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A couple of weeks ago, Addie had her very first trip to the dentist. I’m not sure why we waited so long, most pediatricians recommend going around a year. Beckett went too, but he’s already been. The enamel on his front teeth is wearing away due to his terrible reflux in those early months, so he went just after he turned a year. Addie, on the other hand, hasn’t ever had any problems, so I guess procrastination in this case wasn’t that big of a deal!

I think waiting until 3 was a benefit for her (and the dentist!). She was great! The cleaning went fine thanks to the super-cool sunglasses she got to wear and the giant TV above the chair. She did a couple x-rays with no problem, but had some trouble with the side ones. It hurts my mouth to bite down on those things, so I can’t blame her. Then she got to pick out a toy for herself and one for Beckett – bubbles and a rubber ducky.


20140416_083704 20140416_083904 (2)

Overall, a good visit! Though Beckett has two big spots on his front teeth, the dentist said “they’re hanging in there” so no need to do anything at the moment. We’re brushing after every bottle and any fruits, so quite a few times each day. He’s finally stopped gagging every time we brush, so that’s helpful!

As for G3, the room is finally in order, no more dog crates. There isn’t much else we can do before we find out if it’s a boy or girl, just pull out a few clothes and do a little laundry. Here’s the 35 week pic…


We’re just a few days away from 36 weeks. I’m hoping he or she stays put for a couple more at least. I’ve had a feeling for a few months that there’s no way I’ll make it to May 29th. I’m certain we’ll have this baby sooner, but no reason for me to think that really. I’m just being paranoid! I think once we get our insurance worked out and a hospital confirmed (yes, we still haven’t figured out where we’re delivering!), and decide if we’re going elective c-section or not, I’ll feel much more prepared.

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Happy Easter!

We sure had a fun weekend! First, let’s get the bump out of the way. 34 weeks and growing…


We had a pretty standard Saturday. Addie went to gymnastics, Beckett to therapy. His OT set him up to play in a tub of water and he was in heaven! I seriously haven’t seen him enjoy therapy so much ever.

photo (78)

Sunday morning, the kids woke up to see what the Easter bunny left in their baskets. Beckett got a few bath things, a CD that is supposed to help him sleep, and a cookie monster, and Addie’s basket was packed full of Frozen things – the DVD, soundtrack, a book, and a CD player so we can listen to all the CDs we’ve been neglecting for so long! She was quite thrilled and we’ve already watched the movie twice!



After snacking on too many jelly beans, we joined some of our favorites for an Easter brunch. The girls hunted for eggs and had a picnic. The boys pretty much just hung out and were entertained by the girls. Typical day in the life! We had some delicious food and good company, then headed home to get dessert ready for dinner with the fam.



Auntie’s friend joined us too, and Addie decided she was her new best friend. She had her running all over the yard looking at the fish, singing Frozen songs, she even insisted on photo-bombing their picture.



She’s such a little ham!

I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before, but we truly have the most amazing sitter ever. Look at these cute little Easter crafts she made with the kids. Addie’s picture is a little dark here, but both are so ridiculously adorable!

photo (74)

I’m so glad she does these cute little things for all the holidays. I certainly don’t have the time to do it with working full time and coordinating a minimum of 5 appointments for Beckett each week. I’d love to be the crafty parent, but up to this point, that hasn’t been my destiny! I swear I’m going to cry when Addie starts preschool in the fall! Though I’m sure her school will have fun holiday things like this too. I hope!!

Hope everyone had an amazing Easter as well!

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Hey, guess what? We moved…again. We’ve lived in Reno for almost 5 years and we’re on our 4th house. Still renting so we have at least one more move to come, but for now, we’re finally getting settled in a fancy new place. This one is a little larger than where we were before with a huge backyard full of grass. Addie is in heaven and I think Beckett’s a fan too. We have most of the boxes unpacked, with the exception of a few filled with things we haven’t used since the last move. But I’m determined to get even those unpacked in the next couple of weeks! This house is a split level, so from the front door, 7 stairs up and 7 stairs down. The kitchen/living/dining rooms are all on the top level along with the master and G3’s room. There is a huge den downstairs with a separate room off of it perfect for the kids’ toys. No more trampoline in the living room!

photo (64)

Actually, the kid toys upstairs are minimal, just a little reading corner (which, up to this point, has only been used by Marlie!).

photo (75)

Addie and Beckett’s rooms are downstairs too and, in my opinion, are super cute this time around. Addie insisted on having her tree again (4th one I’ve painted!!) and we kept Beckett’s airplane theme. Beckett’s room is huge actually, so technically, we still have room for guests…if you don’t mind sleeping with Beckett! Just kidding, he prefers to sleep in our bed anyway though we’re trying really hard to get him to sleep all night in his crib.

photo (66)photo (65)


New to Addie’s room this time around is a cute little dress up corner. She also got to upgrade to a fancy new bed. I considered taking the practical approach and getting something that could last well into her teen years, however, I thought the slide was just too much fun!

photo (67) photo (68)


She loves it and has slept in her own room every night since we put it together, even after spending an entire month sleeping in her cot in our room. We’ve been actively “moving” for at least 6 weeks now. Addie’s room was the first to get partially packed up so her bed was buried in boxes for a good two or three weeks before we actually moved, then her bed didn’t come for another week and it took us yet another after that to actually assemble it. She spent a lot of time sleeping with us!! But, much to my surprise, she transitioned with no problem and loves her new room.

So, now we’re just down to a few boxes and we need to move a couch from my parent’s house to ours for the downstairs. It’s been a process but this is probably the most settled we’ve been this soon after a move. G3’s room is in complete disarray, and is currently housing the dog’s crates, but we’ll get to that soon enough. We can’t really decorate until he or she is here so we can have an appropriate theme (gender-neutral isn’t my style) but it’s already a really great light aqua color, so no painting necessary.

With most of the work behind us, we spent a fun morning at yet another birthday party, this time for Maggie and Simon. It was a superhero theme, and since Addie is suddenly obsessed with superheros, it was perfect timing! She’s been running around for the past couple of weeks with her hooded towel on her head after every bath (in just her underwear, because “superheroes don’t wear clothes”) and has even taken it to daycare on a few occasions (though I insist she wears clothes for those outings!)! I procrastinated right up until the day before and had to rush out to find a cape, but Addie couldn’t wait to try it on as soon as she got home!

photo (73)


And look how adorable our little superheroes were!


photo (70)  photo (72)

Beckett had to leave early for therapy, but Addie stayed and helped save the city apparently…

photo (69)

And though he didn’t save anyone from a burning building, he did work really hard and was pretty worn out by the time we got home.

photo (71)

I’ll post more pics of the house soon. It’s really pretty amazing – lots of space, tons of storage, great views of the city. Kind of makes me want to stay home for three months 🙂

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Catching Up on the Bump


31 weeks…


32 weeks…


33 weeks…


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