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Coen 9 Months/40 Weeks

Nine months of fun with this little cutie! He stopped wiggling long enough this month to get a clear picture! Though he is only wearing one sock. Can’t win ’em all, I guess. 

At his check up today, he weighed 18 pounds 14 ounces, was 28 1/4 inches, and has a 18 3/4 inch head. His height dropped off a little to 50th percentile but weight is steady around 25th and his giant head is nearly off the chart. He had to get a little finger prick to test for anemia. Oddly, I think he enjoyed it. Then he got a super cool bandaid on his finger.

If only the doctor didn’t take it off so quickly. It certainly would have made for a good snack.

His new favorite thing this month is baths without the seat. He goes crazy. Water everywhere! Add screeching at the top of your lungs and its a real party in there!

Do you see those flapping arms? They don’t stop. 

Still no crawling but he sure can get around quickly. And still no teeth. He loves to eat and has just recently starting screaming at you when he’s hungry. Literally screaming until you shovel food in his mouth as fast as you can. Jimmy brought Beckett a bottle tonight and Coen screamed because it wasn’t for him. Reminds me of Addie at that age. So demanding!

Are you tired of the weeklies yet? Here’s 40!

Twelve more then I’ll stop 🙂

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Coen’s Weekly #39

i was holding off on this one thinking I’d post it with his official 9 month pic from Sunday but now I realize his 9-month check up is tomorrow which will also be his #40 weekly, so better get 39 up! Week 39 is a big one! Week 39 equals as many weeks growing in the belly as he’s had growing on earth 🙂 He sure did miraculous things in those 39 weeks in the womb, but the past 39 weeks have been even more amazing. These babes sure soak up a ton in these early stages of life! More to come on 9 months, but for now, just a cute little picture from week #39.

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My Valentines

Addie was so excited for Valentine’s Day this year. Like it was Christmas or something. Very strange and I’m not sure why this was such a big deal for her this year, but we went with it. Addie got all dressed up for school on Friday and all three gave out adorable Valentines to their friends (thank you, Pinterest).


Saturday, Addie had gymnastics then we spent the rest of the day baking red velvet cookie bars and crafting valentines for family before I slaved away in the kitchen making our delicious dinner of crab wontons, potstickers and Mongolian beef. A great day spent with my favorite people.


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I just realized while looking through the pictures on my phone that I forgot to post about the Father Daughter Dance. Addie’s school has this special night just for the girls and their date of choice around Valentine’s Day each year. Addie picked out a fancy pink dress and headband. They had cupcakes and goldfish. Addie didn’t dance because she didn’t have enough friends there (her words) so she stayed up until 10:00 having a dance party in the living room.




She also had two birthday parties at the children’s museum. Busy weekend! We were supposed to have a third party but it was cancelled due to possible measles here. So, Addie and Daddy enjoyed the museum Saturday morning and Addie and I got to have fun Sunday morning. She finally made it up to the top of the clouds with a buddy each day. Both times, they got stuck and had to be coached down. Still fun though!



Sunday’s party introduced me to my new obsession – earl grey cupcakes with lavender frosting. If anyone wants to surprise me with this delicious treat from Batch in Midtown, I’ll love you forever. Seriously, so good!!

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Coen’s Weekly #38

This little cutie had another photo session with Kendall today. He started out happy but when Daddy left to pick Addie up, he cried the whole time. As soon as Addie and Daddy returned, we could resume the picture taking. He’s so stubborn!! Hopefully we got some good ones before he pretty much fell asleep with his eyes open. Poor thing was exhausted by the end.

Jimmy was traveling for work three days this week, so we spent some quality days as a single-parent household. I’ll just put it out there, I don’t like it one bit!! It’s hard juggling three in the morning and at bedtime. The boys played together so nicely this time though. Beckett loves his chair and Coen loves pounding on the iPad so it works out 🙂


Not much else new for Coen this week. Still not crawling. Still no teeth. Working on both though, I think!


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Coen Weeks 36 & 37

I’ve been slacking on Coen’s weekly pics on here. He has such a silly smile lately.

Every time, scrunchy nose. No idea why but he thinks it’s so funny! He didn’t have the same enthusiasm about his weekly pic today but he’s still adorable!


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