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Hello, Coen

Six days ago, our lives were blessed with the most darling baby BOY! Coen Thomas was born May 22 at 4:13 pm weighing 8 pounds, 5 ounces and measuring 20 1/4 inches. He’s absolutely perfect in every way.

Bright and early last Thursday morning, Jimmy and I headed to the hospital to be induced. After our last crazy, chaotic delivery, we wanted a more controlled approach this time around. It turned out to be a great decision! My amazing nurse started a low dose of pitocin around 6:30 am, then we just waited patiently throughout the day for this little one to tell us he was ready. My water broke on its own around 3:15 and Coen arrived just about an hour later. No drama, no stress…it was the perfect experience and exactly what we all needed to welcome this new precious boy into the world.

Adelyn is completely smitten and insists on giving him hugs and kisses about every 5 minutes. She’s been sure since the beginning that I had a sister in my belly but she took the news that it was another brother surprisingly well. Coen did give her a Lalaloopsy doll so he scored a few points right away and both her brothers gave her a Frozen dress up trunk and an Elsa wig. She has some pretty awesome brothers!

We came home Friday evening and quickly adapted to being a family of five! Addie and Beckett had a stomach bug all weekend but we survived and here we are, almost a week later and everyone’s gotten to their appointments on time and bellies have been fed all week long. Jimmy and I hardly sleep but we expected that.

Coen’s a breeze so far. He eats, sleeps, screams then repeats the process all day long. His day naps are longer than his nights. He wants to eat every hour and snuggle from about 11pm until 6am. He’s already visited the sitter’s house and attended Beckett’s therapy session. He had his first check up yesterday weighing in just 4 ounces under his birth weight. Today, we’re going to attempt a quick shopping trip to the craft store to get some things started for his room. So far, he’s easing right into life.

And, as I’m sure everyone’s anticipated, way too many pictures from Coen’s first 6 days…




















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Memories of Miss Marlie


When Jimmy and I first moved in together, we decided that we would get a pet. After much debate between a kitten and a pug, we ended up with the best little thing in the world…our Marlie! I still remember picking her up from the pet store (we were young and ignorant to the pet store atrocities at that time!!). We had called a few days before and they said they’d be getting an 8-week-old pug in. We rushed down as soon as the store opened and there was this tiny, adorable puppy. We scooped her up and after throwing down a credit card, we were on our way home with our first baby!

Sure, she would dig in your hair if you laid on the couch and got snot everywhere, she bit a few of Jimmy’s friends (though, in her defense, they were drinking and she was provoked!) and quite frankly, was a beast to potty train, but she was our world. The first living thing we had to care for and boy, did Jimmy and I both fall hard in love with this little puppy! We were in our early twenties, prime of our lives for staying out too late and being irresponsible. I can remember many evenings out with friends that we had to cut short because Marlie needed to be let out of her crate. She was so much more than just a pet to us; she really made us a family. She attended holiday dinners, accompanied us on many road trips, we even threw her a birthday party and invited all her doggy cousins to join in.

We were diligent about raising this dog properly, we taught her to sit, spent well over 6 months potty training (carrots were the trick!), using a crate any time we were away, even trying to keep her sleeping in her crate at night. I remember the first night we let her in our bed. It was just a couple months after we got her. I had a health scare (which thankfully turned out to be nothing), but all that could comfort me was this sweet puppy. She slept in our bed nearly every night for the next 11 1/2 years!

About a year after getting Marlie, we were living in our first home and thought she needed a companion. We bought Jett to fill this void we were sure Marlie had, but she was quick to let us know that she ran the house and while she would tolerate this new being, she wasn’t about to give up the charmed life she’d molded us into. Jett and Marlie played and fought like siblings, and kept Jimmy and I on our toes and stressed just like real children do. We never made a decision without taking their well-being into account. Someone always had to work near home so we could let them out at lunch each day – I can’t tell you how many lunch dates we’ve both turned down because of this! Vacation plans had to be juggled around having someone available to watch the dogs. We actually brought them to an out of town wedding once because we didn’t want to leave them over the July 4th weekend. We took our job of puppy parenting very seriously and were heavily rewarded with pug kisses and snot in return.

The last few years have been tough on Miss Marlie. She’s had joint problems, diabetes, decreased vision, a collapsed trachea and was generally just becoming an old dog. She’s been up and down for the past couple of months but always seems to bounce back after the bad days. The past few days though, she’s been steadily getting worse. Jimmy took her to the emergency vet last night and found our she had lymphoma and many tumors in her brain and lungs.

Marlie was with Jimmy and I from the beginning of our relationship. She’s been through everything with us…the ups and downs, all the fun, all the stress…all 10 moves. She was the best dog in the world and we miss her more than words.

I’m not even ready to write this, but I feel like I have to give this amazing creature the proper send off she deserves before we start a new chapter of our lives tomorrow with a new baby. So, until we meet again, enjoy laying in the grass and basking in the sun of doggy heaven. We will always love you and all the joy you brought us for the past 11 1/2 years. Rest in peace, darling girl.

