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Beckett’s Pearly Whites

Beckett had his front teeth fixed today. I think he’s pretty pleased with the results! It took all of 5 minutes to buff out the cavities and put on the composite seals. I would have been fine with gold caps, but I guess we’ll take the pearly whites for now 🙂

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Finally, a weekend at home! We started our Saturday with a trip to the pumpkin patch with our favorite friends. Too bad we nearly blew away!





There was dirt everywhere, a hayride, a bounce house, occasional tears, and a few little pumpkins (that I just now remembered are still in the back of my car)…not our best year but still worth it!


Our big pumpkins were home-grown in Gram and Gramps backyard. We spent Sunday carving.



Addie helped gut one this year then ran around the yard checking in every so often to see if we were done carving Olaf yet. She wanted a happy face with triangle eyes on the other – she’s very specific! We planned to carve three but she decided to color on the third one instead. By that point my fingers were freezing so I didn’t argue!

No pictures yet of the finished product. Maybe tomorrow we’ll take some before the kids go trick-or-treating.

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Coen Week 22

We’ve had about a week straight of sleepless nights and screaming fits. I was worried it was an ear infection but his pediatrician says maybe separation anxiety or just a need for sleep training. So, we’re working on some new things. Tonight he actually went down much easier but he was also running on just an short nap all day.

In happier news, he finally did a complete roll. He can easily get onto his tummy now but struggles to tuck that arm to get back over. Today though, he rolled right onto Beckett, then over Beckett’s head onto his back. I’ll consider that a success 🙂

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Addie Meets Elsa

I love Addie’s school. Each Friday, they have an assembly and each week, a different class gets to sing a song for the school. Friday was Addie’s class’ turn. They sang 5 Little Pumpkins. Adorable, right?? But then, her teacher welcomed a surprise guest. Elsa!! Addie just happened to be front and center. Elsa was standing just inches from her! She was amazed! Elsa sang Let It Go with a full choir of 2-5 year olds singing along then visited each classroom.



Addie has now asked if she can invite Elsa to her birthday! Love her!!

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5 Months!

Well hey there cute little five-month old!

I can’t even handle how adorable he is. Now, the screeching at all hours of the night, I could do without. I’ve done way too much blogging already this month, so no updates, but just a darling picture of our growing boy!

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Over the weekend, we celebrated this little beauty’s first birthday! It was a wonderful party filled with fairies and dragons.



Addie had tons of fun searching for bugs to capture in her new bug kit. Also a highlight, the piñata though she was very reluctant to dive on the ground amongst hoards of children to get candy. Luckily, Perry had a stash for the little ones!


Happy birthday, Miss Haylee. We sure love you!!

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Coen/21 Weeks


Coen’s finally learned to roll on to his tummy. His favorite time to do it though is in his crib in the middle of the night. Then he screams because he hasn’t quite figured out how to roll to his back again. It’s a tough life!


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