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Back in 2010, just six days before Adelyn was born, my dear friend and college roommate Seema welcomed her own little bundle into the world. Remember this post where I first met Miss Priya?

Well, in keeping with the precedence of close birthdays, Priya’s brother arrived just hours before Beckett’s birthday last week. Leo Ugo Ram Donahoe was born on July 23 around 10:45 at night. He was supposed to be a scheduled c-section, but he was anxious to make his debut. He’s the most precious little thing and seems so tiny though he’s 7 pounds 10 ounces. Addie was more than a pound smaller yet I never remember her being that small. Beckett, on the other hand, was a chunk, so certainly no comparison there!

I have to admit, it was a bit emotional visiting a hospital on Beckett’s birthday (sorry for the mini-meltdown, Seema!), but so worth it to see Leo’s sweet little face.


I adore this little man already and I can’t wait to see how much fun all these boys will have together!

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Our Little Man is One!

Wow! It’s been a full year since we welcomed our sweet little Beckett into the world. And what a year it has been! We’ve certainly had our ups and downs but what we’ve learned along the way has been quite amazing. Beckett is a tough little boy and I’m sure he’s going to continue to amaze us for years to come. Last night, I had to snap one last picture of our 11-month old…

photo (13)

And this morning we woke up to a smiling one-year-old!

photo (4)

Saturday, we invited friends and family to our house for Beckett’s “little man” themed party. He did pretty well with all the chaos, just a few melt downs at the most inopportune moments (hence the screaming cake shot!) but over all, it was a success. We had bow ties for the boys and hair bows for the girls, bubbles and balloons – which are always a hit, and the most delicious custom cookies.

photo (10)photo (16)photo (17)  photo (12)photo (15) photo (14)    photo (9)photo (6)photo (7)photo (11)

Beckett was darling in his bow tie and suspenders and, as usual with our group of wonderful friends and family, he was completely spoiled with fabulous gifts!

photo (8) photo (5)

Addie turned on her charm and kept everyone entertained and then passed out cold on the couch later that evening.

photo (18) photo (3)

What a fun way to ring in a new year of miracles with our handsome little man! Love you so, Beckett James!!

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Last weekend, Jimmy and I decided to let Beckett spend some time with Gram and Gramps while we took Addie on a special Mommy/Daddy/Addie adventure. It’s not often that she gets us both all to herself and we were long overdue. First we went to Noble Pie Parlor which was quite delicious and their apricot beer was heavenly! Addie loved the music and got up from her seat and did turns in the middle of the place. After dinner, we went to see the Cat in the Hat performed by Theater Works of Northern Nevada. Addie loved it! She was that kid who was shouting things out and ooh-ing and ah-ing throughout the entire play. Funny girl!!

photo (2) photo


The night ended with chocolate frozen yogurt which she got all over the place. I’d say it was the perfect end to a lovely evening with my favorite girl! (Though I still don’t know if we’ll be able to save the dress!)


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Another 4th of July has come and gone. We took a nice, long weekend this year and hit the road to visit the family in EDH. We spent three lovely nights with the James Gang, Smiths, and then the James Gang again. Addie spent the days picking every single tomato from the garden, then stayed up way past her bedtime every single night. As usual, I put in some quality hours at the outlets. I think my shopping addiction is wearing off on Addie. She changed three times the evening of the 4th and picked out her own dresses at the Gap. I think Daddy may be in trouble with this one! This was Addie’s first year to watch the fireworks. The past two years, she was asleep well before dark, but this year, we let her stay up so we could head down to Town Center. It’s literally five minutes from Jimmy’s parents’ house, so just perfect to get there and back without investing much time. It was actually on the 3rd, so we didn’t even have to battle traffic on the 4th. Just perfect, if you ask me! The next day, we let Beckett spend time at home with Nana while we took Addie to the Sacramento Children’s Museum. She had a blast painting and playing in the water.

photo (2) photo (5) photo (7) photo (8) photo (9) photo

The weekend before, Beckett had his first pool experience. Addie and I went to Target that morning to buy her a life jacket so she can explore the pool without being confined by mom and dad. We found some sweet goggles that she insisted on wearing just as soon as they were purchased. So that afternoon, we took both kids to the pool to escape the 100 degree temps. Addie had a blast, as usual, but Beckett seemed to enjoy lounging in the warm water as well. He didn’t fuss for even a second the whole time. And of course, he looked absolutely adorable in his trunks and hat. If only he’d love baths as much as the pool!

photo (4)  photo (3)photo (6)


We had a follow up with Beckett’s eye doctor last week. She didn’t have much new information for us. His eyes are fine structurally. She did say that if it is a delay, it could take up to 18 months to improve. We see the neurologist again in August. It’s a three hour appointment, so maybe we’ll get some answers then. In the meantime, we’ll just enjoy all Beckett’s cuteness and hope he starts making improvements soon!

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