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1 Month To Go

There’s a chance, possibly, maybe that one month from today we’ll meet our new little man. At my last appointment, my doctor said she’s on call April 25, which puts me at 39 weeks, 1 day…exactly when I was induced with Coen. Now I know the stars would have to align and everything would have to go perfectly for the next 4.5 weeks, but that’s what we’re aiming for. Keep us in your prayers. No surprises. No early eviction. Just a smooth, planned induction with our awesome doctor and favorite nurse delivering a healthy boy. So far, he’s looking good. Estimating him to be about 5.5 pounds. I’m 6 pound away from my max weight with Addie and Beckett, I think I ended up about 3 less with Coen. We’ll most likely have another 8 pounder (hopefully no bigger!!). 

We aren’t anywhere close to prepared. This boy will not have a completed room, the box of newborn clothes is still buried somewhere in the garage, his temporary bed in our room is not put together, we aren’t stocked on newborn diapers and our infant car seat is expired so we need to buy a new one. Addie and Beckett are off of school for spring break next week, so the chances of anything productive getting done soon are slim. Oh, and he’s still nameless! No wonder I can’t sleep at night 🙂 

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The Boy Bump

We sure haven’t done anything very exciting lately. More birthday parties, dance class, Jimmy has been traveling…just life as usual. But I realize I haven’t posted the last few pics of the growing yet-to-be-named G4. He’s steadily getting bigger, kicking like a crazy child and keeping me up at night. No signs that he’s coming early but at my last ultrasound, he’s measuring 9 days bigger. I think at one point Coen was measuring 2 weeks bigger and he held out until 39 weeks, so hopefully this one will too. The to-do list is way too long for him to make his debut any time soon. The room is a disaster, clothes haven’t been washed, we need a new infant car seat, oh and a name would be nice. Kind of important things to take care of still! Though I’m really looking forward to seeing his cute little face, we’re praying he stays put for 7 more weeks! 

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