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Holden – Week 10

I’m pretty sure I missed week 9, probably because he was 2 months just a couple days before. But here’s this cutie smiling on in to week 10! Love that little face!!

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Holden’s two-month check-up was yesterday. He’s a skinny, healthy boy! Even his giant umbilical hernia isn’t a cause for concern. Just terrible to look at! Oh, but don’t worry, it should go away by age 3 or 4! Yikes! I’m praying it goes away sooner because it creeps me out. 

Anyway, official stats: 23 1/2 inches (50th percentile), 10 pounds 10 ounces (15th percentile), and 16 cm head which is actually quite massive at 90th percentile. Still not as big as Coen’s head at the same age, he was 98th percentile and probably still is, but the rest is right on track with where the others were. Addie, our tiny little 6 1/2 pound peanut at birth, was actually the biggest (height and weight) at 2 months. Even Beckett was holding steady right around 11 pounds and 23 inches at this age. Then the reflux kicked in 😦 No sign of that with Holden though he does gag in the middle of the night. He’s been a bit congested since Friday so he’s sleeping in a bouncy chair in his pack and play, which is pretty reminiscent of the early days of Beckett. He spent at least 4 months sleeping in this same chair. I’m thinking it will be short-lived for Holden, but he seems pretty comfy in it.

After charming Dr. Tammy with smiles and one sweet little pouty face, the nurse came back to give his first round of vaccinations. It went well. He had the red-faced silent scream, then freaked out for a minute before falling asleep in his car seat. He slept a solid 6 hours last night then woke up every two to three as usual, but no signs of any discomfort. Just the perfect little baby, as usual!

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Finally a weekend home with no crazy agenda! After therapy, horse lessons and purging more baby girl clothes from the garage, we had an Addie/Coen/mommy/daddy date at the movies to see Finding Dory. Coen did great, just a few random outbursts of “oh no!” And “what happened?” Otherwise quiet and surprisingly still. He seat hopped between Jimmy’s and my lap just a couple time and snacked on way too much popcorn and cheesy bunnies. Cute movie, and I didn’t even cry despite my sister’s warning that I would. Though admittedly, there was one part where I felt that bubble coming up in my throat, but ultimately, no tears shed over this cartoon 😉 Ignore Addie’s “that flash is too bright” face below. That’s the only pic we got of Coen in the theater. Jimmy, and the people next to us, were annoyed with me documenting this occasion! Sorry to disrupt the previews.

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Two months ago today, we became 6! Time is flying! This cutie is full of smiles and little giggles, and is adored by his siblings. I think even Beckett is starting to come around. He loves silly faces, being held and snuggled, eating, and sitting in his bouncy seats. Not so big on diaper changes, being on the floor, definitely hates tummy time, and is just starting to come around on bath time now that he’s in the big tub. Schlepping around 4 kids, especially considering two need to be carried or in a stroller, is challenging, for sure, but they’re amazing little beings. We are certainly blessed!

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Addie’s last day of Junior kindergarten, and her last day at the little campus, was Friday. As expected, I was an emotional mess but she loved every second of her last days at school. We skipped the all-school awards again this year, it’s just too hard with the brothers at this age, but Addie won an award for General Class Excellence. Thursday was the end of year picnic for the whole school. It was cold and windy but Addie ran around with her friends and rolled down hills all afternoon. On the last day, her class had their own little awards ceremony where she won the Amazing Artist award. Fitting. Then it was face paint, water play and movies for the rest of the day. Oh, and a dog pile on her teacher. He promised!

Though summer started, there was no slowing down for this girl. Saturday morning, we were up early for Beckett’s therapy. Soon after, Addie had a party for two school friends with a water slide, water balloon fight, piñata, hot dogs and ice cream cake. We rushed from the party to horse lessons, then rushed from horse lessons to Carson City for her dance recital. Addie’s class was near the end this year so we stayed through the entire show. Addie loved it! Holden didn’t have such a good time. He stayed outside with Gram for the last half of the second act. We got home at 10:00. Long day but so much fun! Now summer can officially begin 😊

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Holden – 8 Weeks

Week 8 update…Holden no longer likes to be swaddled at night, won’t sleep alone after 4am so needs to be snuggled in our bed until 7, still hates baths so we tried Beckett’s seat in the big tub. Still not sure he’s into it. He’s full of smiles, coos, and little giggles. We’re hoping the gassy periods disappear soon so we can all get a little more sleep!

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This kid! Always full of surprises. I completely expected Coen to have jealousy issues when Holden came home. Oddly enough, he’s been nothing but loving, though a little too rough at times, but Beckett on the other hand, seems to be having some issues with this new little brother. Jimmy took Beckett to therapy for two weeks after Holden was born. When I resumed therapy duties with Holden coming along, Beckett whined the entire time and refused to work. But on Jimmy’s Saturday therapy, he’d be great. One day at OT, Beckett was fussing. I took a sleeping Holden to the front and came back to work with Beckett and suddenly he was fine and worked as hard as ever. Then, after four weeks of unproductive PT sessions, Jimmy took him last week and he crawled with a scooter board all over the room. Ugh, this toddler defiance is the worst! 

But despite the protesting, he’s doing some amazing things. His OT has him sitting in a chair pushing backwards on a scooter board and PT has him on his belly pushing forward. He’s doing both nearly independently!  

This past weekend, he started horse therapy. The main goal at this point is to strengthen his core and gain better head control. It took him a few minutes to adapt but then he seemed to really enjoy it. He’ll do an 8 week session this summer. Of course, Addie wanted to join in, so she gets to learn about horse care and ride as well. Addie’s horse is named Susie and Beckett’s is Bella. By the end of the summer, I imagine these horses will be our best friends!

Beckett’s last day of preschool was last Tuesday. He’ll be at the same school with the same teachers next year, so no tears were shed this time around. Though all his friends are moving on to kinder since we put him in the 4s class. He only gets a week off before he starts extended school year two days a week for a month. He’ll get OT and Speech therapy through the program. 

Exciting things going on for this boy! If we can just accept the fact that Holden’s not going anywhere, maybe we can make some amazing progress this summer!

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