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Yesterday was Beckett’s last day at Linda’s. Of course, I was on the verge of tears. Addie was sleeping in the car when I picked the boys up, so I just ran in and ran out before I could get too emotional. Coen and Addie will be there next week and I’ll see Linda when I get back since Coen will still be there, so we’re not losing Linda from our lives just yet. We’re simply transitioning one more babe to his next adventure.


As with everything we do around here, the second we close one chapter, we’re on to the next. Beckett and I leave at 7 am tomorrow for Boost Camp. I’ve packed a ridiculous amount of stuff for five weeks. Here’s just Beckett’s camp supplies…

To that, we have to add a high chair, gait trainer, bath seat, an entire case of pedia smart, a huge box of diapers, two suitcases, a bag of toys, and a bag of food. I sure hope my car is big enough 🙂

And once we get home, he starts school a week later! No downtime for this boy. We finally worked everything out with the school district. We went in to his IEP meeting Thursday ready to fight again, but it was surprisingly easy. It only took six meetings to get what he needs. So glad that’s over with!! He’ll be in a preschool filled with typical peers four days a week for 2.5 hours a day. I think he’ll love it!

You might get an excessive amount of Beckett posts on here for the next couple months. Lots of big things on the horizon for this cute almost three-year-old!

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Addie has the most amazing love for dance and music. It’s such a joy to watch her perform for us and her brothers on a near daily basis. Last weekend was her dance studio recital. This year’s song was Footloose. She and her little friends were adorable and had the best time under the bright lights. This girl has no fear either. No nerves, just pure excitement. When they were done, she asked if she could do it again! Last year we bailed at intermission, but this year Addie wanted to stay and watch the entire show. We didn’t get home until after 10:00. She crashed about halfway back from Carson but was wired again when I woke her up. I don’t know where she gets her energy. Her studio closes for the summer, so we get to enjoy a little time off, but she’s already talking about the next class she’ll take. She’s pretty obsessed!! 


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Busy Beckett 


Ack!!!! Isn’t that a scary picture? He’s fine, I promise. It was just a sleep study to hopefully figure out why this little one hasn’t slept through the night hardly ever for nearly three years now. Jimmy stayed with him at the clinic. I’m glad I didn’t go. He said Beckett hated getting hooked up to all the machines. 

Aside from that, he’s doing well. Still working hard in therapy and loving the new house. He even got upgraded to his big boy bed. Really, just his crib finally transitioned to the toddle bed. His room is the worst of wallpaper hell, so this is far from the finished product but doesn’t he look so grown up napping in a real bed?

We’re still seeing the amazing Judy three times a week. He’s been working a lot on rolling and is pretty consistent with it now on a very slight slope. We still play the piano and practice standing and using arms. I have great videos of his progress, but of course I need to put them on YouTube before I can post them for you. And honestly, I have no time in my life. One day though, I promise.

 His early intervention team is phasing out next week. They only provide services until he’s three and since we’ll be in Santa Rosa all of July, were down to just one session with his team. They brought on a music therapist at the start of this year who he adores. It’s pretty amazing to see his body react to music. Any time she has him play the drum, his whole core straightens up and he holds his head so high. He loves it!

We’re currently battling the incompetent Washoe County School District for placement next year. More on that next week when hopefully we have a resolution, but let me just say, worst experience ever! But, next on our list of adventures, conductive education camp in Santa Rosa. Beckett will be working 6 hours a day, 5 days a week for 5 weeks straight. I’m hoping he’ll thrive and have so many more skills come August. It’s going to be a ton of work though. I’m having serious anxiety over it but I’m so excited at the same time. It’s called Boost Camp and its run through UCP North Bay. Look it up. It’s pretty fascinating. The concept originated in Hungary. Most conductors are Hungarian or at least trained at the Peto Institute. If this proves to be successful for Beckett, I am truly investing in opening a center in Reno. There’s a pretty good 60 Minute story that aired in 2004. If you have time, look it up and watch. It’s intense but they report amazing results. I’ll let you know how I feel about it after July! 

