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Oh Boy!

Oh hey, did you know we’re having another baby? I don’t think anyone is really surprised by now, 4th time around in 5 years. It’s just expected, right? So yeah, another boy will be joining our family in April. Officially due May 1 but our plan is to do things as close to the same as last time, so hopefully we can schedule an induction around 39 weeks. End of April. Perfect, right? April, May, July boys and December girl. I like it!

I didn’t start belly pics until already halfway through. It was a hectic fall 🙂 And, for anyone assuming G4 will have a “D” name, it’s not looking good. No D’s on the very short list so far. I actually don’t have a single good name in the running as of yet. He may just be G4 forever. I’m open to ideas, send them my way. But don’t be offended when I don’t like them. I’m very picky (and indecisive) when it comes to naming children! 

21 weeks

22 weeks

I had the worst cold of my entire life for the past week, so no 23 but I did snap a quick pic at 24 weeks yesterday.


It’s very difficult to take a selfie of your own mid-section, by the way. I have a feeling this is going to get even more awkward as this boy grows!

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I just realized while scrolling through pics of all our birthday fun that I can’t miss a post about Coen’s first trip to the dentist. Sure, he only has 10 teeth, but since Addie and Beckett had appointments anyway, why not get Coen in on the fun. He actually did really well for the hygienist. She was able to polish the front of all his teeth and maybe a molar or two. He wasn’t thrilled with the metal mirror the dentist stuck in his mouth, but aside from that, a successful visit. Three kids, no cavities. I’ll take it! Coen walked around chewing on his new toothbrush for two days after!



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It’s January, and you know what that means…non-stop birthdays! We’ve already been to parties for 4 friends and celebrated Jimmy’s 37th! Two weekends, three parties at the Discovery Museum, then one rather uneventful day at home for Daddy. Addie woke up super early to wish Jimmy a happy birthday. She insisted on McDonalds breakfast then planned a picnic tea party for lunch complete with grilled cheese, pb&j, avocado slices, bell pepper and apples. Oh, and of course, tea. After lunch, Addie requested snow time before ending our day with family dinner and triple fudge cake. Yum!! Nothing too exciting, but not a bad way to kick off a new year. 




Cute picture, huh?? Thanks, Coen! I find it strange that Addie never explored her nose but for some reason, Coen find his fascinating. I suppose I should be glad he’s picking his own and not trying to stick his finger up mine anymore. But seriously, boys are the strangest!

Anyway, enough of Coen’s bad habits. Here are some of my favorite pics from all our Discovery parties.

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Another fun-filled holiday season is behind us. Addie diligently counted down the days until Christmas. She was so excited this year, though her list to Santa was pretty mild. Very specific, a pink unicorn with blue eyes, a magical stage, a magical mermaid that glows in the water. Nothing too over the top! We braved the snow on Christmas Eve for delicious steak and lobster with the family before heading to church. Beckett snoozed through the entire service. Coen was intrigued by all the singing at first, but soon found a pencil that entertained him for the rest of the time. Then we rushed home to snuggle in bed so Santa could fill our house with presents.



Christmas morning was spent opening stockings and presents, eating yummy pumpkin French toast and playing with tons of new toys. Coen finally has his own cars to crash around. Beckett got lots of new clothes and his awesome car but we’ve been covered in snow since Christmas Eve so haven’t had the chance to drive it around just yet. Addie got all the things on her wish list plus a life-size Elsa doll who has become another sibling in our house. Elsa joined us for Christmas dinner at Aunt Trisha and Ed’s then hung around for our road trip to EDH the next day. It’s a little creepy! 


We spent the next three days in EDH visiting family, opening more presents. Jimmy took the week after Christmas off so aside from some doctor and therapy appointments, we just hung out at home for a few days before launching into a busy January. A pretty great way to close out an amazing year!

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