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It’s been almost two weeks since this little beauty turned 5!! How have we been so blessed to live five years with her already? 

The week leading up to her birthday was pure chaos. We spent three days driving to Oregon and back to pick up a sweet new ride for Beckett.   

Then we enjoyed a girls night at the Nutcracker with Addie’s friend from school, celebrated our dear friend Priya’s 5th birthday with a breakfast with Santa party and got to see Santa again that same day at another pajama party. So much holiday festive in one weekend!!

Finally, it was time for the big day. We snapped one last pic of a sleeping four-year-old and woke up to donuts in bed for our five-year-old! We celebrated that evening with birthday girl’s choice dinner, pasta, and had two cakes for dessert.

   Addie got to sit up front at her assembly Friday for a special birthday song then Saturday, we celebrated with all her friends at a Minnie Mouse/elephant themed party at Jump Man Jump. Her planning! She had a great time!

I think five was a success. It was nonstop birthday mode for the first two weeks of the month then we quickly shifted into Christmas insanity! Things have finally calmed down just as all the kids are out of school and daycare. Hopefully we’ll have a quiet two weeks off for Christmas and into the new year. Happy holidays, everyone!

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