him hiccups. He’s constantly chewing on his hands and has started blowing raspberries. We’ve officially entered the slobber phase! He’s been waking up just once a night for the past few days, usually between 2-4 am (yay!!). Still not loving tummy time but Beckett’s trying to convince him.

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Beckett’s 4!

Four! I can’t believe our #1 son is already 4! We’ve all come a long way since that night. Despite the challenges he’s had to face already, he’s proved to be a charming little one with big personality. His smile truly melts my heart and I know huge things are in his future.

We planned to celebrate Beckett and Coen in June with a combined party but when our community pool opening was delayed, we decided to push it to Beckett’s actual birthday this past Sunday. It was miserably hot outside and since we celebrate our friend Leo’s 3rd birthday with a pool party on Saturday, we decided to let Beckett hang out inside the cool clubhouse and catch up with family while the rest of our friends did a little swimming. 

Two pool parties in one weekend left us all exhausted but what a fun way to celebrate my favorite 2 and 4 year olds! I couldn’t love these boys any more!

Last picture of 3…

First picture of 4…

Party time…

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Coen was home again this week. Our sitter lost her mom and her dog within a matter of days so needed some time off. Addie had dance camp all week so I was missing my most reliable helper, but we made it through. Auntie is in town again, she and my mom helped a little, but now they’re both baking in the desert at Night In The Country. With Addie’s morning drop off and afternoon pick up, Coen was either missing his nap entirely or getting a condensed version. We had a major meltdown at PT and a little defiance at Judy’s today, but otherwise, it wasn’t that terrible dragging him along to 4 therapies! Aside from that, we had more costume parties, pool days, and some general randomness. Here are just a few pictures from our crazy week…

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3 Months of Holden

Is time flying or is it just me? Three months with this adorable face! He’s just the sweetest. He’s spending more time on the floor, squirming around and batting at toys. Still not a fan of tummy time though. Lots of baby babble this week and generally a happy boy. Coen adores his “Holden Lukey” and Addie’s pretty obsessed with holding him and making him disappear.

I’m taking full advantage of these sweet snuggles since I know this is my last chance to soak in all this baby goodness (until auntie has babies!).

The only complaint this month is that he’s fighting sleep at night though once he finally settles for the night, he’s just waking twice to eat. If we could drop down to just once, I might start feeling like a functioning person again 🙂

13 week picture

And of course, Addie has to jump in too.

Oh, and just one more because those eyes…

Yes, I sit here all day taking pictures of these kids. My camera roll is ridiculous!

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Holden – Week 12

I almost forgot to post this pic of the little 12-week-old cutie! We’re on the verge of a sleeping breakthrough…I can feel it! There have been a couple days this past week where Holden actually fell asleep in the pack and play after his 4am feeding. I didn’t bring him in our bed until 6ish. He tries to tell me sun up = wake up, but I refuse to give in. I’ve successfully conditioned Addie and Coen to sleep until 8am, I will do it with Holden, too. Beckett has refused to listen so he’s Jimmy’s responsibility in the morning. As for the rest of us, we sleep in!

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Ok, so this blog is pretty much always sunshine and roses, and don’t get me wrong, I love these little souls with every ounce of my being, but sh*t is about to get real! We usually run a pretty smooth ship around here. People have places to be and we have a routine schedule week to week. But, throw in 5 days of vacation followed by our sitter being on vacation for a week, and my tolerance for crying and fighting is completely spent. 

Normally, I wouldn’t complain. I wouldn’t trade these monsters for anything, but this week, it’s taking a toll on Holden’s food supply. I find it hard to feed a baby in general. I don’t over-produce. I’ve always made just enough to get the other three to a year (just over for Beckett). This week, I’ve been trying to prevent Holden from crying all day, while yelling more than I’d like at Addie and Coen to stop driving each other nuts, and freaking out about Medicaid not covering Beckett’s gait trainer after making us jump through hoops for 7 months. The stress is taking its toll and I can tell poor Holden isn’t satisfied. I have a small freezer stash that I’ve been supplementing with before bed and have managed to get in one pumping session at night. This all makes me want to run outside and yell F*CK at the top of my lungs, but I decided to be a bit more practical and make three dozen lactation cookies! 

So, while I may put the 20 pounds I’ve lost back on, hopefully I’ll be able to keep feeding this cute little face. And we’ll be back to our normal level of chaos on Monday!

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This week, Holden had his first real road trip to EDH, which I’ve already told you all about. When we came home Tuesday, his pack and play was relocated from the side of my bed to across the room. One step closer to his crib 😉 Since the room he’ll be sharing with Coen is still in mid-renovation mode, we’re in no hurry!

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