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Coen’s 6-Month Stats

Coen had his 6-month check up yesterday.

He’s seriously a giant! 16 pounds, 3 ounces, 28 inches tall and his head is 18.25 inches. He’s 90th percentile for height, 25th for weight and 95th for head. Crazy!!

And, 6 months in the making, his room is finally finished. I found a steal on these curtains and finally filled his frames.



I’ll post his weekly pic later when he puts his turkey shirt on but for now, I just wanted to share pics of our sweet beast of a boy while I take a break from the kitchen 🙂

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Solids – Day 1

First taste of solids this morning…oatmeal. Think he’ll be ready for butternut squash by Thanksgiving??





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Six Months!!!

Our boy is growing up so fast. Six months already.

We’re going to be sending him off to college before you know it! Ok, maybe that’s a bit dramatic but seriously, how does time go so quickly?

He’s mastered the complete roll though sometimes he still forgets he can do it and gets stuck on his tummy. He can sit unassisted for a while before slowly melting to the ground. He’s babbling non-stop and making new sounds. He still protests fiercely in the evenings when going to bed but easily puts himself to sleep throughout the night (though he still wants to eat whenever he wakes). Addie might be his favorite person ever even though she’s always in his personal space. He and Beckett “talk” to each other while lying on the floor and occasionally kick and pull at each other. They’re all pretty amazing!


Here’s his weekly pic from last Thursday. #26.

Such a darling boy!

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The week before Halloween, I decided we needed to get to Disneyland ASAP! We haven’t been in years, and it was the kids first time, so had to be a family affair. We were trying to find a good time to go and it just wasn’t working out so I said we’re going on Halloween. And a week later, we were in LA! Gram, Gramps and Auntie joined us which was very helpful when it came to shuffling the boys on and off trams. Plus, they’re pretty fun!

We didn’t tell Addie where we were going until we woke up Halloween morning. She was pretty excited! Since it was Halloween, they were dressed up as a comfortable Rapunzel, Flynn Rider and Pascal.

I don’t know how little girls survive all day in those giant princess dresses. They’re so itchy! Regardless, we saw about 500 Elsas! We spent a lot of time in Fantasyland and Toon Town. Addie’s favorite was Minnie’s house until we went on Thunder Mountain! She might turn out to be a daredevil after all! The boys were perfect in the stroller nearly all day. Addie and Coen took a good nap. Beckett decided he didn’t need one but still hung in until we got home at 10:30.

So, day 1 picture overload…













We went again on Saturday but I think one day of Disney was the boys’ max. Beckett was over riding in the stroller. He just wasn’t having fun like he did the first day. Neither slept well the whole trip so that may have added to the cranky moods. Addie loved meeting the characters and went on the teacups at least 4 times. She loved it!









We stayed until about 6 pm then headed over to visit my beautiful friend Gina, her amazing hubs and the darling Kaleb.

We headed home Sunday a little sick, and very tired! The first half of the drive was fine but Beckett and Coen fussed almost the entire second half. Three and a half hours of cranky babies! It was pretty miserable! Still worth it but I don’t know that we’ll drive to Disneyland again any time soon. Though Addie asks if we can go every weekend! Next time we’ll fly 🙂

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Coen Week 25

25 weeks of this darling boy! Hard to believe he’ll be 6 months old this weekend. Gosh, he’s such a cutie!!!

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Coen Weeks 23 & 24

Disneyland trip blogging coming soon but I’m really slacking on Coen’s weekly pictures. Here are weeks 23 and 24.


And I just realized he’s wearing the same thing as he did in his week 22 pic. Guess it’s time to rotate the wardrobe again 🙂

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The week before Halloween, I decided that a family trip to Disneyland was in order. Super fun and exciting but that meant we would miss trick-or-treating on Halloween. Luckily, Beckett’s therapy program had an indoor event where we could fill Addie’s candy cravings a couple of nights early.

Back in July, Addie decided she was going to be Sleeping Beauty for Halloween this year. We already had a dress, so it was a perfect idea! The morning of this event, however, she decided she wanted to be Rapunzel. Seriously. Needless to say, we had quite the argument which ended in you dress as Sleeping Beauty or we don’t go. By the time I picked her up from school, she was back to Sleeping Beauty. Success!!

The boys were a football player and a football. I love these easy years before they form their own opinions 🙂

I love non-door-to-door trick-or-treating. It takes so much less time. And this year, we got to be inside out of the elements. Such a fun experience and no tired kiddos out past bedtime. We were heading home by 5:30. The highlight of Addie’s basket was a Twinkie. Definitely her first, hopefully her last!

After the sun went down and the boys were in bed, we lit our pumpkins in the backyard for the one and only time before they headed to the trash.


It’s kind of strange not being home on Halloween. We left for our adventure the next afternoon and spent actual Halloween at Disneyland. More on that soon!

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