So for now, I’ll leave you with cute pictures of our darling boy. Since I’m sure you’re still traumatized from the sleep study picture 🙂


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Little Fishy

 At the beginning of June, Addie started new swim lessons at Miss Susan’s house. I was a little nervous since she wasn’t loving the prior place but she was  really excited to try something new. Or she was just really excited to not have to go back to Little One’s Swim. Either way, I was praying we’d have more success here. She was a bit apprehensive at first and got out of the pool a few times saying she was scared, but after about 10 minutes, she was having the best time! She even put her face in a few times. As we drove away, she asked if she could go back the next day. What? This was way too easy. The next week, time of her life again. She loves it! She does the back float, jumps off the side, goes down the slide, dives under with Miss Susan for rings, and loves every second! At the pool this weekend, she tells me, “count to three, I want to put my face in.” This is a completely different kid from just three weeks ago. I have no doubt that her prior place is great, it just wasn’t the teaching style Addie needed. I’m so glad we switched. I’m sure with weekly lessons and our community pool, she’ll be swimming in no time! 

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Preschool is a big deal. So big that it deserves two whole weeks of celebrations to close out the year. I must admit, I’ve been on the verge of crying nearly every day. I was that kid in high school who cried for every “last” thing. It’s our last football game. It’s our last dance recital. It’s our last formal. I’m an emotional wreck! Is it too much to ask that her teachers and friends to stay together for the next 14 years? Her teachers are so kind, patient and fun and all the kids are just the sweetest little things. I suppose she needs to grow up, meet new people and have different experiences in order to be a well rounded person who makes good choices. Ugh, why can’t I just shelter her forever? That aside, here’s all the fun Addie got to have in her last two weeks of preschool.

I truly love her school! Each class got to have an awards ceremony where they performed and received a gold medal and award. Addie got “most creative storyteller”. I’m not the least bit surprised! She does tell some good stories in crazy detail.

   And then there were parties. So many parties. First, we had super fun birthday party at the Clay Canvas for her friend Jackson where she painted a ceramic frog. She always loves the gymnastics parties and bouncy houses, but I really think this one was right up her alley! 

Later that week, she had a class party at a park. It was the same day that we moved, so the fact that she made it there was amazing in itself! It was a bit rainy and chilly, but she had so much fun playing with her friends and teacher. 

The last week of school was theme week. I did not take a single picture of Addie in her outfits, but she sure loved Disney day, sports day, animal day, class color day and luau. They spent their last day playing in pools and running through the sprinklers. They had a face painter and balloon artist. How much fun is that? 

That afternoon, her school had a party at Wild Island. $9 for entry plus a food voucher…can’t beat it! We only stayed for a couple hours, couldn’t miss dance class the week before the recital, but she had so much fun!!


The next day, she had her last party of the year, her friend Ryan’s birthday. She played on the tumblebus and rode scooters and cars in Ryan’s backyard until it was time for recital pictures. Whew, we had quite a few packed days!! On top of all this, there was Brookfield night at the Aces game, a school dance, and all-school awards ceremony that we didn’t even make it to. 

I think I may have broken a record for the number of times I’ve said “so much fun” in this post, but seriously, despite the move and back and forth drama with the school district, these past two weeks have still been so much fun 🙂

Though I’m still not sure I’m ready to end this preschool chapter, I have to say, bring on Junior Kindergarten!

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Home Sweet Home

Jimmy and I owned two beautiful homes when we lived in Las Vegas. For the past six years in Reno, however, we’ve gotten used to life as renters. We started in a gorgeous apartment in Sparks. Then moved to my parents’ house while they were still in Vegas. Then moved again when my parents moved up. Then finally into what we believed would be a long-term rental until we found the perfect home to buy. 

Well, in mid-April, just a year after we moved in, our landlords told us they were selling the house to buy a lot. We had a couple weeks of extreme anxiety, strategizing, and too much negotiating. After two unfortunate renting experiences, we were done. The timing and circumstances weren’t ideal but we had to buy. We spent one Saturday morning with our realtor touring ten houses in three hours. We made three offers that afternoon. The first countered and we declined. The second didn’t even respond to our offer. Turns out the house has asbestos and is still on the market. The third countered at $10,000 below asking and we went for it!

