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Happy Birthday, Jett!

Old man Jett is 12 today! 

So, of course, we had cake.

Happy birthday to our oldest baby. We sure love you, even if you do act like a grumpy old man sometimes.

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Today Addie started her first day of “Junior Kindergarten”. I think she was a little nervous but when she walked in and saw all her friends, she was thrilled to be back.  
She ran into the classroom and started playing. Then I told her she was in the wrong class. All her friends have one teacher, she and just one other girl from last year’s class have another. She was devastated. She said she didn’t want to go to school. She wanted to stay home. Heartbreaking 😦 She survived and even had a good day but asked if she could be in her friends’ class tomorrow. I asked if she can switch but I don’t know how this will turn out. Seriously, she’s 4. The next 13 years are going to kill me.

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I guess when you spend five weeks of your summer at therapy camp, you have to pack as much in as possible at the last minute. Man, we’ve sure kept ourselves busy these past two weeks. I’ve told you about the amazing swim instructor we found for Addie. Well, we started all three in a lesson now. It’s complete chaos. Beckett’s still warming up to it, Coen licks the water and giggles uncontrollably every time he back floats and Addie’s just as crazy as ever swimming all over. It’s a full family affair as each boy needs constant supervision. Crazy, but hopefully by next summer, we’ll have at least two swimmers making pool days much easier. 
Dance class started back up in August as well. Addie insisted on staying with tap and ballet so we switched to Saturdays. Beckett has therapy at the same time. I don’t love giving up Saturday mornings but it’s less stressful than a week night and she sure loves dancing!   
We finally fit in a trip to Tahoe this summer. One of the families in the CP Network lives in Incline and invited us to one of the private beaches. It’s the most amazing place! Beach front, playground, grass, swimming pool, clubhouse. We’re moving to Incline just so we can have access to this magical place. I’d spend every day there! It’s perfection!! And yes, this is the only picture I took 🙂

Next on the summer bucket list… Aces game. I don’t think I’ve been to a game since Addie was a baby. We went with people from Jimmy’s work and Addie’s favorite picture taking buddy Emma. Beckett sat with Dad all night. Coen was strapped to me. Addie and Emma ran around like maniacs. Good times. Fun fact – the mascot is Auntie’s roommate.

Since Addie had 6 weeks to kill, we spent many days at the museum. They have a new exhibit about the body that she loves. There’s a torso with a removable heart, spleen, stomach, lungs, intestines and liver that she likes to piece together. This has prompted many car conversations about body parts and functions. Four-year-olds are too curious!

Then finally, this past weekend, we took the long drive to Vegas for my lovely friend Kimm’s wedding. Coen loved the hotel bed! The first night he and Addie rolled around and jumped into the pillows, then he enjoyed relaxing with his monkey. 

We spent a hot morning playing at the parks by our old house. I realize that our old neighborhood is actually pretty amazing for kids. This is the first time visiting that I actually felt like I missed it a little. Then when noon hit and it was pushing 95, the feeling passed.

Ok, on to the main event! The ceremony was beautiful and reception was so fun. Addie and Priya rocked the photo booth then danced into the night. Kimm was absolutely stunning and so happy. It was a wonderful evening celebrating with good friends.

Sunday, we took the kids to the dolphin habitat at the Mirage. All the cats were sleeping, it was so dang hot, but the dolphins were amazing. Addie and Coen could have watched them all day. The under water part was the best by far.    

We ended our trip with a pool party and bbq with good friends then headed back to Reno. It was the perfect way to close out the summer. 

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