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Four Days of Christmas

I love Christmas! It is, without a doubt, my favorite time of year. I have spent every Christmas morning the same way for as long as I can remember. Wake up early, open piles of presents, then spend the next few hours eating breakfast and organizing (or playing with) all my new loot. I believe this is how most kids’ Christmases are until they get older. Then Christmas morning starts later, gifts are fewer and less exciting. Well, having a sister nearly 13 years younger than me, we’ve always had a kid in the house Christmas morning. And when that kid was finally 18, we had Addie. The magic and excitement of Christmas morning has never ended for us.

This year started with that same energy. Addie bounced out of bed and quickly dove in to her stocking. Beckett and Coen opened theirs as well while we waited for Gram, Gramps, Papa and Auntie to arrive. Of course, Coen had to taste every single thing in his!








After a couple hours of presents and filling up on delicious pumpkin French toast, we had a bit of downtime then enjoyed a lovely dinner at Aunt Trish and Ed’s. We headed home with full bellies and grateful hearts. Coen was 31 weeks, so we snapped a quick pic (can’t miss our weekly!) then all snuggled in bed to rest up for even more Christmas fun.

Friday morning, we headed over to EDH to visit with the Smiths and Gibsons. The kids had Christmas round 2 with Nana and Poppy. Saturday, we played in the garden with some of our new things and then round 3 with the Smiths Saturday night.




Sunday, we headed to the zoo and Fairytale Town. Addie wasn’t thrilled with the zoo but I’m convinced she could play at Fairytale Town every day without ever losing interest. The castle, the treehouse, the barn, the old woman in the shoe, the pumpkin carriage and the giant throne…she was in heaven!






Jimmy has many more pictures on his phone. I was hauling around the 17 pound giant baby so was a little distracted!

Sunday night was Christmas round 4 with the James gang. Much more mild and a great way to close out another amazing holiday. We’re back home for a week of therapies and another wedding. What a great ending to a wonderful year!! Bring on 2015!!

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One Hour Til Christmas

What a day!

The tree was completed with bracelets and rings…


Playdates were had with our wonderful friends…


Reindeer were fed…



Bellies were full of yummy steak and lobster.
Cookies were in place…


A tearful goodbye to Jolly was said…


And now presents for nine are under the tree and stockings are stuffed…



Addie asked tonight, with tears in her eyes, if santa was going to bring her a bunch of junk because she was naughty. What a day!

Merry Christmas!!

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I’ve been putting this post off for weeks because I wanted to pull all the pictures of our Royal Celebration off my camera. Neither the PC nor the Mac will read the memory card, so here it is, iPhone pics only…

Back in July when Addie decided to be Aurora for Halloween, she also decided she wanted an Aurora cake and Sofia cupcakes for her birthday. I asked her on numerous occasions since and each time, Aurora cake and Sofia cupcakes. About six weeks ago, she also tried to throw in a Minnie Mouse theme. I had to reign this girl in! So we settled on a princess theme. Royal invitations were sent and special guests were arranged.

The Saturday before her “real” birthday we headed over to the club at Somersett to set up for a royal celebration. She got her Aurora cake and compromised with princess cupcakes. I made a million star cookie wands and two giant photo props, a tower and a carriage. Each princess received a personalized hat and princes got crowns. Anna and Elsa came and entertained for an hour, then cake and back in the car headed home by early afternoon. The birthday princess passed out in the car, balloons in hand. Too much dancing and sugar sure wears a girl out!







I think what I loved most about this party is that before Anna and Elsa arrived, Addie and her friends sat in the corner playing with Beckett and Coen. It was so sweet that these 4-year-olds were so interested in the little ones.

So, the “pretend” birthday ended with presents at home. It literally took 4 hours to open because Addie wanted to play with each one before moving on to the next. Sunday was family dinner and more presents. Then Tuesday, her “real” birthday, was dinner, cake, and even more presents from EDH family that I had stashed away.