There were some obvious things that would need to be done immediately. The carpet hadn’t been updated in nearly 30 years and the entire house smelled of Asian spices. We closed on a Tuesday and had the floors ripped out and new carpet installed upstairs by Thursday so we could move in Friday. Our wood for the first floor is acclimating in the living room now, so downstairs we’re living on subfloor and throw rugs at the moment. Not ideal but far better than smelling like an Asian restaurant. 

I wish I would have taken before pics so the after would feel that much more rewarding, but we started demo so quick that I didn’t even have time. Here are some pics off Zillow though, just so you can see what we got ourselves into.


 It’s not my dream home – I was hoping move #12 would be our last for a long time. But having just two weeks to find a house and 30 days after to close, options were limited and budget was tight. So, I still anticipate lucky number 13 in the future but for now, this is home.

The good…

It’s ours!! – no more living with other people’s questionable paint choices and cheapo flooring.

Cul-de-sac – our last house was on the main road for the community. On a hill. Now, maybe 5 houses worth of traffic drive by our house.

4 upstairs bedrooms – for three years, Addie has been on a different floor than us. For one year, Beckett has too. And he wakes up all night long and needs to be patted back to sleep. For the past week, we haven’t minded his inconsistent sleeping habits nearly as much!

Kitchen space – it’s not huge and I’m certainly dreaming of a remodel in the future, but all our kitchenware including China fits in the cabinets.

Community pool – If you need me this summer, you know where to look.

Veggies! – my favorite salad tastes even more amazing with the fresh lettuce the previous owners left growing in the garden. 

The bad…

Wallpaper – so much wallpaper. And every room is a different style. Some is thin paper that comes off with water and a lot of scraping. Some is vinyl and leaves a thick layer of paste behind. But the worst, by far, is textured fabric that pulls off layers of sheet rock. It’s painful. And we’re not even half way done. Let’s not even talk about what to do with bare sheet rock once the paper is gone. If anyone is planning to put up wall paper, please do yourselves or any future owners a favor and prime the sheet rock first.

Carpeted bathrooms – gross. Nothing more to say about that. It was pulled out immediately and tile will be installed this week!

Expenses – owning costs a lot of money and multiple trips to Lowes. You don’t even want to see how long my wish list of major projects is.

Painting – every. Square. Inch. There is not a single thing I don’t want to paint. Walls, window sills, doors, trim, cabinets, closets, ceilings. And the exterior, it’s easily the ugliest house on the block. We might get away with just painting the trim white. We’ll start there and see if it’s still so unappealing.

So here we are just over a week later. We’re about halfway unpacked and will hopefully have wood floors installed this week so we can organize and unpack the rest. And I can’t end this post without a huge shout out to my parents who have been here nearly every day making this house safe, functional and looking (and smelling) a million times better. It’s been so chaotic and I so despise moving, but it sure is nice to be home!

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Disney Days

Wow, Coen turns one and I immediately stop blogging! There is so much to catch up on. Life has been complete chaos since my last post. Here’s a snap shot, just so you know what updates to hold me to in the near future…

Beckett’s transition into the school district

New house

Addie’s class awards ceremony

Addie’s new swim lessons

Addie’s end of school party

Coen’s 1-year photo shoot

Addie’s last day of preschool and wild island party

On top of all this, Coen was sick, broke out in a full body rash for 24 hours, and has been cranky for three weeks straight. Finally, two nights ago, he’s a happy boy again and eating like a champ! 

Whew, so much to catch up on, but first, let’s start with the most fun adventure. 

A few days after Coen’s birthday, Addie and I hopped on a plane to L.A. to meet Auntie and spend two days in the Magic Kingdom. It was amazing!!! I want to live there and watch fireworks every night of my life. Managing just one kid gave us so much more time for rides. Addie even tried the Matterhorn this time, though she thought “Marshmallow” was way too scary. Then we traumatized her and made her ride pirates. She covered her eyes the entire time. Thunder Mountain was still her favorite. And Ariel. I loved the Cars ride, the parade, and the new World of Color show. Oh, and Small World. We had to ride that one twice! We were completely exhausted by Friday but it was so worth it! 

And now, way too many pictures of our fun…






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