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I love my little Valentines. I’m sure I say that every year. But seriously, they’re just so dang adorable! Coen allowed exactly one picture before screaming and squirming out of the chair. I’ve finally come to terms with the fact that I will never get a good picture with them all together. 


Addie insisted on heart-shaped everything from our breakfast to dinner complete with Shirley Temples and chocolate-covered strawberries. She also selected our entire menu for the day. One of these years Jimmy and I will get back to a romantic kid-free evening but as long as these little ones love it so much, I’m perfectly happy with it being a family holiday.


The weather was beautiful this weekend so we finally had a chance to drive Beckett’s car outside. No one was really into it though. Coen and Addie preferred to ride bikes while Beckett was content cruising around in the stroller. Then Addie’s friends down the street (twins twice her age and she’s obsessed with them!) were outside so we lost Addie for a while and the boys napped. Good weekend all around. Now if only someone would come clean my house! Three days home with three kids and it looks like a hurricane came through here!


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February is a big month at Addie’s school. It started out with the father/daughter dance. Addie and Jimmy got all fancy last Friday evening and enjoyed a night with Addie’s friends dancing, crafting, and eating cupcakes. Addie had a much better time this year. More of her friends went which made her a little more comfortable. She was doing the robot on stage. I’d say she had a good time!

This week was spirit week, the 100th day of school, Open House, re-enrollment and Valentine’s Day. Spirit week actually started last week with Fan Friday in honor of the Super Bowl. Addie represented the Wolfpack since none of our teams were any good this year.

This week, she had Mickey and Minnie Monday, To the Rescue Tuesday, Wacky Wednesday, Team Spirit Thursday, and Friendship Friday. I missed taking a pic of her princess superhero outfit Tuesday. Jimmy was in Vegas so between getting everyone dressed and fed, and wrangling three kids into the car, it slipped my mind!

Thursday was the 100th day of school. Each student in Addie’s grade made a 100th Day project. Addie wanted to make a flower with 100 petals. The flower took just a couple days but it took her at least a week to color the rainbow! Her class also made a castle with 100 cans of food which were then donated to the food bank. So cute! Yesterday they spent class time checking out the amazing projects, crafting 100th day hats and playing in sensory bins. Addie said it was a two thumbs up day!

Today, Addie’s class is celebrating Valentine’s Day. Beckett celebrated with his classmates yesterday since his school is off today. Coen brought his daycare friends a sweet little Valentine as well. Thanks, Pinterest!

Hopefully Addie’s having a great day with her friends. We’re looking forward to a nice, long weekend. I’m sure we’ll come up with something fun to do to celebrate Valentine’s Day with our little loves!

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My goodness, it’s been a while! We haven’t been doing anything too exciting, just life really. First and foremost, the mullet is gone. Over Christmas, more than one person commented on Coen’s out-of-control hair. Addie’s grew in the same way but being a girl, we could do pigtails and she was darling. Coen was just out of luck. A couple weeks ago, I decided it was just too much so I chopped it off! 

It’s still a bit wild, but no mullet!

Beckett has had a few amazing weeks of therapy. He outgrew the loaner gait trainer a few months ago, so we haven’t used one with him for a while. His PT had one donated that happened to fit him perfectly. The first day in it, he took reciprocal steps over and over again at least four times across the room. He still needs help propelling but these were some of the best steps he’s ever taken. At OT, we rigged up a chair on a scooter board and practiced pushing backward using his feet. He pushed himself 56 feet one day! Amazing!! Hopefully he’ll get the feeling of being able to move independently and this will lead to new things in the near future. We’re in the process of ordering a gait trainer to use at home so we can consistently practice standing and walking.

What else? Hmmm…more birthday parties, of course. I took Addie and Coen to celebrate with our friend Cameron. Coen screeched the whole time, climbed into giant jumpy houses, then finally settled down and played with busy blocks for the last half hour. He’s now obsessed with slides. He’s going to be a wild one!

And, the new boy. He’s feeling like a wild one as well. Addie loves feeling him kick, which he does nearly all day long. I’m feeling like there’s not much more room to grow. I can’t decide if I’m too old for this or if it’s just harder this time around now that I have three kids to wrangle. Not to mention the 30 pound, 13 ounce toddler I’m hoisting up and down stairs, in and out of the car all day long. Whew, I’m beat by the end of the day! 

25 weeks

26 weeks

27 weeks


I realize I’m always in black for these pictures. I swear I’m not depressed! I usually take these before bed on Sunday and my black tanks are the most comfy. Third trimester next week! Can you believe it? Goes by quickly when no one knows about it until you’re already halfway done 🙂 

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