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My Sister, the Senior

Remember this post when my “little” sister Alyssa was just graduating high school, or this one a few months later when she was moving into her dorm room as a freshman in college? Well today, she starts her senior year at UNR! I can hardly believe it. I can remember the sweltering heat of her move-in day like it was yesterday. She’s grown up quite a bit since those first days. Hopefully this next year is filled with more amazing memories before she embarks on the next chapter…life as a grown up! Yikes!! Enjoy this year, Auntie! We’re all so very proud of you!


Note: I made her take a selfie this morning so I could blog about her 🙂

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Even More Blogging

A few weeks ago, the amazing Reno Moms Blog was so kind as to let me be a guest contributor. After much thought on what I should write about, I decided to share my glorious pumping journey. I hope you read the sarcasm in that! There wasn’t anything glorious about it, just hard, stressful, and time consuming! Regardless, since I’m officially done pumping for Beckett as of last Friday, I thought I should share the link to my story here.


We weaned over the course of a month, gradually increasing the ratio of whole milk in each bottle, and I’m happy to say that Beckett seems to be tolerating it just fine. I love when things turn out better than I anticipate!


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Beckett’s One-Year Pics!

OK, don’t get used to this multiple posts in a week thing, but I just had to share our amazing photographer’s blog with Beckett’s one-year pics. He’s such a doll!


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Marile’s 11!

Two posts in one day?? I know…who am I? But I just have to put it out there that our first little princess Miss Marlie is 11 years old today! You probably forgot all about our dogs since all I post about are Addie and Beckett, but yes, our fur-babies are still alive and well. Marlie was quite pleased with her diabetic-approved treats and new stuffed toys. Now if only Beckett would go to sleep so we can snuggle up with our birthday dog!




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I can safely say that last week completely wore me out. I’m tired and cranky and could use a nice, long nap. Beckett had five appointments and Jimmy was in Vegas for work for two days. It certainly wasn’t a typical week for us, thank goodness!

Let’s start with Beckett. I’m not sure if I told you but a few weeks ago, this practitioner who does ABM was in town and did four sessions with Beckett. From an outside perspective (and very unscientific) it looks similar to PT but the focus is to get the brain to respond to the various movements as opposed to working on the muscles. I don’t know if that makes any sense, but I totally get it! The practitioner we saw lives out of town, so to have more consistency, we found a local OT who does it also. Beckett had his first two appointments with her last week. On top of that, he had his usual PT/Vision appointment and his weekly visit to the chiro. On Thursday, he also had a three-hour follow-up with the neurologist. They started with a 20 minute EEG. Beckett didn’t love getting the hat put on but he settled down for most of the test and came out with some awesome crazy hair after. It took two baths before we completely got the goo out.

20130815_121552photo (2)

Next, they did a visual evoked potential and auditory evoked potential (you can read about them here if interested). He did OK with the headphones but once we put the goggles on him for the vision, he completely lost it. In his defense, it had been a long day already and he was tired and hungry. We then spent an hour talking to the neurologist about the results and next steps. The good side…no more testing unless something new pops up. The bad side…still no answers as to what to expect for his future. He said there isn’t any definitive reason that he won’t be able to do anything, but it’s on Beckett now to learn these things we’re trying to work on – vision, movement, etc. He said he has characteristics consistent with CP, but  we’ll have another follow up in three months and see where he’s at then. He did have a few new things to try with him that we hadn’t been told before, so I suppose we made a little progress.

After a very long day, just as we’re getting ready to put both kids down for the night, this happened…


I realize Addie will hate this story when she’s older, but since she’s openly telling everyone anyway, she fell off the toilet and smacked her face on the bath tub. The picture is after lots of clean up, so it looks much better than the initial scene. It was very traumatic, probably more so for me! Surprisingly, she never got a black eye and it seems to be healing quite nicely. I’m praying it doesn’t scar!

So, after all that, TGIF! Only I had another OT appointment with Beckett and three back to back work meetings. Stressful end to the week! Saturday, Addie and I went to gymnastics then on Sunday, we got to celebrate Cameron’s baptism with some of our favorite friends.


I’m so glad last week is behind us. I could have used an extra weekend to recover from the craziness, but here we go. On to another week and juggling seven appointments.

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Showering Shawna

Last weekend, Addie, Beckett and I got to attend a darling baby shower for Jimmy’s equally darling niece Shawna. Jimmy and his dad were sent away so we could enjoy a girls-only day to celebrate the upcoming arrival of Haylee Rose. Somehow, Beckett made the cut. Probably because he’s so cute. I knew those good looks would pay off for him! Shawna’s sister Sabrina did a fabulous job as hostess. There was so much love in the room – Haylee sure is a lucky little girl to have such amazing friends and family! I can’t wait for Addie and Beckett to have a new cousin to play with! We’re sooo excited for October!!

photo (2) photo (3) photo

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