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This Thanksgiving

Brrrr! It’s getting chilly here! We had crazy wind and a little snow throughout the day and now highs in the 30s for the rest of the week. No better time to spend days in the kitchen with a little cooking therapy.

I swear, since having kids, someone (or everyone) in our house has been sick the week of Thanksgiving. We may have been in the clear Addie’s first year, but then Beckett was sick (or maybe just incredibly fussy, I can’t keep it straight), Addie was sick, last year all the kids had ear infections and Jimmy and I felt like death. Last week, we looked to be in good shape. Then I jinxed it by saying no one was going to be sick this year. I was tempting fate. 

We took Beckett to Shriners Thursday. We talked Botox, took some good looking hip X-rays, and decided to stop the baclofen for a bit to see if his trunk strength comes back and oral motor function improves. This is clearly the face of a kid who hates going to the doctor!

Then, just a few hours after getting home, I went to the ER with an 8mm kidney stone. After a long, miserable three days, the dumb thing finally passed, I avoided surgery and all is right with the world. And my kidneys. For now. They found multiple stones and there’s a good chance I just passed the giant excruciating one, but let’s not dwell on that!

The second I got home, Coen started acting funny. Super cranky, inconsolable. Not like himself at all. He had a dose of Tylenol then seemed to be ok. He went to daycare Monday but within a couple hours, had a temp of 104. I rushed him to the doctor who said it is just a cold coming on. His temp is down but he’s still a bit cranky. Tylenol seems to be helping but once again, sickie on Thanksgiving.

This is him post-Tylenol. It makes him a little insane!  
 As if kidney stones and a sick kid weren’t enough, Jimmy comes home from work today with a sore throat. I guess three stressful days and sleepless nights isn’t good for one’s health. It’s not looking good for this little house of mine.

Regardless, we’re powering through as usual. Tomorrow I’m making caramel apple cheesecake, pumpkin tarts,  sangria, crescent rolls, and cranberries. If all goes to hell after tomorrow, at least we’ll be off to a good start. Thursday morning, I’ll get going on spinach and artichoke dip, baked Brie and cranberry bites, stuffed sweet potatoes, roasted Brussels sprouts and butternut squash, and an apple cranberry quinoa salad. I pawned the turkey, mashed potatoes, and Grom’s stuffing off on my parents this year. Keeping it easy 🙂 Sounds delish! I hope we’re all functioning by then!

Despite all the illnesses, I still have a lot to be thankful for this year. Three beautiful children, a hardworking and supportive husband, loving friends and family, a secure roof over our heads, a knowledgeable team of doctors and therapists for Beckett, safe school/daycare environments for my children. I could go on and on about the blessings we’ve been given in this life! There are so many! But I’ll just end with happy Thanksgiving to you all. May you be surrounded with love and good food. Cheers!


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Halloween 2015

Our little munchkins enjoyed three days of Halloween fun this year. Addie chose our costumes, Ariel, Flounder, Sebastian, King Triton and Ursula. I talked her in to letting me be Ursula as a human instead of the sea witch so all I had was the shell necklace. There’s a picture somewhere of all five of us but I haven’t seen it yet! 

Addie’s school had a costume parade in the morning then fall festival that evening. There were about ten different bouncy houses, face painting, glitter tattoos, food trucks, hot chocolate and motorized animal rides. Addie ran around with her friends for nearly three hours before we called it a night!  
  Halloween day 2,we had a play date planned but it was canceled. In order to avoid a meltdown, we dressed Addie up as a cowgirl (I knew that recital costume would come in handy one day) and took a family trip to Sippee’s where Addie crafted and got her face painted again.   
The evening of Halloween, we put out our pumpkin (Ariel…can you guess who picked this design?) and headed to Addie’s friend’s house for pizza and trick or treating. They live in a gated six house court so the kids could run wild without fear of cars. We were back inside before dark and thanks to brothers, Addie ended up with three times the candy. She wanted to stay and play instead of trick or treating our neighborhood. We got off easy this year!! I think it was perfect for everyone!   

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