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So, once again, I’m slacking on posts. Please accept my apologies! My two little darlings had a random stomach bug that had Addie throwing up on and off for a few days and about a week later, Beckett would spontaneously throw up in the middle of the night for a couple more. Kind of random, but glad we’re all back and healthy!

Once again, they were both super cute for Valentine’s Day even though the daycare party didn’t happen quite as planned. Two kids were out sick and one stayed home for the week with a new baby sister, so just a few kids to give Valentine’s to this year. Beckett kind of looks like an oompa loompa in the picture. Look at that double chin! Not the most flattering pose for him, but he’s still adorable!

photo (54)

photo (57)photo (56)

The day after V-day, we dropped the kids off with Nana and Poppy and Jimmy and I headed to San Francisco for a kid-free night. We had a delicious dinner at Neptune’s, then spent Sunday eating more amazing food at possibly one of my favorite places in SF, MarketBar at the Ferry Building. We did a little shopping at Union Square then had lunch at Pier 23 Cafe. Good food, terrible service, but that’s ok.  We headed back to EDH Sunday evening then back to Reno Monday. It was a nice little break from the normal weekend routine! 

photo (58)

And finally, in giant G3 news…

photo (55)

25 weeks

photo (60)

26 weeks

photo (61)

27 weeks


And Addie’s cameo…

 photo (59)    

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24 weeks

Nothing to report…just 24 weeks 🙂

photo (52)

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It’s February 3 and already, we’ve been to 5 toddler birthday parties this year. It’s a little out of control, but Addie is loving it! This past weekend, we celebrated Cameron’s 1st birthday and then had another party at Pump It Up for the daughter of one of Jimmy’s co-workers. Beckett napped almost all the way through both parties! How he can sleep among a hoard of screaming children is beyond me, but he was pretty content. And, since I was holding a sleeping baby, I don’t have any pictures to share, sorry.

Aside from parties, Beckett’s new therapy schedule is keeping us pretty busy. Starting this month, we’ve organized everyone to have a designated day of the week. Here’s what a typical week should look like:

Monday – either vision or occupational therapy (each of these therapists alternate every other week, so we’re always seeing someone)
Tuesday – occupational therapy
Wednesday – physical therapy
Thursday – open
Friday – occupational therapy, plus chiro every other week
Saturday – occupational therapy
Sunday – off

We have a speech therapist that comes once a month and he sees a private optometrist for vision therapy once a month also. Those are usually on the Thursdays when we don’t have anything regularly scheduled.

On top of that, Addie goes to dance class every Tuesday afternoon and gymnastics every Saturday. I imagine all that sounds a little crazy but somehow we manage!

The Tuesday/Friday/Saturday OT is a private therapist (not through our state EIS program) and she’s pretty amazing! She works on rolling, reaching, oral motor, and lots of other great things. He really likes seeing her and is such a hard worker when he’s there.

Our private vision doctor is awesome as well. This past week, he sent us home with some sweet glasses for Beckett to wear for a short period each day. Beckett’s pretty dominant to his right so these prism glasses are intended to shift his focus to the left. He says vision, like the brain, is plastic, so he doesn’t think Beckett will have a problem overcoming it. He’s supposed to wear them for just 10 minutes a day for the next month.

photo (50)

Outside of near-daily therapies, Beckett’s a pretty happy little boy. He loves his mornings in his crib and though he can’t sit up on his own yet, he really likes being upright. We started using his excersaucer again, just for a few minutes each day. He loves it and it gives him good practice engaging his core.

  photo (49) 

As for G3, I’m not crazy, this baby is huge! Last week, my doctor said I’m measuring 3 weeks bigger than my due date! Here’s the 22 week picture…

photo (47) 

And 23 weeks…

photo (51)

She isn’t concerned about measuring big at this point, but I will have another ultrasound at 32 weeks anyway, so we’ll see how big G3 is by then. Hopefully this is just a case of growing faster in the third pregnancy instead of really having a massive baby!

And, of course, like every week that we take a picture, Addie wanted in on the fun. Please notice the arm full of dolls she’s carrying. All of those went to daycare with her that day! She’s such a funny girl!

photo (46)

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