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Eleven months! I can hardly believe it. He’s quite the active little boy now. Pretty dang speedy too. He loves to eat, splashes like a crazy man in the bathtub, is pretty amazing at playing catch, pulls up on everything, then slowly lowers himself into the splits to get down.

He’s been a bit of a crankster this month. I blame teething, though none have popped through yet. He’s got to get some soon, right? I’m going to ask my dentist about baby veneers, just in case.

My favorite thing this month, Coen wakes up every morning and turns on the music in his crib. He just sits in there playing, happy as ever, until someone takes him out. Then he screams until he’s fed. I just love this boy!

Week #48


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I have so much blogging to catch up on. I’m sure you all can’t wait to hear how swimming has been going, but today, a happier subject. It’s earth day!! Did you know that when I was in grad school, I did a research paper on the history of earth day and helped organize the event for two years, each time drawing more than 8,000 people? I was much more granola in my pre-kid life! 

Today, Addie’s school planted flowers. Each child (I think there are about 70 kids) 

was asked to bring one to school. Some brought multiple plants, and while they look beautiful, that sure was a long and dirty 3 hours! Most kids loved it. Addie sure did!

Cute, huh! Her school is pretty amazing! Happy Earth Day!


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Week 47


This kid. He sat here crying until I gave him the remote. Such a boy. Beckett and Coen were sick again this week. Just colds, but both were completely miserable. So, we pretty much did nothing. Not even a cute picture this week. Oh well. 

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Coen #46


Not much new here, just a 46-week-old cutie!!!  

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I sure love holidays. I probably say that every holiday, but really, they’re just the best!! We started our Easter fun last weekend coloring eggs with friends.


And then more egg coloring Saturday with auntie. This year, we used brown eggs and I must say, I’m hooked! The colors are so rich and vibrant. 



Easter morning, the little ones woke up and dove into their baskets. Addie tore hers apart in less than 5 minutes. Coen had fun with his, then both tried to explore Beckett’s. 



Our bunny hid eggs in the backyard for Addie, too cold for the boys. We had a delicious breakfast with Auntie and Gramps, then the rest of the fam joined us for a lovely dinner. I made avocado deviled eggs and carrot and lemon cheesecakes. Yum!! 



Gift giving, food, and family – three of my favorite things!!

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Coen Week 45


Oh Coen, such a charmer! He finished dinner this week and started crying in his high chair. He looks right at me, as I’m holding Beckett, and says the most dramatic “ma ma”. Auntie the speech path-in-training says these babbles don’t count as first words so we won’t put it in the baby book just yet, but it was pretty adorable. He’s been practicing his “ma” sound ever since.

Last weekend, after gymnastics and therapy, we decided to have a picnic. Coen chowed down then had his first swing experience. He wasn’t impressed. 



Another first this week, family dinner at an actual restaurant. I’m not kidding! We haven’t gone out to eat as a family for at least ten months! It’s tough with Beckett and Coen but now that we can put one in a high chair, we have a free set of hands finally! Earlier in the week, Addie asked so nicely if we could all go out to dinner, so we had to give it a try. Aside from Coen’s screeching, it wasn’t too bad. Addie says she wants to go to restaurants more often. We might have to limit it to patio dining until Coen outgrows this screeching phase!



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