Marlie Tiedriving - me & marlieedh - marlie gardenmarliemarliemarlie


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We Made It! 39 Weeks!

G3 is at 39 weeks today! I’m so relieved and nervous all at the same time. We’re checking in to be induced at 5am tomorrow, assuming there are no surprises from this little one today. Despite gaining 15 pounds over December and January, I feel like this ended up right on track with Adelyn & Beckett. And I still haven’t reached that maximum weight capacity as of last Friday, so really, I think this whole pregnancy wasn’t all that bad! Here’s the Beckett bump pic at 39 weeks, just for comparison.

Crazy to think that this is the last bump picture for G3…


photo (7)


Also crazy that we actually managed to take one every week from 14 on. Sure, some may have been a couple days late, but close enough. Here’s where we started off the second trimester…


14 weeks


and to think, even at 14 weeks I felt like I was huge already!

And, can’t post the last bump pic without including Addie’s last pose with the bump. I’m sure she’ll insist on joining the new babe on any future photo shoots.

photo (8)


Well, keep us in your prayers for a smooth delivery! Tomorrow, we’ll be a family of 5…and officially out-numbered!

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My little sister, the one who was just 8 years old when I graduated from UNR, is now an official college graduate! Her lovely ceremony was this morning and we have a weekend full of celebrations planned to send her off into the real world in style! She’s leaving in just about a week to participate in the Disney college program. We’ll miss her but are so excited to hear all about her adventures in Disney World!  I could not be any more proud of all she’s accomplished in the last four years! Love you tons, little sister! Cheers to your next chapter!

photo (2)  photo (5)photo (4)  photo (6)photo (3)

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G3’s at 38 weeks now! I was sure he or she would come early but like all my babes, this one’s not being predictable either! Our last appointment is tomorrow, so we’ll find out how likely it is that we’ll actually make it to May 22 when I’m scheduled to be induced. I’m praying this baby holds out until then! No real signs that he or she is ready to come sooner, though I feel like there’s been a lot of growth in the last week.

photo (1)

Here’s the bump pic from 37.5 weeks with Beckett, just to compare. Last week, I was only 2 pounds away from what I’ve determined to be my max capacity for baby weight. We’ll see how tomorrow’s appointment turns out 🙂

If we’re lucky, expect one last bump pic next week! Then we’ll finally find out if we’re adding another brother or a sister to our little family! The anticipation is killing me!!

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This little blog sure has turned into baby watch lately! I swear our lives consist of much more, but my phone can’t take any more pictures, so I’ve been relying on Jimmy to document our lives for the past couple months. Anyway, we’re at 37 weeks! Yikes!! Yesterday, Jimmy said “14 days to go.” We’ll, when you put it that way…holy moly, that’s so soon!!!



Aside from the countdown to G3, our lives are pretty full of play dates, Addie’s activities and Beckett’s therapy sessions. I feel like we’re always on the go and constantly behind on our to-do list. I suppose we should get used to it! Things certainly aren’t going to slow down with G3!

Our happy little boy has been awful about sleeping in his own bed this week. He tends to wake up the second we put him down, so winds up snuggling in bed with us. But when you wake up to these sweet smiles, it’s hard to be upset.


New to his therapy this week, we picked up his super awesome ankle braces.


He doesn’t seem to mind wearing them for his amazing OT but he gave his PT a really hard time when she tried them out. We’re hoping better alignment and a bit more stability helps his form for standing.

Well, I think that’s all for this week. We have some pretty fun things coming up, G3-related and so much more! I’ll be glad to post about something other than my rapidly expanding bump!!

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36 weeks

Holy cow, it’s May already! Almost officially full term! Just a few days away from that 37 week mark now. We’ve decided to schedule to be induced on May 22 – one week before my “official” due date. G3 may very well take matters into his or her own hands and decide to vacate the womb sooner, but we’re hoping he or she stays comfortably in my belly until then. I’d appreciate a more controlled process than we experienced with Beckett! Four hours from start to finish was just too fast! But regardless, I’m sure we’ll be fine however and when ever it happens. I can still change my mind and opt for the c-section sometime between now and then, so don’t hold me to anything just yet 🙂


Only three more weeks of bump pics to go! Did I mention that I weighed exactly the same when I delivered Addie and Beckett? I’m 5 pounds away as of Wednesday, so even though I feel like I’m a whale this time around, really I’m exactly where I was with the other two. I don’t know how that is possible! I feel like I was so much smaller with Addie (see her 36 week pic here). I guess I just carried the weight differently. And I’m sure preeclampsia didn’t help much.

So there you have it…one more week down, 5 more pounds, and three more weeks to go until we get to find out if Addie will get the sister she’s been talking about for months!! I sure hope she’s not too disappointed if it turns out to be another brother! And I hope she doesn’t insist on calling her Stella or Dana, and if it’s a boy, “probably Charlie”. I don’t know where she comes up with these things, but none of her picks made the list!


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