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Beckett 2.5

Can you believe Beckett is 2 1/2 already? He had a great check up today. 24 pounds, 15 ounces, 34 inches and 18 3/4 inch head circumference. Compared to a typical two-year-old, he’s still a peanut but he’s on the chart again in all areas and slowly moving up! For a kid who spent months (maybe even a year) well below the charts, this is huge!!! He’s had such a great week at therapy. Every therapist has commented that he’s doing new things this week. Small changes like holding his head up better, moving his arms on his own to play the piano, may not seem like much but huge things in Beckett’s world that will lead to more development!

A few weeks ago, he borrowed this sweet power chair for a few OT sessions.


This thing is a beast!! And cost $45,000!!!!! No joke. Take a minute to process that. I’ll wait 🙂

He loved cruising around outside. He was better at moving backward, he tends to pull really well but pushing is a harder motion. Our OT thinks that letting him experience free movement might trigger a desire in his brain to attempt to move more freely while he’s lying down or in his gait trainer. Makes sense to me.

He’s done lots of fun stuff at OT lately. Practicing rolling, practicing crawling, playing the big piano, painting.



After listening to that podcast earlier this week (have you listened yet?), I decided that I’m going to surround Beckett with as much positive energy as possible. If you have an abundance, feel free to come hang out with us! And any negative Nellies, no offense, but stay away. With all the good things in store over here, we don’t have time for bad vibes. Each day, I’m going to tell Beckett (and Addie and Coen too) that I believe in him and am so proud of him. I think I’d be more inspired if I someone told me that every day. How could you not believe in this cute face?


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Spirit Week

Addie had her very first spirit week at school. She looks forward to going to school every day but this week, she was so excited every morning. So cute!!

Crazy sock day


Pajama day


School spirit day


Super hero day


Wacky hair day



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Our Little Batman?

A couple weeks ago, our amazing OT sent me a text about this story she’d just heard on NPR about this man who uses echolocation. She said his clicks sounded just like Beckett’s. For those who don’t know, Beckett has clicked since he was born, I swear. If not that early, then very soon after. He does it as a greeting, when he’s happy, when he wants more of something, in response if someone clicks to him, and is now associating it with the word “click”. Intrigued by Judy’s text, I searched for this podcast but didn’t have any luck finding it. Then tonight, someone posts a link to it on Facebook. It’s so much more amazing than I could have imagined! I beg anyone who reads this to take an hour to listen. I know, an hour is a big commitment and I only found time when my kids were napping, but please, find the time. Here’s the link to listen. I hope it will change your view of the world as it did mine. I plan to share this with all Beckett’s current and future therapists. It might be a little crazy of me but I’m ok with that. If we fill Beckett’s world only with people who don’t limit their expectations of his abilities, how much more will he achieve? I don’t know the answer, but I do know that I’d rather live in a world where everyone is encouraged and challenged to reach their full potential.

So, what do you think? Is our darling boy batman in disguise? He’s either practicing echolocation or he’s fluent in that South African language that uses tongue-clicking. Either way, he’s brilliant!

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8 Months!!

Hi darling 8-month-old! What a fun month we’ve had. Coen isn’t sold on crawling just yet but can roll himself anywhere he wants to be, usually ending up halfway under a table. He sleeps through the night, 8pm until about 7:30am, only every other night though. I’m not quite sure why he’s not doing it every night, but at least every two days I feel more rested. He talks and squeals constantly and has the most amazing belly laugh when tickled. Oh, I just love this boy!

35 weeks


And, of course, can’t take a picture without Addie jumping in. His face is classic!


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34 Weeks of Coen

Coen finally slept through the night this week. 9pm-7:30am. It was amazing! I think he would have done it again last night but he managed to stick both legs through his crib rail. I had to rescue him at 4am. Hoping tonight is quiet again!!

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Apparently 36 is a big deal around here. Seriously. We go big! Jimmy’s birthday yesterday included presents, pizza, cake, amusement rides, a rock star, trampolines, a parachute, cupcakes, champagne, a dinner show, fire, ice cream and dancing on a table. For real! No joke!

Our morning started out at Chuck E. Cheese. Nothing like pizza, cake and a human dressed up as a giant rodent to kick off Jimmy’s 36th year. Technically, we were there to celebrate Annabelle’s 3rd birthday but it was great for 36 too!





We even got to take this rockstar home with us…

Next came the trampolines, parachute and cupcakes. Actually, birthday boy opted out of this part so only Addie, Coen and I enjoyed Giuliana’s party at the gym.

We rushed home and Addie, Jimmy and I met our friends for a super fun and delicious dinner. As promised, there was a dinner show and fire. Addie was a little unsure at first but she came around.


And the food, oh so yummy! And of course, what’s a birthday without champagne (enjoyed by Seema and me!).

And, then there was table dancing…

I swear this was her idea! Ok, maybe a little seed was planted by Tim during a dinner conversation, but as soon as she saw this platform, she said, “I want to dance up there!” And when you have a 4-year-old who just celebrated three birthdays, and you’re in a casino at 9pm, don’t question, just obey!

So, maybe Addie enjoyed this 36th birthday just a little more than Jimmy. He really did get ice cream in the end though.

And cake. There’s always more cake.

Though I think that was more for Addie, as well!

Happy birthday to an amazing husband and father! We sure love you!!

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Coen 33 Weeks

In the past week, Coen’s practicing waving and today, was giving high-fives to Linda’s daughter. He’s eating purées with no problem and is experimenting with mums.

Last weekend, we all celebrated Olivia’s 5th birthday at Jump Man Jump. Addie and Beckett had fun on the giant slides. Coen tried to eat some toys before deciding to take a nap. Good times!





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