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Addie and Beckett are super healthy kids. Beckett seems to have constant congestion and they’ve both had a couple bouts of the stomach flu, but our trips to the doctor are mostly limited to routine well checks. Addie has had one ear infection in her 3.5 years and Beckett hasn’t had any illnesses requiring any medication. However, since Coen arrived, we’ve had non-stop sick babes in our house.

Last Monday, after two days of a hacking cough and hoarse voice, we determined that Addie had strep throat and croup. My never sick child felt awful! We left the doctor with a prescription for antibiotics and steroids. Just a few hours later, our sitter called saying Beckett had a fever. I called the doctor and she prescribed him (and Jimmy!) antibiotics too. The whole house besides Coen and me were on 10 days of meds and on our way to healthy.

Addie’s cough wasn’t letting up that first night so we gave her a dose of steroids. Tuesday, we gave her another. Then the roid rage kicked in! She turned into a monster! Completely crazy, endless tantrums followed by a sweet apology and snuggles, then super aggression with pushing and hitting. I swear, she was a demon child. We vowed to never, never, give her steroids again and after a couple days, it seemed to cycle through and she’s back to normal again. Phew!!

Then yesterday, Beckett wakes up with a small rash on his stomach. It’s getting warm here and he was in fleece pajamas. Heat rash, I’m sure. After his nap, it had spread to his back. This morning, it’s on his thighs, arms and face. So, another trip to the doctor and we have ourselves a reaction to the antibiotics. While she didn’t go as far as saying “allergic reaction”, we’re stopping the antibiotics and hoping this rash will run its course by the end of the week.

Man, what a month! With Coen’s new baby checks, we’ve seen our doctor 5 times in the last 5 weeks. Though we all love our fantastic doctor, Beckett’s hand gesture pretty much says what we all think of that…


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We had a house full of sickies this week. Somehow Coen and I managed to come out pretty much germ-free but our usual routine was thrown off. By Thursday, the kids were back at daycare and Coen and I were back to running errands and enjoying afternoon naps.

He’s so much more alert this week. We’ve been trying out the activity mat. On the first day, he lasted almost a half hour and had a really good coo at the end before fussing to be picked up. He’s been making a few different sounds each day.

He’s starting to smile, too, though I had to work really hard for mine. He was more generous with Gram and Daddy! Daddy even caught one on camera! Enjoy 🙂




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Addie has been going to an amazing dance studio for a little over a year now. We started in a parent/toddler class last spring where by the end, it was just Addie and the teacher’s son, then she started a tap/ballet combo last fall. This past weekend, she performed in her first recital! She was the cutest cowgirl ever!




She only had three other girls in her class so they combined with an older class for the performance. They all did amazing for a group of 3-5 year olds!

Nana and Poppy came for the weekend to visit too. Coen loved his Nana time but Beckett quickly reclaimed her lap and refused to share her for most of the weekend. Both boys were amazing despite the very long day of dress rehearsal and recital. Beckett napped a little then enjoyed snuggling with Nana and bouncing to the music. Coen mostly slept!



Then we were on to another week of therapies, errands, and Coen/Mommy snuggles. He was four weeks old as of Thursday.




He started to make little “aahhh” sounds and is making the funniest faces…

Friday night, we headed over to El Dorado Hills to attend Haylee’s baptism on Saturday. It was so fun seeing the darling Haylee again. It had been way too long. She was as charming as ever smiling and flirting the day away. Coen met more family and mostly slept through the baptism and picnic that followed, and once again, Beckett was a permanent fixture on Nana’s lap.


Addie had an off day and ended up with a fever by the time we got back. We headed home yesterday morning and are hoping we’re on the upside of this congestion now. Her new Elsa wand seems to lift her spirits (thanks, Shawna & Perry!). That and popsicles!

And yesterday, Coen was officially one month old, so just one final picture to end our busy week…


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How did another week go by so quickly? This past week has been pretty uneventful. Coen continues to be completely adorable, still a great day sleeper and a lot of waking up at night. He’s starting to have longer alert periods during the day. His eyes are turning more blue and his lashes are getting long and full! I think he’s pretty darn adorable!



Beckett’s had a rough week. He’s been super congested and even had a bit of a fever but I’m wondering if it’s just allergies. He’s been extra snugly this week. He’s still a happy boy most days but is completely wiped out by the evening. Poor little guy!

And Addie, she’s become such an emotional girl. She was in tears when I picked her up yesterday because her sitter made her come inside. Then, out of no where last night, she asks, “where’s Marlie?” Yes, it’s been three weeks, and no, we did not discuss this with her before last night. With all that happened that week, we just didn’t have time to think about what to say to her. She has talked about Marlie many times since like she was still here. I think with Coen and so many distractions, she just didn’t notice. She’s usually very perceptive. Nothing gets past her, so I was pretty surprised it hadn’t come up yet.

Trying to find the words to explain doggy death to a three year old is quite a challenge. We didn’t want to say she was old and sick and died. I don’t want her to think everyone who is old is going to die soon.

We pulled out all the cliches…she’s in doggy heaven, she’s in a better place, she’s not sick anymore.

She wasn’t comforted by any of it and fired back with even more questions. Where is doggy heaven? Why did she have to go to another place? Can she come back?

It was the most heartbreaking thing! I completely lost it when she said, “but I love Marlie.” Ugh…me too, darling girl. I think Addie’s sensitive nature is going to bring me to tears many times in the future.

If anyone has a good way to handle this, I’m all ears! We have at least three more opportunities to improve on our approach. I love the joy of pets but the heartbreak of letting them go is just the worst. I think we’ll take a break from furry babies after we see these current ones through. It’s hard enough to deal with our own feelings but seeing our children grieve is so much harder.

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2 Weeks of Coen

Our darling boy is two weeks old today! I want to say time is flying but yet I can hardly remember life before three sweet children. Coen is still a dream baby. If only he’d sleep as well at night as he does during the day, we’d be in good shape. There’s only been one instance where all three had complete meltdowns in the car. Three screaming children in the house is one thing, but confined in the car, completely unbearable! Hopefully that doesn’t happen too often in the future. So for two weeks, and pretty much the next 10 to come, Coen and I have just been hanging out, going to Beckett’s therapies, and running errands. We nap almost daily which is a big help in the evenings when all three kids are home. I still need to get some things done in his room, so no pics of his nursery in progress just yet, but here are a few pics from the past week…

One week old…



two weeks old…





first real bath…

when you don’t find out the gender, poor thing gets stuck using sissy’s towel…

sweet brothers…


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