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Can you believe we’re just 26 days away from Beckett’s first birthday! He turned 11 months this past Monday. I had to delay my post in order to get a good picture of him. Most days, he just doesn’t want to cooperate.

This past month wasn’t so great. Beckett got a flu bug a couple weeks ago and was out-of-sorts for a good week. We were back to throwing up every bottle and fussing nonstop. Not much fun. The positive thing about two days of pedialyte though is that I got to stock the freezer with milk, so I think we may just make it to one year!

He’s had a good couple of days now. I’m hoping this behavior can hold up for the next month so we can hit the one-year mark on a high note.

A few new things that we’ve discovered that he likes…baths in the big tub with Addie, “playing” the piano, and prunes. We had a really good session of sitting up with the boppy pillow, though it’s too soon to say if he likes it or not.

photo (2) photo (3) photo

Just yesterday, I looked at him and thought he has changed so much. He looks like a big boy now. What do you think?

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We are officially parents of a two-and-a-half year old! After you stop referring to your kids as months old, I find that it gets kind of hazy. For the past four months, I really have to think about how old Addie is. Up until about last October, she was xx months old, then it turned into “she’ll be two in December”, then for another couple months, “she just turned two in December”. So, for the last four months, it’s been hard to say her age. Two is a big year. Lots of new developments, so if I say she’s two I imagine people think she’s going on three since she’s on the taller end of the spectrum. But now that she has that “half”, I feel like I can much more accurately (and more quickly) tell her age when asked. Seems like a silly thing, I’m sure, but I really like having a two-and-a-half year old!!

photo (4)

She had a weekend full of fun to celebrate the occasion. Really, none of this was intentional…I never planned to “celebrate” a half. It’s just that all these fun things that have been in the works finally came together all at the same time. So, here we go…

We ordered a water activity table last week, on sale at Amazon. It was delivered early, so we were lucky enough to have it for this insanely hot weekend. Then Gramps brought over Addie’s “princess tower” which he’s been working on for months (it’s one of these, minus the $200 expense – I love crafty parents!!). She usually sits on the counter while I cook dinner, so this is a much better alternative! The early half of Sunday was crazy hot again, so she and daddy went to the “big pool” in our community while Beckett napped at home. Jimmy says she jumped in at least 50 times! We took a little break for naps and an afternoon thunderstorm (mommy’s favorite part of the weekend!) then, we ended our weekend as usual with dinner at Gram & Gramps’ house where she picked all the red strawberries (I think there was only one!). All in all, a good weekend and a happy two-and-a-halfer!

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