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Big Week #44


It took 10 months and 3 days but finally this little chubster is crawling! He started last Wednesday at Linda’s house but he’s still not entirely sold on the concept. It’s more convenient to grab and pull on the carpet but if he’s on a short rug or wood, he’ll resort to crawling. He really wants to pull up on things now and also likes to practice his downward dog.


He’s pretty entertaining!!

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I often visualize how scenarios are going to play out in my kids’ lives. Usually, reality is nothing like I imagine. Sometimes it’s better (though not often; my imagination is pretty amazing!), most of the time, it’s just different. Not bad different, just not the way I saw it playing out. 

When Addie asked to go to swim lessons six months ago, part of me procrastinated because our schedules were too busy. The other part of me procrastinated because I have vivid memories of a three-year-old me screaming my face off on the steps during swim lessons because the instructor wanted me to put my face in the water! How dare she ask me to do such a thing. At swim lessons. My poor mother.

So when Addie mentioned it again recently, I finally made the call. Addie and I observed a class one day. She ended up in tears because I told her she couldn’t get in the water right then and there. Not signed up yet, no swim suit, all non-negotiable factors. Week 1, Addie has a fever and freaks out about having to cancel. On to week 2.


She was so excited to go. Her entire school knew about her upcoming swim lessons. She talked it up for two whole weeks. We get her changed and she jumps right in to the little pool to wait for her lesson the begin (for once, we are extremely early for something!). First lesson is way better than I visualized. She actually looked like she was enjoying it! Maybe she takes more after her dad on this one. Dare I say I was wrong?


Lesson ends, she gets out of the pool nearly in tears and says she got water up her nose. Not so fast, imagination. Looks like, sadly, I may have been right after all. We get dressed then stop at the front desk to schedule a make-up class from the previous week. When I ask if she wants to come back tomorrow, she responds with a firm no. She never wants to swim again. 

We somehow make it back for day 2 and she does amazing! Goes down the slide, jumps off the side, goes under water. Hmmm, looks like maybe I was silly to agonize over this. Oh, but wait, ten minutes before class ends, she’s out of the pool crying again. Auntie planned to take her to see Cinderella after swim and she said, “I don’t want to go to the movie, I just want to go home.” We leave in tears. 

For the next week, she talks about how she never wants to learn to swim. She doesn’t care if she never goes to the lake or the beach again. No pool parties. She has this improv class at school that she does on Thursdays, and she even said she doesn’t want to do that anymore. Then she said she was joking, “the only thing I never, ever, ever, want to do again is swim lessons.”

We had a full week of this. When Tuesday morning rolls around, she asks what she has to do that day. Swim lessons. She throws a mini fit before school, then after school when I ask if she wants to put her suit on at home or there, full-on freak out. The conversation ends in her deciding to quit but when we get there, she talks to her coach and they agree she won’t put her face in the water. Into the pool she goes. Oh my goodness, I can’t handle this roller coaster. 

She did fine, but got out of the pool with five minutes left wanting to quit. She even said, “take the iPad away, I don’t care, I just want to go home.” She got through the end of the lesson and according to Jimmy, she plans to go next week. 

I can’t handle the convincing, the meltdown, the negotiation (on her end). It’s exhausting! You know what else I can’t handle? How she’s so much like me at her age. It’s so frustrating! On one hand, I empathize with her. I know exactly how she’s feeling, I’ve been there. On the other hand, I’m furious with her! Why’s it so hard to hold your breath and put your head under water? It will not hurt you in any way. And then there’s the realization…this was me at four. Sorry, Mom! 

So the question is, to push her past this crazy, irrational fear of head under water or respect her wishes? I quit. I also didn’t learn to swim until 8 although I had a pool in my backyard. But once I learned to swim, I lived in the pool. I know she’ll love swimming. My inclination is to push. Plus, with three little ones, we’re outnumbered. Someone needs to learn to swim. Coen sure loves baths and doesn’t mind Addie dumping water on his head. Maybe we count on him to be our little fish.

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10 Months of Coen/43 Weeks


Ten months today! We’ve learned how to move forward though it’s more of a worm maneuver, not so much a crawl yet. I wouldn’t even call it an army crawl,  and it’s not quite the inch worm move that Addie would do. It’s more of a grab the rug and pull. He’s on the verge of real crawling though, I can feel it! 

He loves food this month, can’t get enough! Bath time is the absolute best. And now that the weather is warming up, the backyard is becoming a new favorite. Addie loves pushing him on the bike and in the car while Beckett lounges in the hammock.


Coen also found a new best friend recently though I think this relationship is a bit one-sided. 


Here’s week 43. Such a handsome boy!


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We’ve had a full week of sick kiddos here. Last Friday, Coen came home from daycare with a fever that lasted until 3am. He wanted extra snuggles Saturday and seemed fine Sunday, but I kept him home with me Monday just to be safe. He ran errands with me all day and even got to ride in the shopping cart for the first time. I think he loved it!

Then Tuesday, Addie woke up feeling sick and Beckett threw up in the car after we dropped Coen off at daycare. 24 hours of miserable kids. Wednesday was better though Addie slept for nearly 16 hours straight and Beckett was back to his normal routine by Thursday. Addie took an extra day off but had to get back to school Friday, can’t miss pizza day!

Finally, we’re all back to normal. Still no crawling but Coen gets up on all fours with ease and rolls and scoots everywhere. He’s learned to go from floor to sitting this week. Crawling can’t be too far off now!

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Coen Week 41

Coen’s a charmer. He looks right at you, tips his head to the side and gives a little grin. 

I think he’s working us all. Who wouldn’t give that darling face anything he wants? We’re in big trouble!

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