Here’s the last picture of our 3-year-old…


And our birthday princess…



And because every 4-year-old’s birthday should really last a full week, she and her friend Ben got to sit up in front at Friday’s assembly and have their whole school sing happy birthday to them!


It’s pretty amazing to be 4!!

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7 Months of Coen

Seven months today! This was a big month of change for Coen. He had his first sick experience and has a serious case of separation anxiety. He doesn’t love purées yet and puffs make him gag to the point of throwing up. But on the brighter side, he sits up like a champ and a couple weeks ago, Papa taught him to clap. His favorite things are squealing, pulling Addie’s hair and chewing on his toes (even while sitting up!). It’s such a joy to watch him grown and learn. This time of year especially, we realize how blessed we truly are to get to love these three amazing babes!


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Coen Weeks 29 and 30

Time is not my friend this month! Too much to do, not enough hours in the day. I should be addressing Christmas cards but I figured I’d get at least one post out of the way.

Since the last post, one of the kids at Linda’s had RSV so both boys ended up back at the doctor. RSV was negative but Beckett’s ear infection wasn’t clearing up so he got an antibiotic shot. Coen still had a lingering cough so was sent home with breathing treatments. We only did it a couple of times and his cough went away, so nothing serious.

Beckett had a follow-up to see if the shot helped and one ear was clear but one was still pretty bad, so shot round 2. Then another follow-up this past Monday and finally he kicked it! He had a much better week and we’re all healthy heading into our two-week break.

Week 29



Hanging out at the gym while Addie played at her friend Ben’s birthday party.


Week 30


Addie’s birthday post will take priority just as soon as I get these Christmas cards out (tomorrow, I hope!!!! Yes, I realize it’s December 19th already!).

On the bright side, my shopping is done and presents are wrapped! See, I’m totally on top of some things 🙂

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A lot has happened in the last 7 days. We’re probably all worn out which might explain why I sit here typing with a sick boy on my lap and another on the floor. Let’s back up to Thanksgiving.

We had dinner at our house. Addie was sick with two ear infections and slept the day away. Jimmy and I both woke up sick as well making cooking very tedious! Somehow we managed to get through it though I didn’t have much of an appetite to enjoy the delicious bacon-wrapped turkey. I did very much enjoy our little 27-week-old turkey though!


We spent a quiet Friday at home baking cookies with Auntie for someone’s upcoming birthday party then put up our Christmas tree. Jimmy brought up the top first, and just as I anticipated, Addie asked why it was so small! Once it was all up, she was satisfied with our “medium” tree.



Saturday morning, we woke up bright and early to a packed weekend of fun. First was our darling friend Priya’s birthday party. She always has a lovely pajama brunch with a special visit from Santa.



Then we headed over the snow-covered mountains to EDH. Jimmy’s niece, Caity, and her family were in town from Florida. I had never met Caity in the thirteen years that Jimmy and I have been together! Crazy, right? Addie had so much fun playing with her cousins Ayla and Sydney.


We spent some good time with most of the James gang and a few more hours with Nana and Poppy before heading back through the snow. We got home just in time for dinner with Gram and Gramps. I’ve mentioned before that grandmas always have the best things and these kids’ Gram sure doesn’t disappoint! I swear my mom could open a Hallmark out of her house during Christmas! Addie loves all the singing figures and angels and Coen and Beckett were thrilled by the tree lights.




Monday morning, December 1 (aka: the best day of the year!!) our elf, this year named Jolly, came to visit and brought along a friend. They’ve been bringing books each day to get the kids in the Christmas spirit. Of course Addie thinks they’re just for her. I think next year she may be a bit disappointed when she has to share the opening duties with brothers.

I was hoping the boys had escaped the wrath of Addie’s cold but Tuesday, both boys were coughing and feeling miserable. Beckett’s been home for two days and has two ear infections of his own now. He’s feeling terrible but sleeping so hard. For a boy who has never slept through the night, it’s been kind of amazing!

And after all that, here we are at Coen week 28!

Whew, that was one crazy week! We’ve got one more packed weekend ahead then maybe some relief. I sure need to catch up after all of this 🙂

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