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I think this was the shortest summer in history. Beckett’s already started school and Addie goes back in two weeks. Spending July in Santa Rosa sure made what I hoped would be a carefree summer fly by. Though it seems like we had five weeks of tough work, we also managed to have so much fun! Santa Rosa is actually a pretty great place for kids. Addie and Coen spent a week with me while Jimmy attended camp with Beckett. We had so many adventures! There’s a huge park right by the school called Howarth Park. It has two huge lakes, tons of trails, an expansive jungle gym, a train, horses, a petting zoo, and a carousel. Truly, all Addie’s favorite things in one place.   
Santa Rosa also has an amazing children’s museum. It’s indoor and outdoor but it was raining the day we went, so Addie and Coen explored every single thing inside. Addie’s favorite was the dentist’s office. There was a giant croc for a patient. She took X-rays of his whole body and scrubbed all the sugar bugs out of his teeth. My favorite thing was the lite brite wall. Beckett needs one of those!  
On our way back to Nana and Poppy’s, we stopped in Sonoma at train town. Another train, another carousel. We even took Coen on the scrambler. He hated it!! Note to self, one-year-olds aren’t big on carnival rides.   
The whole crew came up one more time before camp ended. We spent an afternoon at this gorgeous winery with a lavender field. I think I’d spend many lazy afternoons there if we lived in Santa Rosa.

We also spent an afternoon at the beach in bodega bay. The weather was gorgeous! Addie is definitely a beach babe. She loved the sand and water. Coen was afraid to venture off the blanket, which actually made our lives easier. Beckett loved the wind and waves. 




Addie stayed with Beckett and me for his last few days of camp so we went to the Sonoma county fair. It was so hot and of course Addie wanted to go on everything but I had to stay with Beckett, so it was an interesting experience. Our camp buddies were with us so she was able to go on the rides that they were tall enough to go on, so it worked out fine, but I think in the future fairs need to be two-parent outings. 



And, since Beckett had such trouble sleeping, these two snuggled in my bed the last night. Such sweet siblings! 

We have a couple weeks left which will be filled with discovery museum, Tahoe, swimming, a Vegas wedding road trip and whatever else Addie talks us into. I’m sure it will be a great ending to an already amazing summer!

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School Days for B

Beckett started preschool last Monday! He’s going 2.5 hours four days a week. Last week was a little bit of an adjustment. He’s in the afternoon session so misses his usual nap time. He fell asleep two days last week but has been doing great this week. He’s in a four-year-old class. It sounds like the kids are more like Addie where they find joy in pushing him around the playground and “helping” him do things in the classrooms. He seems to enjoy it there so far. Once we get this eating and napping schedule down, I think life will be much easier. He’s been taking a nap at 5. It’s not ideal but he needs it in order to get through dinner! Surprisingly, he’s still going to bed around 8. School must be exhausting 🙂

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Boost Camp 2015

Beckett and I have been back from our Santa Rosa adventure for a week now. It was five long and tiring weeks, and though I’m so glad to be home, a little part of me wishes it didn’t have to end. Twenty-two children attended this year, most traveling away from their homes as we did. This particular camp is in its 15th year. Many of the kids had been before; one family was attending for the 8th time! We met some incredible people and and learned so many great things to help Beckett progress. 

What I love most about the conductive education approach is that every child is viewed as capable. The conductors don’t place limits on these children. Each morning, from the first day, every child walked in to the classroom with the ladder frame.

Each day was a similar routine: walking in, sage wrap, lying task, snack, standing task, individual task, lunch, then group activity. The lying task was a lot of stretching, isolated movement, grasping, rolling, and ended on hands and knees. Beckett would start happy and without fail, end up whining by the end. 


After snack, the kids sat on a backless bench behind a ladder frame and did a series leg excersises to feel weight shifting in order to take steps. Amazingly, Beckett could sit up on his own just holding the ladder frame. I was impressed! He also sat on a backless bench at a table for lunch just holding a handle bar. Things I would have never imagined trying!


Beckett didn’t sleep well the entire time, so I don’t think he soaked up as much as he could have, but he still worked so hard every single day! Some days, he decided his individual task would be a nap. I was not amused but he always woke up happy and ready to work again.

At the end of camp, there was a sweet little graduation ceremony. Beckett’s first graduation of many! 

I completely see how conductive education could be so beneficial for Beckett if continued on a regular basis. I don’t know that I could commit five weeks each summer plus carry the excersises over into the rest of the year. I won’t lie, I think this five weeks was harder on me that him. I’d love to bring a year-round conductive education to Reno, not just for Beckett but to give so many other children the opportunity to learn and grow without limitations. 


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OMG…Beckett is Three!

Well, hello there neglected blog! I have so much catching up to do. Being away from your own home for five weeks sure takes a toll on life! It was a very productive and busy five weeks though. Before I share all the details of “camp”, let’s talk about this big boy turning three! THREE!! Where does the time go? My mental capacity can’t handle boost camp and party planning, so the big 3 was slightly lower key than usual. 

First, the crazy stalker-mom last pic of our 2-year-old…

Doesn’t he look so peaceful? I promise you, he never got a good night’s sleep the whole five weeks. He was probably awake within an hour of this picture being taken. 

Anyway, moving on to the big day! It was a Friday, so camp was in full effect. He worked his tail off for 6 hours! His camp friends all helped make him a sweet birthday crown though.

We drove to Nana and Poppy’s after camp to meet the rest of our crew and had a quiet night before partying it up on Saturday. We started at the zoo with Auntie Sharon. Then we let the wild big sis go on some rides at Funderland before heading over to Fairytale Town with the rest of the James Gang and the darling Haylee Rose. 

You’d think we’d all need a long nap after all that fun in the sun but no, then it was pool time at Dorothy’s complete with In-n-out and cake. 

Whew, long day but so fun! As soon as we got home and fed the birthday boy, he passed out on Dad’s lap!

I think he thoroughly enjoyed turning three!! Goodness, I sure love that sweet little face! 

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